Stay - HS

Alexia Roberts was just a normal British girl. 22 years old, working at a Starbucks in London. She had a perfectly boring future planned out before Harry Styles showed up and made it flawed, but also fun. When the end finally comes, it all depends on Alexia. Will she choose to stay or go?


38. Chapter 38

Harry's POV

Slobbery kisses were being planted all over my face. 

"Good morning!" Alexia said cheerfully with her sexy morning voice. 

I rubbed my eyes and squinted at her. "I thought you weren't a morning person."

"I'm not. But it's always nice getting to wake up next to you."

"Aw!" I grinned and gave her a short kiss. Then I threw the covers off and stood up, revealing my fully naked body. I stretched my arms above me and yawned at the same time.

Noticing Alexia staring at me in awe, I smirked.


"Never," she scoffed, but continued to stare at all my tattoos.

I stood there a moment longer, just for my ego. Then I went to go take a shower and change. Today, I aimed for something more casual. I had a white shirt underneath my flannel, along with my usual black skinny jeans and Vans. Alexia was dressed in a pair of leggings, Nike running shoes, and a Vans t-shirt. Her hair was in a messy bun.

Alexia looked at my shoes. "Vans twins." 


"So where are we going today?"

"I'm thinking we'll first eat breakfast, then go to the Tijuca National Park. We could do some hiking, and I heard there were some pretty waterfalls there."

"Oooo, I love hiking. It's weird because I'm more than fine with hiking, but I can barely bring myself to walk to my fridge some days."

I laughed. "You're too cute."

"I know."

My stomach rumbled, which was our cue that it was time for breakfast.


We took a customizable private tour, so we could have more flexibility. We met our tour guide, Janette. 

"Hello!" I smiled and reached my hand out. 

Janette smiled back and shook it. "Hey! I'm Janette and I'll be your tour guide for today. Can I know your names?"

"I'm Alexia and this is Harry," Alexia answered. 

And off into the rainforest we went. With parrots of all colour, water trickling down streams, it was truly a beautiful sight. Janette paused to explain how the birds stayed alive or whatever. I wasn't really listening. 

"Are you guys a couple?" she asked, noticing how we stood at close proximity.

Alexia and I nodded in sync. 

"Ah. No wonder. You guys are from England, right?" Janette asked without looking back. 

"Yep." I popped the 'p'.

"How's it like there?"

"Bad weather. That's why we came here."

"Are your families in England?"

We paused to take some pictures. 

"Yeah," Alexia said for us. "Where's your family?"

Janette waited a minute before she spoke in a hard voice, "They're in Tennessee."

It would obvious could tell she didn't want to talk about her family, so Alexia shut up and we just walked in silence. 


It was past midnight. We weren't in our hotel. We were on the beach, again. This time, it wasn't one of those brooding walks or whatever, it was more playful.

"Why are your legs so skinny? How are they so skinny?" Alexia asked.

"Are they?" I studied them.

"Yes! Look at my fat ones compared to yours!"

"Fat? No, your legs are way skinnier."

"I wish. Imagine how many girls are wishing you'd say that to them."

"Well, I doubt they're thinking exactly that."

"Yeah, but I bet they'd die for you to give them a compliment."

"Mm? I'm not so sure about that either."

"I would."

"You only knew who I was through Meghan," I noticed her shoulders stiffed when I said 'Meghan'. "You never cared until I met you at Starbucks."

"Speaking of how we first met, what the fuck was wrong with me? How did I not know who you were? And why the hell would I go somewhere with a stranger? I went from not even being able to match you to the person I've seen on screen a thousand times to a person I would recognize like my mother."

I smiled. Not because her remark was humorous, nor is it that I thought she looked exceptionally cute with that expression, but because she said 'mother' without a single flinch.

"But if you hadn't gone back to my hotel with me, we wouldn't be here right now."

"Which is why I never regret it. Honestly, you could kidnap me and I couldn't care less."

"Remember that time when Sydney kidnapped you and blackmailed me?"

"Strangest. Kidnapping. Ever. You don't know how many times that thought has occurred in my mind. I thought it would be more exciting! More scary. Longer. But it only lasted for a few hours. It was quite boring."

I looked at her weirdly. I almost peed my pants out of fear at that time, and she thought it was boring?! I found it amusing. 

"I'm kind of hot. Wanna go for a swim?" she said, looking out at the sea.

"But we don't have extra clothes."

She stared at me until realization dawned on my face. 

"Oh. Oh!" I nodded furiously, excited to see her naked again. Is that weird?

By the time everything on me was thrown onto the sand, Alexia had only removed her shirt.

I grabbed her by her hip and whispered, "I'm not too patient tonight."

Then kissed the top of her ear. 

She slowly took off her shorts. "But I am."

Then my lips made their way down to her neck. They lingered there for a while. Alexia tilted her head back with her eyes closed. She's so beautiful. 

She opened her eyes. "If you do this, I might never get to taking off my clothes."

That made me stop and let her go. Luckily, she had mercy and quickly striped down. Immediately after her bra was off, I picked her up. Her legs wrapped around my torso.

"We're lucky nobody's here."

I nodded. "I like it when no one's here but us."

Her small butt brushed against my dick. She laid her head on my shoulder as I walked towards the water. Without warning, I dropped her in. 

"AH!" she screamed. "HARRY YOU'RE AN IDIOT!"

Blindly, she reached for me with open arms. I grinned and stood still, waiting for her to get me. Eventually her fingers gripped the hair on the back of my head and she had an unsuccessful attempt to pull me underwater. I felt a cold, wet hand grab hold of my crotch. Before I could push her hand off, she squeezed it, making me moan. In that half-second of complete vulnerability, Alexia had managed to get both of us underwater. She resurfaced, but I decided to stay underwater for a while longer, just to make her panic a bit. 

"Harry?" Her head whipped from side to side, looking everywhere but in the ocean behind her. Her grin disappeared when she didn't find me.

"Harry, stop playing!" She laughed. It was that nervous laugh, when you don't want to be worried but you just are. 

"Haaarrrrryyyyyy..." Now she sounded worried. 

Was that mean that I was having fun? 

My breath was starting to run out, so I pinched her left butt cheek. Alexia yelped and swirled around. I held my arms out, inviting her into a hug with a cheeky smile. She pushed them away, but a tiny smile appeared on her lips. That little tilt to the sides of her lips... that shone brighter then the moon. And the small craters that were carved into her cheeks whenever that happened... the multiplied beauty that the stars could never compare to. 

Then, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. It was a stingray. I wasn't worried as it was at least 2 meters away from us.

"Look at that," I said, pointing out the stingray.


"That." I led us closer. 

"What?" Alexia asked again.


Alexia finally saw its camouflaged body and screamed. She jumped into my arms, making a huge splash. The stingray moved a little farther. 


I laughed. "Relax, it's just a stingray."


"Uh, shock you?"


"It's not gonna bother you unless you bother it."

Alexia buried her head in my neck. I remembered we were naked. After a few minutes of convincing her it was still safe as long as we didn't infuriate the stingray, we continued our skinny dipping.


I came out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around my waist and strands of my hair clinging to my forehead. I dug around in my suitcase and came out with a pair of boxers and exercise shorts. I changed in front of Alexia, who paid no attention to me while her thumbs ran across the screen. She had a look of annoyance on her face.

"Who are you texting?" I asked. I crawled into bed beside her.


“That guy you were walking with and then tried making a move on you?”

She turned and raised an eyebrow at me before going right back to texting. “Does all the names you're going to call him include 'that guy you were walking with?'"

"Fine, Brandon," my lips twisted into a sneer when I said his name. "Whatcha saying?"

"He’s bothering me about getting together."

"Why don’t you just block him?"

"What fun would that be?"

I rolled my eyes but smiled. "What are you telling him?"

"That you and I were on rough terms and it didn’t matter if I cheated on you anyways. I told him to meet me at grocery store. He doesn’t know we’re in Brazil together."

My smile turned into a grin. "Nobody knows."

Alexia copied my cat-like grin and put down her phone. “Complete privacy.”

“Mhm.” I mumbled into her lips. My eyes closed as our lips moved in rhythm to the song playing in the background from my phone. What song was it? All I could focus on was Alexia. Her lips, attached to mine. Her hands, one pressed flat on my back and the other gripping my hair. Her hair, tickling my bare chest. 

"Harry," she moaned, and the sound broke anything that kept me from breaking the headboard. I thought I almost was, until she pushed me away and continued texting.

I groaned. "You're impossible." 

"No, I'm a woman who knows what she wants."

"Don't you want me?" I softly rubbed my nose against her jaw. 

Alexia finished sending her message, then looked into my eyes intensely. "I already have you."

I rested my head on her shoulder. "But you can completely own me. I can be your pet. I'll do whatever you say."

"Tempting, but no."

She put down her phone, it no longer notifying her with messages from Brandon anymore, and pressed our bodies together. She traced the outline of my 4 nipples, then went on absentmindedly doing the same thing to my tattoos. Her mind was far away from here. I could tell. I stroked her arm with my thumb. We had 2 more days here. Then it was back in the spotlight. It was like Jamaica, except this time, with my lover. I liked both trips the same. This one was more relaxed though, since I didn't have to write music or anything. 

"How's your family?" Alexia asked. She sounded sad when she said family. Probably because she lost both her parents, wasn't close with her other family members, and her sister kind of disliked her at the moment. I would be sad too.

"They're doing just fine."

After a few minutes of gazing out the window, she replied with, "We can join them, Harry. My mum and dad."

"What?" She wanted to die? No, she couldn't. I don't know what I'd do without her. "Please don't, you have so much potential, don't throw that all away-"

"No, silly."

She edged her way out of my grasp and threw me some clothes. She picked out a flowy dress and changed into that.

Alexia looked at me. "What are you waiting for?"

Excitement shone in her eyes. The hope in them made me grin while I quickly put on the t-shirt and sweatpants she had thrown at me. Once outside (again), the warm, salty breeze engulfed me. But I was soon led away from it as we ran the opposite direction. We ran, and ran, and ran. The rocks along the sidewalk were bumpy, and just made our path more difficult to navigate through.

"Where are we going?" I panted.

"You'll see!" she shouted back.

Finally, we reached our unknown destination. Once I stopped wheezing, I saw that we were standing at the edge of a meadow. 

"Dance with me," she breathlessly whispered.

I now realized what she meant when she said that we could join her parents.  

"With no music?"

"We'll be the music. We'll be the dancers. We'll be it all!" Alexia spun into the middle of the field, her light laugh echoing in my ears. Her head was tilted up as she embraced the night, instead of fearing what it could do. My smile returned as I walked towards her. She didn't notice me until I took her hand and spun her into me, so that we were in a waltzing position.

"Are you drunk?" I joked.

"Maybe, if there's such thing as being drunk in joy."

We danced silently for a while, before I started to hum a tune. Then by Brad Paisley. Alexia knew it and began singing the lyrics. 

I remember, trying not to stare, the night that I first met you
You had me mesmerized
And three weeks later, in the front porch light
Taking forty-five minutes to kiss goodnight
I hadn't told you yet
But I thought I loved you then

I joined her on the chorus.

And now you're my whole life
Now you're my whole world
I just can't believe the way I feel about you, girl
Like a river meets the sea,
Stronger than it's ever been.
We've come so far since that day
And I thought I loved you then

Now I shut up to let her continue the rest of the song with her beautiful voice, only joining her during the choruses. Everything about her was so beautiful. How could someone as beautiful as her exist? I was reminded of just how lucky I was to live under the same sky as her, let alone dance with her under the stars.

And I remember, taking you back to right where I first met you,
You were so surprised
There were people around, but I didn't care
I got down on one knee right there and once again
I thought I loved you then

And now you're my whole life
Now you're my whole world
I just can't believe the way I feel about you, girl
Like a river meets the sea,
Stronger than it's ever been.
We've come so dar since that day
And I thought I loved you then

And I can just see you, with a baby on the way
And I can just see you, when your hair is turning grey
What I can't see is how I'm ever gonna love you more
But I've said that before

And now you're my whole lifeNow you're my whole worldI just can't believe the way I feel about you, girl
We'll look back someday, at this moment that we're in
And I'll look at you and say
And I thought I love you then
And I thought I loved you then

"I love you," Alexia said.

I stopped our dance and hugged her. "I love you too."

No matter how many countless times we've said that to each other, we never said that enough. We could tell it to each other it a thousand times a day, but it still would never be enough to truly express our feelings to each other.

And we continued our dancing, somehow knowing how to waltz (or something like it) as we twirled through the field of flowers, never breaking eye contact until I kissed her on the dip. Honestly, this would be a good time to propose. 

Alexia's POV

My laughter bounced off the trees that surrounded this small meadow. I didn't care about the hate I've been getting on social media (okay, so maybe I've been paying a little attention to that) right now. I couldn't remember the last time I've felt so much joy... so much lifted off my chest. My flats delicately touched the ground, as if afraid it'd break if I stepped too hard.

They were dancing with us right now. My parents... they'd be proud of me. Everything changed since Harry came into my life. It was such a sudden change in my heart; my surprised emotions matched everyone else's. Before him, I told myself I didn't need anyone. I would find a happy ever after alone, or maybe with Meghan. But it's opposite, now. Meghan was alone now. 

I promised myself I'd try and make amends with her once I get back to London, but for now, I was determined to focus on Harry. 

His green eyes twinkled as he dipped me. The enchanting view was blocked by his eyelids because he was leaning down to kiss me. I met his lips in the middle, and we stood up properly without breaking the kiss. I was clutching onto his half unbuttoned shirt (I've come to know it as one of his signature looks), desperate at any attempt to bring us closer. No, I wasn't looking for sexual pleasure. I didn't really know what I was looking for. This was better than sex. Some people I've come across said that two souls intertwine and fuse with each other during sex (don't ask why the topic between me and them had come across sex), but I personally found this to do the exact same thing, even better. After all, what could be more magical than this?


A/N: I just read some of my first chapters in this story, and I was astonished. I think I've definitely improved, and I still suck, so that says something about how bad I was back then. Anyways, thanks for reading (though you should really go find another story with better grammar)!

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