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Alexia Roberts was just a normal British girl. 22 years old, working at a Starbucks in London. She had a perfectly boring future planned out before Harry Styles showed up and made it flawed, but also fun. When the end finally comes, it all depends on Alexia. Will she choose to stay or go?


26. Chapter 26

Alexia's POV

My jewelry box and closet were full. The two pieces of jewelry, the infinity necklace and the promise ring, sat in their boxes on my bedside table. Maybe I'll find a day to give some of the stuff to charity.

I got a call from Meghan.

"Hey! You finally called! So, how are things with your family?" I asked.

"Are you free next week?"

"Um, yeah, I think so."

"I'll send you the details of my brother's funeral over text."

It took me a moment to process that. "What? Mark is dead?!"

Meghan sniffled and I could tell that it was taking all her power not to cry. "Yes."

I wasn't about to say that it was okay, because it wasn't. Nothing was okay at the moment. Not for her and not for me. I also wasn't about to say that I was sorry, because that'll feel like I'm pitying her. I know she hates that. "I'll be there."

"Thanks. Bye, Lex."

I can't believe her brother was dead. She never told me that he had any sort of illness. Maybe he was murdered? Fell from a height? Mark was - sorry, is - such a nice person. It seemed unfair that a guy like him had to die. I mean, it couldn't have been a terrorist?  The funeral was going to be held at a church in Birmingham, where Meghan's family lives. 

I had nothing to do. I was so lonely without Harry. Maybe I should call someone. Niall was the name that first came into my mind.

"Hey Niall," I said when he picked up.


"Do you have some time right now?"

"Yeah. For a while, I gotta go soon."

"Oh. Okay."

"So, I heard about the rumour that you and Harry broke up. He has yet to call or text me to confirm it."

"It's true."

"Oh. Is there anything I can do?"

"No, I'm okay."

Niall was quiet for a moment. "You know, he really loves you. I've never seen him love anyone like he does you. Except his family, but you know, that's different. He must be shattered."

I rolled my eyes though nobody was there to see it. "Nobody seems to care that I am too."

Niall got quiet for another moment. "I have to go Lex, take care."

Then I decided to call Liam. "Hello."

"Hey Alexia!"

"You free?"

"Um, actually, no. I can talk for about 3 minutes though."


"Did you and Harry actually break up?"


"I think he's really upset about it. He's really good at faking laughs and smiles, so I wouldn't really know by looking at him. But knowing him this much, I'm pretty sure it's tearing him inside out."

I was getting really annoyed now. Does nobody care what I'm feeling? Of course not. I'm just normal Alexia while Harry is, well, Harry. "It's tearing me inside out too."

"I'm sorry, I gotta run."


Then I called Louis. It went to voicemail. So my next option was Sarah or Clare. Clare's phone also went to voicemail, but Sarah picked up.

"Hey Sarah." I greeted.

"Heyo. Why aren't you on tour with us anymore?"

I really didn't want to talk about Harry anymore. "Harry and I aren't exactly on the best terms as of right now."

"Oh. You okay?"

"Yep. I'm fine."

Truthfully, I didn't know how I felt. I hated how everyone always asked if I was okay. That's why when someone's upset, the first thing I ask them is usually not 'are you okay'.

"You've started posting on Instagram more," she stated.

"Have I?"

"Well, you've posted twice since the past 2 weeks, which is a big improvement for you."

"It's not like you post any more."

"Yes I do. I usually post around 5 photos a month."

"Whatever you say."

"You never tweet anything. You have like, what? Only about 100 tweets and you started your account...?"

"When I was 14."


"Social media is so overrated."

"And exercising."

"So true."

"What do you have for breakfast? Like, most of the time."

"Granola bar. What about you?"

"Seriously? Just one granola bar?"

"Um, yeah."

"You're crazy."

"I've been told."

"Gotta go. You-know-who's in the room." 

Harry's voice sounded in the background. I'm certain it said, "Who is it?"



Now it was back to being alone.

Harry's POV

"Who was that?"

"A friend." Sarah answered.

"Named?" I prompted.

Sarah raised her eyebrows. "You already know."

"Yeah but I want you to say it. To confirm it."

"You are so weird. It was Alexia."

My heart skipped a beat. "What did she say?"

"Our phone calls are private stuff, dude. And no, she did not willingly mention you."

My face fell. 

"I'm sorry Harry. Maybe next time," Sarah said sympathetically.

"I'm going to go see her."

"Wait, I don't think she really wants to see you-"

She took one look at my determined and heartbroken face, and shut her mouth. Everyone else was already gone. We were the last ones left here. Sarah already packed her stuff, she was just waiting for me to leave so I wouldn't be lonely here. She stepped aside as I grabbed my bags on the way out. 

"See you soon!" I hugged her goodbye.

"Good luck!"

I took a taxi through the crowded streets of Tokyo. As I boarded my jet to London, I smiled broadly. I was going home.


A/N: Thanks for reading! Sorry for the short chapter, again. I promise the next chapter will be longer than this one.

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