Grace is dead. In her new life... well technically death, Grace is working for D.E.A.T.H, a secret society run by dead people. Their goal is to help people who are still alive. Grace doesn't have any memories of her past life, but when she's helping Evan, she feels a feeling she's never felt before, and then Evan becomes the only part of Grace's past life she remembers. will their separation bring them closer together?


7. Asking Kate

Grace P.O.V

"Kate wake up!" I said climbing out of bed Saturday morning. 

"Five more minutes." She groaned and turned over. 

"Ugh but today is the day we save Evan Krane!" I said. That name still gave me a weird feeling inside. 

"Not right now..." She muttered. 

"Kate I need to ask you something." I said. Kate grunted, so I took that as an invitation. "Every time I hear his name- Evan Krane- I get a really weird feeling in my stomach. Is it just that I'm nervous or am I-" 

"YOU WHAT?" Kate shot up and looked at me. 

"What is it bad?" 

"Could it be....?" Kate muttered. "No it couldn't be! Penny always makes sure it doesn't happen. I'm sure you're just probably nervous. It's totally fine."

"Ok..." I smiled. 

"Now lets get ready!" Kate said hopping out of bed. 

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