Stay - HS

Alexia Roberts was just a normal British girl. 22 years old, working at a Starbucks in London. She had a perfectly boring future planned out before Harry Styles showed up and made it flawed, but also fun. When the end finally comes, it all depends on Alexia. Will she choose to stay or go?


27. Chapter 27

Harry's POV

First I took a detour to my house to drop off everything.

I was quite surprised when Alexia didn't slam the door shut when she saw me. She simply gazed into my eyes. And I gazed back into her emotionless ones. 

My lips curved into a little smile. "Good afternoon, angel."

Something changed in her eyes. Where there used to be nothing, there was longing and relief. "Hey."

I was even more surprised when she let me in. This was not what I was expecting. I don't know what I was expecting, to be honest. Shouting, maybe?

She looked down at the floor. "You were very good in Tokyo."

"You saw that?"

"No, but you're amazing at everything, aren't you?"

"Thank you."

"So, how are they?"

I was clueless for a moment. "Who?"

"Sarah, Clare, Mitch, and Adam."

I felt a pang of jealousy when I heard her say another man's name, though I knew I had nothing to be jealous about. Especially if it's just Adam or Mitch. They're my friends, they would never betray me like that. 

I shrugged. "They're good."

"Whatever happened to that girl Adam was seeing?"

The jealousy surfaced again. "Please don't say that name again."

"Adam? Why?"

"I don't want to hear another man's name come out of your lips today."

Alexia smirked. "Mitch Rowland, Adam Prendergast, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Brandon whatever-his-last-name-is-I-forgot, Ed Sheeran, Zac Efron -pretty hot, right?-, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner -did I mention I love the Twilight series?-, Justin Bieber-"

"I'll get you for this," I warned.

I chased her around the apartment. I purposely ran slower than usual, then realized I didn't need to because she was REALLY fast. Eventually we stopped the never-ending chase and sat down on the couch.

"You're a stubborn mule," she said after a while of awkward silence.

"You're a beautiful angel."

Alexia blushed. 

We stared at each other's eyes. It was a contest to see who would break first. Not only eye contact, but actually end this stupid fight. Neither one of us moved. She slowly licked her lips, and I almost gave in.

"I missed you," she breathed.

"Me too. It was stupid of me to let you go."

"I thought you didn't love me anymore."

"Darling, I would never break a promise."

I took out the promise ring.

"Where'd you get that?" she asked.

"Found it in your room."

She gladly took it and put it on again.

We slowly leaned in. 

Alexia's POV

The ring felt good on my finger. It felt like it belonged there. But what felt better was Harry's lips on mine, my hands entangled in his curls, his arms pulling me closer. My happiness was like a fire, and Harry was the fuel. Right now, that fire was raging inside of me, burning all the anger and despair away.  Our passionate kiss ended way too soon for my liking. Why do humans have only a certain amount of time before they run out of breath? That is so unfair. 

Harry and I spent hours talking and catching up on the weeks we've missed. At that point, I was sure my life was complete.

3 days later

Harry had invited the boys (Louis, Liam, and Niall) over to his mansion. It was rare that they all had a mutual day off. First, we began with playing Truth or Dare. We wrote all our names on pieces of paper and plopped them into a fedora hat Harry had lying around in his house.

I picked a random slip. It said Liam. "You're starting, Liam."

He drew a slip. "Harry, truth or dare?"

"Dare. I always pick dare as long as it isn't Louis asking me."

Louis looked shocked. "Harold, I'm disappointed in you."

Liam grinned. "I dare you to take off all your clothes - but keep your boxers on, or that'd be too inappropriate - and be like that for the rest of the game."

Harry shrugged. "Easy." 

He stripped down his clothes until only his boxers remained on. My eyes probed his body. Harry noticed and smirked. God, I love his smirk. Then he reached into the hat and pull out a name. 

"Alexia! Truth or dare babe?"

"Dare," I responded.

"Drink a jar of tomato juice. A glass, actually. Because I'm nice."

My jaw dropped. I hated tomato juice. He knew that! "But-"

"A dare's a dare," Niall said.

"You guys are so mean to me!"

We went to the kitchen and Harry poured me a glass of tomato juice. I stared at the disgusting red liquid in the cup. It was confusing to me as to why anyone would ever have such a foul thing in their fridge. Squeezing me eyes shut, I chugged down the juice. Everyone cheered. I smiled, but I felt a bit nauseous on the inside. Ignoring it, I joined the boys and we continued playing Truth or Dare.

The day passed quicker than I expected it would. I guess the saying 'time flies when you're having fun' is true. We stayed up 'till late, and everyone was too lazy to go home so we all crashed at Harry's place. I lay beside Harry in his bedroom. The nauseous feeling was still in my stomach. Did I mention I REALLY hated tomato juice? I felt like throwing up.

"Harry," I whispered.


"I feel weird, like I'm about to-" 

Vomit rose up in my throat and I barfed all over Harry. I saw his silhouette get up and then the lights were on.

Harry's concerned eyes met mine. "Are you okay? I didn't get you pregnant, did I?!"

That almost made me laugh. I did manage a small smile though.

"No, I think it was the tomato juice."

More vomit. I ran to the bathroom and knelt down over the toilet.

Harry rubbed my back. "I'm so sorry, love." 

I was only able to nod a bit. I feared that any bigger movement than that would cause me to throw up more.

Harry ran his one of his hands through his hair. "This is all my fault. I shouldn't have dared you to do that, I'm sorry. You can punch me and kick me if you want. Do you need a doctor?"

"Calm down, Harry. It's just vomit," I said weakly. 

I was feeling a little dizzy. I'm sure I'm not allergic to tomatoes, and I've never reacted like this before when I drank tomato juice. I guess I just never drank as much as I did today. I'm also certain that I'm not pregnant because I'm on my period right now. Third day.

"Sorry, I'm just worried."

Harry sat by me while I threw up all the food that's been in my stomach. It must have been about a half an hour before I was fully done. Harry fetched me water, which I was very grateful for. Vomit does not taste good. 

After Harry took a shower, we lay on the bed again.

I curled up against Harry. "Can I ask you a question?" 

He pressed his lips to my forehead. "Sure."

"Weren't there 5 people in One Direction? You, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn, right? Where's Zayn? You never talk about him."

Harry stiffened and I wondered if I had asked a wrong question.

"We're good. We're all still friends. I think."

I don't think I was supposed to hear that last part.

"Is he nice?"

"Oh, very. He saved me from walking into a fire once."

"I'm thankful for that."

Harry changed the subject. "If you had to choose one person to be a mind slave to, who would it be?"

"Someone nice and won't make me do evil things to the world. So... probably you."

"I can just think of the wonderful things I'd make you do if you were my mind slave."

I could almost hear Harry's smirk.

A cheeky grin spread across my face. "How about I be your mind slave for tonight?"

Harry chuckled and kissed me on my forehead again. "Goodnight, Lex." 

Disappointment ran through me. "G'night."


When I woke up, I was alone. I got dressed and went downstairs. Harry was there, cooking breakfast. He was singing a song that I didn't recognize and he was dancing around to it. Well, I don't know if jumping around from side to side and swinging your head around counted as dancing. I leaned against the wall and watched him with a fond smile on my face. I also recorded everything. 

After he finished the last line, he turned around and saw me. I quickly stuffed my phone in my pocket.

He blushed. "How much did you see?"

I imitated him. 

Harry rolled his eyes. "Okay, I wasn't that loud." 

He gave me his usual good-morning kiss and then prepared the breakfast on the plates. There were 5 plates filled with eggs, sausages, bacon, and toast. It was accompanied by glasses of orange juice.

"I didn't make a full English breakfast, but this is pretty much it," Harry said, scanning his work with proud eyes.

"I can't eat that much."

"Try to eat as much as you can, angel. I want you to be healthy."

I heard stomping, then Niall, Louis, and Liam appeared. 

Louis grinned. "Food! Delicious." 

Niall patted his stomach. "I'm starving."

"We all are, Niall. We didn't eat dinner last night," Liam pointed out.

"Why is that, anyways?"

"We were too lazy to make something or go out." Liam noticed me and Harry. "Good morning guys!"

We waved in response.

We all sat down at the table. Harry and I ate slowly, while everyone else scarfed down their food.

Liam broke the silence. I wasn't sure if it was awkward silence or not. It was one of those times where everyone's just too lost in their own thoughts to talk. "Oh my god guys, you would not believe what happened last week. Bear clapped his hands!"

Louis clapped. "I can clap my hands too! Except in a more sophisticated way! Be proud of me too!"

"I'm proud of you, Lou," Niall patted him on the back.

We chatted some more, Harry occasionally saying a thing or two but mostly just stayed quiet.

"Let's all twerk," Louis suggested.

"Sure." I climbed off my chair.

"Twerk on Harry!" Niall laughed.

Harry blushed once again, but he didn't object. I positioned myself in front of him still on his chair, and the rest of the boys went in front of me.

"On the count of 3," Liam said. "1... 2... 3!" 

We all started twerking (excluding Harry).

Louis grinned at me. "You twerk well, m'lady."

I stopped. The boys also stopped. "You too, sir."

Harry stood and wrapped his arms around me from behind.

Sensible Liam looked at his watch. "I got to go, or I'll be late. Do you need help washing the dishes?"

Harry shook his head.

"I'd better go too." Niall followed Liam out. They called a quick goodbye before the front door closed.

Louis started to leave too. "Well, I don't want to be the third wheel, so I'll get going too. Bye!"

"Bye!" Harry and I chorused.

"I'm going to be late for work. Bye Harry." I leaned up and pecked his cheek.

"Stay, please?"

"No can do, Harry. I might lose my job if I miss one more day."

"Just this one, I'll tell your boss it was my fault."

"Be glad. You wouldn't be able to imagine all the things I'd do to you if duty didn't call."

I winked, grabbed my purse, and disappeared out the front door.

Harry's POV

I licked my parched lips. I wanted to follow her and find out what 'the things' are, but I didn't want to get her fired. I also quite enjoyed being alone once in a while so I could collect my thoughts and stuff.

I decided to prank call someone. My first choice was Alexia, of course. Caller ID stopped me from using my phone, but she doesn't know my home phone number yet.

"Hello?" She picked up.

I put on my best American accent. "Hello, would you like to purchase a boyfriend maker? It makes your dream boyfriend in just a few clicks!"

"Can it make Harry Styles?"

Her smile was heard in her voice.

"Oh, definitely. Beauty, isn't he?"

"No, not really. He's quite ugly. What about Mitch Rowland, in Harry's band? He's way hotter than Harry."

My jaw dropped. She has to be kidding, right? "Um, sorry. It does not make any guys hotter than Harry Styles."

"The machine only makes Harry? Shame."

She did not just indirectly call me the ugliest guy on earth. "But don't you think Harry is at least a little attractive?"

Alexia's airy laugh flowed in my ear. "Gotta run. Love you, Harry."

I thought my accent was pretty convincing. Guess not. I returned to my British accent. "See you later, darling."

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