Stay - HS

Alexia Roberts was just a normal British girl. 22 years old, working at a Starbucks in London. She had a perfectly boring future planned out before Harry Styles showed up and made it flawed, but also fun. When the end finally comes, it all depends on Alexia. Will she choose to stay or go?


19. Chapter 19

I am actually so dumb. All this time, I've been mixing up Clare's name with Chloe. I think it was just a youtube video I watched and the person said 'Chloe' a LOT, or it was just because I'm stupid. When I finally found out, I nearly punched myself. But I didn't because... you know... that'd hurt.

Alexia's POV

Harry didn't come the next day, and I found myself wishing he would. We didn't text or call each other either. I knew after today, he was off to his next destination and there would be a very small chance of us making up, but I couldn't bring myself to call him.

The whole morning passed and I was still in bed. I had woken up at 4 am and couldn't sleep again so I stared at the ceiling and got lost in my thoughts. I eventually showered and got dressed, but I skipped breakfast and lunch and went straight back to lying on my bed. 

Elizabeth called. "Hey Alexia."


"You said you were going to transfer money into my bank account."

"I did? Oh. I'm so sorry, a lot of things are going on right now and I forgot."

"Is everything okay?"

"It's fine. I'll go to the bank now."

I hung up. 

I managed to somehow get out of my bed and go to the bank. Talking with the lady was tiring. Usually it wouldn't be, but I wasn't in the mood to talk today. Finally, when my 'errand' was finished, I had the luxury of sleeping all day. Which means I only slept for a few minutes. I decided I should get up for real this time and actually make use of myself.

What do I have to do today? Oh yeah, nothing.

I almost fell back on my bed again but stopped myself.

Seriously, what do I have to do? Where's Meghan? She must have left to see Jason. Maybe I should visit my mum. Yeah, I'll do that.

I heaved myself up and trudged to the door, grabbing my car keys on the way. Yes, I had a car. I just hardly use it. My mum lived all the way in Manchester, so this wasn't going to be that short of a drive.

I parked my convertible in my mum's driveway. Taking a deep breath, I knocked on the door. I haven't seen or talked to my mum in so long, I don't even know if she's changed. Elizabeth answered the door. 

"Alexia! Hi!" She opened the door wider to let me in.

I looked her over. "You've changed so much!"

Instead of her usual brown hair, she had dyed it blonde. She's gotten slimmer too. 

"Thanks, if you meant that in a good way."

"Of course I meant it in a good way. So, where's Mum?" I peered over her shoulder into the house. It was empty.

Elizabeth's face turned serious and solemn. "Lex... she has cancer. She's in the hospital."

"What? For how long?"

"At least a year now. I didn't know about it until last week, when she got in the hospital. The doctors say she hasn't got much time left."

"And you didn't bother calling me?"

"I figured you would be to smothered in your own problems. Y'know, with Harry and everything. Plus, Mum told me not to tell you. She said she would be fine."

"And you listened to her?!" I rubbed my temples. "I going to the hospital. You coming?"

"No, I'll stay here. I can't bear seeing Mum that weak again."

I nodded and ran out of the house. Elizabeth didn't tell me which hospital Mum was in, so I just went to the nearest one. Sure enough, she was in it. Tubes covered her body.

"Mum..." I collapsed on my knees at her side. 

"Alexia. Why are you here?" Just like Elizabeth said, she looked and sounded weak.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Tears slid down my cheeks and dripped onto the bed. Mum reached to wipe them away but I stopped her.

"Lex, really. I'm fine." She coughed and winced in pain.

"What type?"


"Is there anything I can do?"


I heard her unspoken words: I'm going to die soon anyways, why waste time and resources on me?

"Are you sure?"

"Actually, yes. Go back to London, darling. Live your life. Don't worry about me. What about that Harry guy, eh?" She winked and gave a little smile.

"I'm not leaving your side."

"Please Alexia. I don't want you worrying about me. If I don't die of this, I'll die of old age one day. You need to go live your life."

"But you're such a big part of it."

"Go Lex." She said firmly. She coughed again.


"Alexia Marie Roberts. Go!"


My mum glared at me.

I sighed. "Goodbye, Mum."

She gave a little wave. I looked at her one last time before I reluctantly left.


I went back to London like my mum told me to. 

Meghan was waiting for me at the apartment. "Where were you?"

"Visiting my mum."

"So why do you look so depressed?"

"She has cancer. She's in the hospital. The doctors say she has at most a month before she's gone."

Meghan embraced me while I cried. "I'm so sorry."

"She took care of me my whole life. When my dad died..." I remembered I still haven't told her about my dad. I guess I'm already sad enough, might as well just add to it. I told her about my dad, how after my grandma died, he started drinking. He would get drunk every night and abuse my mum. One day, he saw how broken we were. Then the next morning, we found him dead in the living room. He had hung himself. His note said: 'The pain is too much to bear. First, your grandparents dead. Perhaps I'll see them. But after what I've done to you guys, I doubt I'd be allowed in heaven.' I still remember it well to this day.

Meghan rubbed my back and let me sob into her shoulder.

I wished Harry were here. He's the best antidote for when I'm upset. Having his strong arms around me made me feel safe. I needed him so bad right now, but I pushed him away in the first place so I can't blame him.

I forced myself to stop crying. "Thanks Meghan."

"No problem. Do you want me to stay with you?"

"No, you go out and have your fun."

"I'm going to a nightclub. Come with me!"

"With Jason?"

"Nope. Just me."

"I don't know if Harry would like that-" Before I could say anything else, Meghan dragged me outside.

"It'll be fun." She assured me in the cab. 

"And if it's not?"

"Then I'll buy you ice cream anytime you want."

I thought about it. "Okay."

We entered the club. Meghan pulled me to the bar and ordered two tequilas. I took a sip. The drink fizzled down my throat, leaving a warm sensation in my stomach. Before I knew it, I was on the dance floor. I wasn't drunk though, I only took a sip. I had given the rest to Meghan, who somehow isn't drunk. Is that even possible?

A male around my age held out his hand. "Care to dance?"

I grabbed his hand and he twirled me into his arms. Grinding against him, I felt his hands slither under my shirt (yes, I wore a shirt and tights because I didn't get time to get into a dress).

I laughed. "You have a boner."

"My dick only does that to pretty girls. It must like you."

Was this cheating? 

We danced for hours. Meghan told me we should go, but I refused. This was so much better than facing reality.

Eventually I walked off the dance floor and outside. I breathed in the cold air. I headed back inside for more dancing. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Harry. I blinked and he was gone. I chose to forget about it and turned the handle to go back in, but someone stopped me.

"Harry?" I took a step towards him and tripped on my feet. Luckily, he caught me. "You're here."

"You came to the club." he stated as if it wasn't obvious. 

"Yeah, Einstein."

"Come on, I'll take you back."

"No!" I protested.

"You should really get some sleep."

"I want to dance."

"We're going back." Harry carried me bridal style and called a cab.

"That's not fair! Take me back!"

"You need to go home."

"No I don't."

"Yes you do."

"Just one more song?"


"Meanie. Where are the others?"

"I told them to go ahead. I have my car parked at a parking lot near your apartment. We'll take a cab there, then I'll drive to Manchester myself."

"That's stupid of you."

"I could finally drop the car off at home, and plus, I had to make sure you were okay. Which you were not."

"Do you like snails?"

"Not exactly."


Harry shrugged. "They're cute."


"I don't mind buttons."

"What about music?"

"I love music. Almost as much as I love you, and trust me, I love music a LOT."

"There's music inside the club! Let's go dance!"


The taxi arrived.

Harry set me down in the car and climbed in after me. He gave the driver the address to my apartment.

I crawled onto his lap. Straddling him, I said, "You look good tonight."

Harry froze for a second, then he relaxed. His arms made their way around me, his hands resting at the bottom of my spine. "You too."

"Why were you gone for so long?"

"Well you didn't look like you wanted me near you."

I frowned, remembering all the pain. "You left me all alone."

"I'm very sorry." Harry pecked me on the lips.

"Don't leave me alone again, please?"

"As much as I'd love to be beside you each minute of every day, I have to go on tour."

"Take me with you."

"I thought you wanted to stay here."

"I don't want to feel alone anymore."

"Really? You're sure you want to leave home and come with me?"

I nodded. "I'd go anywhere, as long as you're with me."

"That's so cheesy."

"I'm a cheesy person."

"We're here," the driver said.

Harry gave him the money, then carried me to my apartment. He laid me on my bed and kissed my forehead. 

"Bye Lex."

"I thought we were leaving tonight."

"I am, you're not."

"But you said I could come with you."

"You're just caught in the moment."

"No I'm not."

"If I do take you with me, you'll regret it."

"When will I see you again?"

"I don't know."

"Will it be a long time?"

"I don't know."

I sat up and threw my arms around his neck. "How could I ever regret being with you?"

Harry gently pried me off him. He went out, had a little conversation with Meghan - one that I couldn't hear -, then came back with a glass of water. He pressed the glass to my lips and I took a sip. We looked at each other for what felt like forever. Harry very slowly leaned in. I stayed still, waiting for him to kiss me. His lips finally made contact with mine. I didn't understand how his lips were so fucking soft all the time. Not that I'm complaining. The kiss started off slow but gradually quickened its pace. I heard Harry put the glass on the bedside table. We went into a position of where I was sitting at the edge of the bed and he was kneeling on the bed with a leg on each side of me. We stopped for a short breath of air before leaning back in. I knelt now too. When it was just a second before my lungs were about to collapse, I pulled away.

We panted. When I had recovered enough to speak, I got off the bed. "Take me with you," I demanded.

Harry also stood up. "Alexia, I-"

I made my way over to him. "I'm not taking no for an answer."


"I'll hang on to your ankles if I have to," I warned.

"Okay, fine." Harry smiled.

"Thank you!"

"You won't need clothes. You left all of them with me."

"You kept those?"

"I've always meant to give them back, but I kind of forgot."

"Can I bring some of mine?"

"Those are yours."

"Not exactly. Well, I don't need permission from you anyways." I stuck my tongue out. He also stuck his tongue out, mocking me.

I walked over to my dresser and picked out a few shirts and pants. Then I brought all my shoes, which were about 12 pairs.

"That many shoes?" Harry raised an eyebrow.

"I love shoes."

"You won't need that many."


"Put some of them back."


In the end, I had taken out most of the sneakers, leaving only my converse, vans, and nikes. I brought 2 pairs of flip flops, and 2 pairs of flats. I didn't bring any high heels with me as I probably won't be needing any of those. I stuffed that and my laptop in my bag. Then I grabbed my purse and we were off. His car was nice. I didn't know much about cars, so I didn't know what the symbol meant. I didn't bother asking him because I didn't particularly care about cars. As long as they worked properly, I was fine. Have I ever been with Harry when he was driving before? If I had, than I forgot. 

"I trust you not to kill me," I said.

Harry gave a low chuckle. "I'll try my best."

It was the middle of the night and I was already worn out. I stared out the window at the pedestrians and other cars. I soon drifted off to sleep. 


"Lex." Harry lightly shook me.

I groaned. "Where are we?"


"Oh. What time is it?"

Harry checked his phone. "9 am. Do you want to go back to sleep?"

I looked around. We were in a hotel room. "No, I'm okay." I threw off the covers and headed to the bathroom. After getting ready, I stepped out to find Adam, Mitch, Sarah, and Clare with Harry.

"Hey Alexia!" Adam chimed.

I gave a little wave. "Hello!"

"You coming with us again?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah, if that's okay with you guys."

"Are you kidding? That's amazing. Sarah and I have missed you so much!" Clare patted the space on the bed next to her. I obeyed and sat there.

I saw Harry pout at me from the other bed. He turned to Clare. "Stealing my girlfriend, eh?"

She shrugged. "Girls on one bed, boys on the other."

"Feminism!" I grinned.

"Oh my god, yes! Men suck!" Sarah agreed.

"Men rule, woman suck!" Harry joked. 

"We suck lollies." Sarah patted her stomach for extra effect.

I wanted to add that we also suck dick sometimes, but I figured all of them have a cleaner mind than me and would think I'm weird (in a bad way). 

Us girls exchanged looks, then simultaneously stood up. We each tackled one guy. I had Harry, obviously. Sarah had Mitch pinned down, and Clare had Adam.

"You know we could easily push you off?" Mitch raised an eyebrow.

I began to tickle Harry. Clare and Sarah followed. The boy's laughter filled the room. We had a tickle war, which the girls won. Well, Sarah and Clare did. Harry and I ended up kissing on the floor.

"You guys are so cute!" 

I was way over blushing when someone complimented me and Harry being 'cute' or whatever, so I giggled. 

"I'm going to go visit my mum," I said as I grabbed my purse.

Harry's brow furrowed. "Will you be back?"

"Yeah. Bye people!"

"Wait, I'm coming with you." Harry slipped on his sweater.


Harry shrugged. "I want to see her." 

I stared at him for a while before agreeing. "Okay."


"How are you doing, Mum?"

"So much better now." I could tell that was a lie. She looked much weaker than yesterday.

"I'm tagging along with Harry while he goes on tour. He's preforming tonight."

"Really? I wish I could have seen him. You have to introduce me to him!"

"You want to meet him?"


"Hold on."

I left and found Harry in the waiting room.

"Do you want to meet my mum?" I asked. I wasn't about to make him do something he didn't want to.

Harry quickly stood up. "Can I?"

I nodded. I led him to the room my mum was in.

Harry stopped us just outside the door. "Do you think I look okay? Is my hair messy? Are my clothes wrinkled? Should I smile a lot? Oh wait, she's in the hospital. I probably shouldn't. Is there anything on my face? You didn't tell me what to wear! What if she thinks I'm too informal-"

"You look flawlessly beautiful even when you're not trying."

Harry smiled at me. I opened the door and pulled him inside.

"Hello, Mrs. Roberts," Harry greeted politely.

"Please, call me Jennifer. Mrs. Roberts just makes me sound old. You must be Harry!"

"Yes. How are you?"

"I'm fine, considering the fact that I'm in the hospital."

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-"

"You seem nervous."

Harry grinned sheepishly. "I am."


"It's not everyday I get to meet this stunning, gorgeous lady's mother." Harry kissed my cheek. "You really raised an amazing kid, Jennifer."

"As did your mum. So, tell me your favourite things to do."

"Um, I like to write and sing music, obviously. I also really love spending time with my family and friends, though I don't get around to doing that as much as I'd like to anymore. But my fans make up for it all. They are just... incredible. And, I LOVE - absolutely love - to be with Alexia."

"You are officially allowed to date my daughter," Mum said, acting like she was a queen.

"Thank you." Harry played along and bowed.

"Maybe you'd like to marry her as well?" She wiggled her eyebrow.

"Mum!" I blushed. 

A nurse came in. "Visiting time is up. Out."

"Bye Jennifer! It was really nice to finally meet you."

"Bye Mum." 

"'Till next time!" 

Once Harry and I were outside, Harry pulled me to his car. "Come on! There's someone I want you to see."


"My mum."

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