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Alexia Roberts was just a normal British girl. 22 years old, working at a Starbucks in London. She had a perfectly boring future planned out before Harry Styles showed up and made it flawed, but also fun. When the end finally comes, it all depends on Alexia. Will she choose to stay or go?


12. Chapter 12

Harry's POV

The next day's schedule went something like: Wake up. Breakfast. Spend time with the band. Lunch. Rehearse with the band. Get ready for the show. Show.

All without Alexia. Honestly, I was trying to avoid her. After we said those words for the first time, I was scared. I don't exactly know why. Perhaps I was scared she'd realize that she really didn't love me and was just caught in the moment, or perhaps it was because I had told her everything about me. I had shared all my pain, my misery, my laughter, my anger, my fears, everything with her. Maybe I was scared that she would see I wasn't all that perfect, that I was really flawed, and leave me. Or maybe it was both.

I came to the decision that I had to stop avoiding her.

I barely got any time to spend with Alexia, and that thought stuck with me during the show. I was free tonight, I think. No, because then we'd be with everyone else in the car, driving to the next destination. I don't even know where we were going anymore. I just know that I'd get to meet wonderful people, so the place isn't relevant. 

The knowledge that I had left Alexia in our hotel room (though she probably went out and explored the city, but still) hit me, making me pause in my sentence when I was talking to the crowd. I launched into a song (Only Angel), and I felt my attention split in half. A part of it was on singing, and the other was on Alexia, hiding behind the wall. Well, she wasn't really hiding because I could see her. She was dancing along with the beat, and I grinned at the view. She looked so free, waving her arms in the air, swaying her hips from side to side, and tapping her feet. I wanted to go and dance with her, but I had my lovely fans to entertain.

The concert finished. I waved goodbye to everyone and ran backstage to Alexia. I lifted her up. Her lips attached against my own as she wrapped her legs around my waist and cupped my face with her hands. I loved the taste of her soft lips. It tasted like strawberries with the faint taste of mint. Our friends didn't interrupt us, which I was thankful for. They knew I wanted time alone with Alexia.

We ran out of breath. She tackled me to the ground. Hovering over me, her face was inches from mine and I had to resist the urge to kiss her again.

"Why were you avoiding me?" She panted.

"Well... I was scared you'd leave me." I was unable to meet her eyes out of shame and embarrassment.

"Why would I ever break up with you?" 

"I'm not perfect, Lex."

Alexia sat up on my stomach. She was really light so I didn't mind. "Nobody is. I guess it just depends on perspective. It can be different on how you and another person thinks of someone. You can think that that person sucks, while I can think that that person is perfect." 

"So what is your point of view on me?"

"You already know."

"I just want to hear it from your mouth." 

"I think you're perfect. I think you're the best friend and boyfriend anyone could have, and I am incredibly lucky beyond words to have you by my side."

I smiled and kissed her, long and slow. She punched me in the arm after. Hard. I guess her taekwondo lessons she took when she was a child payed off.

I gripped my arm and winced. "What was that for?" I complained.

"For waking up before me and not waking me up and running off by yourself. You didn't leave any notes behind, you didn't call or text me... you had me worried, Styles."

"Sorry." I pulled her down from her sitting position on my stomach until she was lying on top of me. We were still on the floor. I didn't care though, as long as she was with me.

"Did you know banging your head on a wall burns 150 calories an hour?" Alexia mumbled, her breath tickling my chest.

"Really? Maybe I should start a habit of doing that."

"No way. I'm not about to call the ambulance because you slipped into a coma."

"I won't get a coma," I rolled my eyes. "The most I'll get is a bloody forehead. I'm strong."

"Yeah, right."

"Um, guys? Everyone's getting restless waiting for you." Mitch said. I tilted my head until I could look at him.

"Okay, we'll be there soon." 

Mitch left. Alexia stood up, and then helped me up too. We went to my dressing room where I changed into a normal black t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. 

I cornered Alexia until she was against a wall. I placed my hands on the wall on either side of her. 

"Are you feeling scandalous?" I whispered into her ear.

"Are you?" Her voice was light, curious


"What are we going to do?" She breathed.

I pressed a finger to my mouth and grabbed her hand. We crept outside, somehow without getting anyone to notice us. Unfortunately, some of the security saw us running away and chased after us. We ran until we could no longer see the building where I had preformed in and until we were about to collapse from how tired we were. We fell down on the grass in a park. 

"That-" Alexia paused to catch her breath. "-was fun."


"Aren't they all going to be searching for us now?"


"What if they find us?"

"As long as I'm with you, I'd gladly face the consequences." 

In the dark, my hand found hers.

"I love you, Harry." She turned her head to look at me. With the moon shining over us, I saw her face clearly. Her hair was wild, and dirt had somehow gotten on her face, blending in with her freckles, but she still looked as beautiful as ever. Her lips had a cut on them (she had fallen down once, and I felt really bad that I couldn't catch her in time) but I kissed them nonetheless.

"I love you too."

We laid there in silence for a moment before starting to talk about us. She had her turn, then it was mine. It wasn't like that other talk we had in the hotel room, this one was more less serious, more funny, and we got to learn some facts about each other (favourite colour, favourite food, just all the favourite things plus a few more stuff).

An hour or so passed before we slowly made our way back, kicking rocks and just having a good time.

"We were so worried!" Clare said when she saw me and Alexia.

"Sorry." I shrugged

"You've been gone for..." Adam checked his phone. "1 hour and 34 minutes."

"Sorry." I apologized again.

"Don't ever do that again!" Sarah said.

"Sorry." I apologized for the third time.

Only Mitch stayed quiet, noticing Alexia by my side and the goofy smiles we wore. That's why Mitch was one of my best friends. Everyone else were amazing friends, don't get me wrong, but Mitch just knows me.

Alexia's POV

"Ugh my hair's a mess." I quietly said in the car as I tried to tame my hair.

"I can braid it, if you want." Harry offered.

I could have braided it myself, but I let Harry do it anyways. "Okay."

Harry hummed while he styled my hair.

"How's your sister?" I asked.

"She's good. I haven't spoken to her since meeting her at the cafe though."

That reminded me that he still hasn't told me why both Niall and Gemma had nodded at him. 

"Why did Niall and Gemma both nod at you in the end?"

Harry's hands paused on my hair before continuing. "Before we went to meet them, I had called them to ask if they could tell me if you were the right one. So I could know if you were one of those people who want to use me for fame."

"You wanted them to judge me?" I was slightly hurt and offended. I thought he trusted me.

Harry must have felt the hurt in my voice. "Sorry, it's just... I want to make sure that-"

"No, it's okay. I get it." If I were him, I guess I'd do the same. I wouldn't want to take anyone on tour with me and spend lots of money on her just to find out that she was using me for money and fame. 

"There." Harry finished braiding my hair. I brought the braid over my shoulder. He had done a French braid.

"You know how to do a French braid?" Interesting.

"Yeah, just a little something I picked up from watching Gemma and Mum doing it."

"Thank you."

He leaned in for a kiss but I turned my head at the last moment, his mouth colliding with my cheek. Harry pouted.

"I'm still mad." I said.

"How can I make it up to you?" Harry nuzzled my cheek, making my skin tingle. 

There wasn't anything I really wanted, except to be with Harry. "Stay."

He understood what I meant. "You know I would never leave." 

I kissed him. His lips caressed mine, and I forgot we were in a car full of people. I forgot we were even in a car. My insides melted (not physically, of course) when his hands reached under my shirt and rubbed circles on my stomach near my belly button with his thumb and index finger, slowly making their way dangerously low. I arched my back slightly, urging his hand to go lower. He smiled against my lips but obeyed. I ran out of breath so I reluctantly pulled away. There was a glazed look in his eyes as he looked at me. His hands had retreated to the top of my waist. I desperately wanted to press my lips on his again, and I would have eagerly done so if it hadn't been for the whistles coming from Adam, Sarah, Chloe, and even Mitch. I blushed and looked away, but I felt Harry's stare still on me.

When the attention turned away from me and Harry, I turned back to give him a 'What?' look.

"You're perfect," Harry whispered. 

"I know." I laid my head on his shoulder, closed my eyes and soon fell asleep.


A/N: Harry's going to be preforming in Canada! Toronto, to be exact. I live really close to Toronto, yet I can't see him. My life officially sucks. Anyways, if you're going to one of Harry's shows, just know that I'm really jealous of you but still hope you have a great time. That's all I wanted to say (or whatever you call this), haha. Bye!

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