Stay - HS

Alexia Roberts was just a normal British girl. 22 years old, working at a Starbucks in London. She had a perfectly boring future planned out before Harry Styles showed up and made it flawed, but also fun. When the end finally comes, it all depends on Alexia. Will she choose to stay or go?


37. Chapter 37

Harry's POV

Alexia was completely healed now. It wasn't that cold today, so we went on a trail. I suddenly wanted to go somewhere warmer, somewhere much warmer. And I wanted to take Alexia with me. What would be a good location? Australia... Las Vegas... was Las Vegas even hot right now? I don't really know. What about Brazil? That would be nice, wouldn't it?

"Harry, what are you thinking about?" Alexia peered at me curiously.


"Your face keeps changing into different expressions."

I didn't respond for a while. But when I did, I cupped her cheeks and leaned VERY close to her so that our noses were almost touching. Her strawberry breath hit my cheeks, countering the cold. 

"Come to Brazil with me."


"Come to Brazil with me," I repeated.


"Please," I pleaded.

She sighed. "Now?"

"Today, yes."

"Where are we going to find plane tickets under such short notice?"

"I found 2 that time we went to California. Plus, this one leaves whenever I tell it to."

"I keep forgetting you have a private one."

"I'd go on a public one, but the chances has lowered from last time."

Alexia cheekily grinned. "I thought it was pretty fun."

I kissed her cheek and then pulled away. I immediately regretted it because now her body warmth was gone and I was left shivering. I soon got used to the cold again and quickened my pace to catch up with her.


Alexia's POV

On the flight

Ever since I met Harry and his Gucci loving ass, I've been taking a slight interest in Gucci myself. Of course, I would never choose to buy a ton of their stuff even though I could afford it. It was overpriced. I went on their website. In the end, I had bought a hoodie and ripped shorts (I don't know why I got the shorts, especially because it's winter). The Gucci stripes were on the sides of the sleeves, and it had flowers running down the hood until about halfway down the hoodie. It was over £1000. The shorts were about £500.

"Jeez Harry, I don't understand how you can buy so many suits but not get broke," I said without looking up.

"Do they make you smile?" he asked.

I really adored his suits, if I'm honest. They were weird and funky, in a good way. And he managed to somehow pull them all off. "Yes."

"Then it's worth it."

I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. 

He leaned in for a kiss. "Hasn't anyone told you? Your smile's worth more than this world."

I rolled my eyes but still blushed. If heaven was what the first taste of his lips was, then I don't know what it tasted like this time.

Actually, they tasted like mint. Was mint his go-to gum? Wasn't mint most people's go-to gum? It was mine, too. 

"I feel bad for leaving without telling Meghan," I said.

"It's called a phone."

"Yeah... but it just feels weird always texting her that I'm going somewhere across the world."

"She does it to you all the time. What was that in the hospital anyways? I can't get over the look in her eyes."

"Yeah, I think she still likes you." Lie. She definitely likes him. 

Harry heard the hint of protectiveness and jealousy in my voice and smirked. "Don't worry, babe. I'm only interested in you. Though you're quite cute when you're jealous. Maybe I should start hitting on other females."

I whacked his arm. "Asshole."

His smirk lived on. "You could lick my asshole."

I looked at him repulsively. "You're disgusting."

"Only with you." He winked. "I bought some flowers for you."

He reached under his seat and pulled out a huge bag. How did I not notice that there? There must be a lot of flowers in here, because this thing is really heavy. 


"Thought you could use them in the kitchen." He shrugged.

"My kitchen does not need flowers."

"But it can make some delicious pancakes."

I looked at him incredulously. Is he crazy? He stared back at me, the look in his eyes saying, What? 

I opened the bag and finally understood what he meant. He meant flour and not flower. There were 5 bags of flour.

"Oh," I giggled. "I thought you meant the flower you find in meadows and stuff, not the cooking flour." 

Harry chuckled but pulled out some orchids from underneath his seat. "That was the point. Gotcha these too."

"Aw, thanks!"

"I didn't want to get you red roses because they're so... common and you're too special for that. So then I thought of white roses, but I already got you that."

I don't know why, but I was touched that he remembered that. 

"That first part - about the red roses being common and me being special -, that's a line I'm certain I've heard in at least two movies before."

Harry grinned. "How do you think I get my inspiration?"

"How many things do you have under there?" I peered under his seat.

"That was all."

My gaze returned to him. "Well, thank you for the flours and flowers."

I shoved everything under the seats again, too lazy to stand up and put in in the cubbies above.

"What is love?" I questioned.

After a pause, Harry said, "Do you love me?"

"Yes," I replied without hesitation. I knew I loved Harry, I just knew. But what love is remains a mystery to me.

"What do you love about me?"

My question was long forgotten as I began listing the things I loved about Harry. "Your smile, the way it can light up America with just a glimpse, your humour, how you think it's so funny but it's actually not (Harry looked playfully hurt at that). Your hands, the way they cradle me like I'm a fragile piece of crystal that'll break at any moment. Your lips... they always make me want more. They're always so soft, and they usually taste like mint. The battles we have with our tongues, how you know you would win but let me because you know it'd boost my ego a lot. I love the ways you make me feel alive and the ways you can my body feel with just one touch. I love everything about you, Harry. Every. Single. Little. Thing." Each word was punctuated by a peck to his lips. 

He kissed me, properly this time. "What else do you love about me?"

"Your laugh. It's contagious and always filled with joy. Well, not your fake ones though. But you're pretty good at fake laughs. Anyways, your eyes glisten with sadness yet you always cover it up with a strong demeanour. But you don't have to act strong in front of me." I stroked his cheek with my thumb, and he leaned into my hand.

His eyes fluttered closed and he whispered, "Say you love me, Lex."

"I love-"

No other words were exchanged as our lips met again. I felt every single one of Harry's emotions, as if he was pouring them all out into this kiss, showing me him. Not just the person who acted in front of everyone, but the person he was when he was alone. He laid himself out, completely vulnerable, through this kiss. Through our kiss. Because now it wasn't just him, and it wasn't just me. It was us. Together. Facing the world, jumping the hurdles and shooting for the stars. [A/N: I promise that sounded a lot less cheesier in my head.]


The hotel room was beautiful. It was a 5 star hotel with an amazing view. Suddenly, a really weird thought popped into my head. I wonder how Harry would look in my panties? The curiosity overtook me and I went over to Harry, who was sat on the bed, staring at his phone. 

"Harry, would you do me a favour?"

He turned his phone off and threw it behind him. "Of course, darling."

"No matter how crazy it is?"

His eyes narrowed in suspicion. "Yes... but what's the favour?"

I went over to my suitcase and took out a pair of my lacy underwear. I held it up so he could see it and wickedly grinned. "Could you please wear this?"

Harry's eyes now slowly widened. "No."

"Pretty please?"

"No," he said firmly.

"Pleaseeee Harry?" I pouted. I could tell that he was already losing. I, honestly, LOVED how I could do this to him. 

He wildly shook his head. "No. No no no no no no!" 

I crawled into his lap and gave him a quick kiss. "It will make me so happy. Please?"

He looked like he was having an inner battle. His love for me battling his sensible side. His love won. Love always wins. 

His face distorted into pain as he took the panties with him into the bathroom.

"And they say the men are the dominant ones in the relationship," he muttered.

I grinned and leaned back on the bed frame, waiting for him.

Harry came out wearing a towel. He threw his clothes on the bed, a deep blush on his cheeks. 

"Take off the towel," I said.

Harry made a sound of protest. I strolled over to him, and gently pulled the towel. After a few attempts, he finally gave in and loosened up his grip on the towel so I could throw it to the bed, beside his clothes. His hands immediately flew to hide his body. They didn't do much. He let me pry them off.

I fell to the floor in cackles. The panty clung onto him and his manhood was practically begging to be let out.

"Stop laughing, you're the one who forced me to do this," Harry whined.

I giggled. "You look beautiful, Harry." 

My index finger ran over the black, lacy undergarment and passed his crotch along the way. Harry shuddered at the coldness of my finger. The panty showed off his long legs, and I just realized how muscular they really were.

"Can I take this off now?" Harry pleaded.

I nodded my head, seeing that I've tortured him enough.

"Though it would be quite a pity for you. I look great in this. Are you sure you don't want to look a little longer, darling?" He smirked before retreating to the bathroom.

"Wait!" I called after him.

He turned around to get blinded with a flash. "Did you just take my picture?"

"Yep. It would look beautiful as my profile picture for Twitter." 

"Delete that!" 

"No can do, darling."

With that, I pushed him into the bathroom with his clothes. 

I didn't actually post the photo on any social media sites. I'm not that mean. But I didn't delete it either. 

Harry came out and climbed onto the bed beside me. "The things I would do for you... just the thought of them terrifies me."

"Thank you." I snuggled into his chest. "That was very brave of you."

"If someone first met you, they'd think you're this nice, innocent girl. But you're evil."

"No, I'm always nice."

"Of course you are."

"You should keep wearing that. It looks good on you."

"Everything looks good on me." He did the action of a hair flip.

"Can't say I disagree with that. By the way, I can do a better hair flip. My hair will actually flip."

"Well, if I still had long hair..."

"How did you look like with long hair?"

"You can search it up."

"Yeah, but it's not the same as looking at it up close."

Harry didn't respond for a while. When he did, it was something completely unrelated to the topic we were talking about before.

"It's kind of hot in here. Do you want some ice cream?"

"Where are we going to get that?"

"Room service."

"They serve ice cream?"


"Oh. Okay."

After they brought the chocolate ice cream up, Harry and I sat in bed and watched some movies on his laptop. We would be tourists tomorrow. Today was a day to relax without being bundled up in thousands of layers. Luckily, I wouldn't be having my period until February. 

Harry's birthday was in February, wasn't it? What should I get him? For Christmas, I gave him a custom Saint Laurent creamy white silk jacket with Angel embroidered at the bottom back. I'd have to think about it.

"You eat like a child," Harry commented. 

"No I don't."

"You have ice cream all over your lips."

I licked my lips. Chocolatey goodness met my tastebuds. "Oh."

"Don't worry, I'll clean it for you."

Harry kissed me.


Harry's POV

It was the middle of the night. Alexia and I were not in our hotel room. Instead, we were on a beach. Hand in hand, we walked along the coastline. Barefoot, it was a pattern of sand tickling my toes and ocean washing it off. Waves could be heard in the distance, crashing against the rocky cliffs on the other side. Other than that, it was silent. The white light of the moon cast a glow over Alexia's face.

"Do you ever wish mermaids existed?" she asked quietly.

"I wish magic existed, yes."

"It would be such a better world. Instead, we have poverty, homelessness, terrorism, and everything revolves around money." She said it in a bitter voice, so I could tell she hated this world. Can't lie, I wasn't a fan of it either.

"But we have each other." I kissed the top of her head.

"That was cheesy."

Nevertheless, she leaned into me and sighed blissfully. 

We watched the stars make shadows on the water. My mum used to say that the stars were just ghosts. She said that a shooting star was a soul who was restless, running through the sky to find the one they loved, so they could finally be at peace. I believed her until I went to school and learned about science. Tonight... tonight I wanted to give into my dreams. I wanted to stop thinking about logic and believe in magic. Believe that the stars were actually ghosts, believe that we could have this freedom for a much longer time.

"I wish we could stay like this forever," I said.

Alexia's hand brushed against her necklace - the infinity symbol one I gave to her. 

"Me too."

I looked up once again at the stars. Above, they twinkled and danced with laughter.

Third Person's POV

And they did wish. Harry and Alexia wished with all their hearts, that one day, one day they'd be able to join the joyous souls that have finally escaped from this world. They wished so hard that their hearts had started to physically hurt. In a way, the world was like a jail for them. They were stuck here, and the only way out was death. In a way, Harry and Alexia were just two sad souls, hoping to find happiness together outside of this prison. In a way, all these two sad souls wanted was freedom. 

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