Stay - HS

Alexia Roberts was just a normal British girl. 22 years old, working at a Starbucks in London. She had a perfectly boring future planned out before Harry Styles showed up and made it flawed, but also fun. When the end finally comes, it all depends on Alexia. Will she choose to stay or go?


11. Chapter 11

Alexia's POV

"Remember that day when we hung out with Niall and Gemma?" I asked.

Harry and I were jogging in La. It was really hot, so I honestly don't know why I didn't just stay with Sarah inside. Harry's black shirt clung to his torso and it took effort to look ahead and not stare him.

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Why did both of them nod at the end?"

"I'll tell you later."

He started to talk about other stuff, and I soon forgot about that.


"Tell me about your family." Harry said.

I was a bit reluctant and I knew Harry wouldn't push me if I told him I didn't want to, but I guess I should.

"My sister, Elizabeth, is turning 18 on December 3rd. She's very annoying at times, but I love her anyways. My mom, Jennifer, is 47 and her birthday is July 6th."

"Your birthday is August 18th, right?"

"How do you know?"

"You told me before."

"I did?"

"I'm pretty sure. Anyways, what about your dad?"

"He uh, he-he died."

"I'm sorry. We don't have to talk about it." Harry held me, making me feel safe.

"No, no. Um, my grandmother died and he started to go out more, and get drunk every night. Then he would uh, hit me and my mom. Elizabeth wasn't born at that time. It went on for months and one night, it was the worst. The slaps and kicks got harder, and more beer bottles were thrown around. We found him dead the next morning in the living room. He hung himself. The only thing I have left of him is a small picture of my family on my 4th birthday. I keep it in my wallet." I took out my wallet and showed Harry the photo. With him still holding me, I found that I wasn't crying like I usually would have. "He really liked to party. I guess I took my mum's side then, I prefer to stay at home and read or watch Netflix. He would also like to tell stories, and would tell me one every night until well, my 4th birthday. Art and music would be something we did daily. He loved music. He would sing while playing the guitar. That's where I got my adoration for music. I love him so much..." 

"He must have been an incredible man."

"He was like you, in a way."

"So you admire me."

"I never said that. Okay, yeah, I do."

"Thank you. I admire you too."

"So now it's your turn to tell me about your family."

"What do you want to know?"



A few days later in Chicago after the concert  

Harry and I went out for a walk.

"Your fans are incredible." I said. I loved that time when he was singing "Just a Little Bit of Your Heart" (I'm not sure which show that was) and his fans helped sing those really high notes.

"I truly don't deserve them."

"Don't say that, you deserve the universe."

Harry said nothing, just slid his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. It was still really hot, but I didn't stop him. In fact, I barely felt the heat that time. Is that weird?

I began to hum a song I didn't know I knew. Harry hummed along.

"You know this song?" I asked him.


"Oh. I don't remember listening to it, to be honest. I like it though."

Harry cheekily grinned.

I looked at him. "What?"


"Tell me!"

"You seem to know some One Direction songs."

"Not some, I know most of them, thanks to Meghan. Was that one of 1D's songs?"

""Something Great". I wrote it along with Liam and Louis."

"You write some wonderful songs, man."

"Thanks! Have you ever wrote one?"

"Nope. I always start, but then get distracted by food or something. Then I become too lazy and lose my motive to finish it."

Harry chuckled.


Harry and his band were out doing whatever they do, and I stayed in the tour bus. They invited me, but I kind of wanted to be alone for sometime. 

I went on Twitter. A bunch of people mentioned me in their tweets. I liked and commented on as many as I could, even the hate ones. My dad used to always say to treat haters with love. I never really understood it until I was a teen, and he was gone by then. I used to think if someone hated me, I should hate them too. But now I know that they point out your flaws, and you need that once in a while. So you can fix your flaws and become a better person. Still, my heart warmed seeing all the tweets, some saying how amazing I was (which I honestly think I wasn't that amazing), and some saying how Harry and I were meant to be. 

Harry, Sarah, Mitch, Adam, and Clare didn't come back for hours. I had found a blank piece of paper inside my bag (don't know how it got in there), and was now still thinking about what to draw. For the first time in a LONG time, my fingers itched to draw. I haven't drawn since my dad died, and now I realize I miss it. I looked at Harry's duffel back and instantly knew what - who - I had to draw. I haven't drawn in a long time, obviously, but I thought of Harry and let my instincts take over. My nimble fingers pressed the pencil to the paper. The outline of Harry's face faintly appeared. Soon, I had drawn Harry's whole body. I admired my work. Not bad. I neatly folded it and placed the paper with care back in my bag. Maybe I would show Harry this one day. Maybe.

I was exhausted. I don't know why. Maybe it was the long jog Harry and I had today, maybe it was the excitement of seeing Harry sing, or maybe it was the dancing I had done backstage while listening to Harry sing. I found my book (the one I read that day me and Harry went to that beach), fell back on the couch, and curled up into a ball. After reading for some minutes, my eyelids started to drop. I dozed off.

Harry's POV

I entered the tour bus, laughing along with my friends. I saw Alexia was sleeping on the couch. She looked so peaceful.

Everyone left to do their own business. I don't even know why they came back if they were just going to go out again. Oh well. We barely had half and hour until they'd have to come back and we'd be on the move again. 

"Lex." I lightly shook Alexia.

"Go away." She mumbled, turned around, and fell back asleep.

I took a blanket and covered her lower half of her body. Honestly, I couldn't think straight when I'm thinking of her. Heck, all I think about is her. All I want to do is be with her all the time. Everything in my life focused on her. It seems that my life depended on her existence. What was this feeling? I usually know my feelings, trust me. Even if I don't, it's not like this. I feel so full of life now, so full of happiness. It made me realize just how empty I was. I needed to tell someone about this and hope they'll know the answer. And hope that the answer doesn't match my suspicion.

I dialed my mum's phone. 

"Harry! How's it been? Also, when am I going to meet your girlfriend? Gemma said she was a good girl. She described her as the 'perfect girl for Harry'."

"She did? Oh. Anyways, I wanted to ask you a question related to Alexia, actually."

"Go ahead."

I felt nervous sharing this information with my mum. Like, I tell her everything, but this... this is different. "So um, when I'm around her, I feel like I'm her willing slave. I feel like I'd do her bidding, anything she asked me to do. Which I would. When we're close, I can hardly breath. It's as if she has a power over me. Anytime I'm not with her, I'm wishing that I were. It takes a lot of concentration to focus and not let my mind drift off to her. When I'm with her, the world is brighter. I would gladly give her the world if I could. She's such a good listener, and knows exactly what to say. I admire her bravery, how she's able to keep her feelings in check, how she never pressures me to do something I don't want to do. She's made me so much happier. I don't know this feeling, Mum. I've never felt this way before. Ever."

My mum paused. "Seems like you're in love, darling."

I nearly dropped my phone. "What?"

"You're smitten with her. You're in love, Harry."

"But.. I can't be."

"Why not?"

"I've only been dating her for about a month. Less, actually."

"Love can come at any time."

"I'm scared." I admitted.

"Why? Love is a wonderful thing! My little baby's in love!"

I blushed. "Are you sure, Mum?"

"Am I? You're the one in control of your feelings."

"But I can't control them around her."

"Exactly. Don't be afraid, you don't have to tell her now. But coming from a woman's point of view, I'm sure she'd appreciate it if you'd tell her sooner instead of later. Whenever you're ready, Harry."

"Thanks, Mum."

"You're welcome. I'll leave you be. Love you!"

"Love you too."

My knees felt like they weren't going to hold up my weight any longer, so I grabbed on the table's edge. My phone still in my hand. I stared at it, then moved my stare to Alexia, who was still sleeping. I thought about what my mum said. Was it love? If it was, then it had hit me hard. It was like a meteoroid slamming into my heart. Worst part is, I wasn't ready for it. Should I tell her when she woke up? Yeah, I probably should. Whether I was prepared or not, she deserved to know. She could break up with me, but I grew up in a house with girls. I have a lot of respect for women. I faintly remembered saying that in an interview once. But it could wait until she woke up, giving me at least a little amount of time to think about it. 

Unfortunately, Alexia woke up just then. It was also when everyone else came back. 

"We're leaving, guys!" Adam said. 

"Ok!" Alexia replied. 

She gave me a short kiss, then walked off the bus to the car. I followed her. It wasn't until tomorrow that I could get her alone. I tried to stop thinking about it, but it just kept coming back to my mind. I finally got myself to go to sleep. Since the day I met her, my dreams were about Alexia. This night wasn't any different.

Alexia's POV

The next day

We had just finished eating breakfast when Harry pulled me away from everyone. He took me to our hotel room (we were staying in a hotel for one night), looking at me worriedly but a bit of excitement glinted in his eye. Just a bit.

"Why'd you excuse us so fast?" I tilted my head to the side out of curiosity. He was looking down. When he looked up at me, I could tell that he was having a last minute fight with himself. Over the years of high school, I'd learned how to read people's expression, actions, the emotion in their eyes. Stuff like that. It was how I survived.

"I think I love you, Lex." He blurted out. I froze. When I could move again, I had to stop myself from looking back to see if there was someone else behind me. But who else could be in this hotel room and has a nickname of 'Lex'?

"What?" I asked. To make sure I heard correctly.

"I love you, Alexia." 

Did I love him? One look at his worried face told me the answer. Of course I did.   

When I didn't answer for a while, he started to say, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything. It's too soon in the relationship and now I've gone and messed everything up." He began ran his hand through his hair. I stopped it midway and pulled it back to his side.

"That isn't good for your hair."

He gave me a exasperated look. "Seriously? That's all you have to say? God damn it, Alexia! I told you I love you! Please, give me an proper answer back. I don't care, tell me you don't return the feelings! But please - please don't make me like this." 

Harry fell face down on one of the beds and groaned. I climbed onto the bed beside him.

"I love you too." I whispered. 

His head turned to face me. "Really?"

"Do you want me to say it again?"

Harry nodded. 

"I love you, Harry Edward Styles."

"Say it again."

I glared at him. Laughing, he stood up and pulled me off the bed with him.

Hours went by. In those hours, Harry and I laid on the bed, occasionally kissing, but mostly talking. About everything. I shared my past and this time, I wasn't in tears. He held me tightly when I needed it. Harry told me his past. It had funny times, but also heartbreaking moments. When he told me those, I wanted to hug him. I wanted to hold him tight like he did for me and tell him that it was in the past. Looking in his emerald coloured eyes when he told me those, they were filled with pain though his smile told a different story. I texted Meghan and told her the news when Harry was in the bathroom. Midnight came but we were still wide awake. It must have at least been 3 in the morning until I fell asleep in Harry's arms.

Meghan's POV

I looked at the text. Shock, hurt, and jealousy ran through my heart. I've always liked Harry. And I always thought that if we were to ever meet, he would like me instead of Alexia. Now they're out of my reach all the way in another country. Alexia and Harry love each other. Dating celebrities don't often work out and get to that stage, so I assumed they would break up soon, Harry would take her back to London being the gentlemen he is, then I'd swoop in and steal his heart. I tried to get him to like me. It might not have seemed like it because I was trying not to look desperate, but maybe I looked too un-intrested. Harry should have been my boyfriend. Maybe I went to far with the whole Jason thing. I wasn't actually dating Jason, Jason was only my best friend. Yes, I moved in with him, but that was just until Harry came back to dump Alexia and take me with him on tour.

I wish I could have everything she has. I wish I had her voice, I want her face, her hair, her smile, her laugh... I wish I was just like her. I want to be that person Harry looks at with lust and longing in his eyes.

Wait... am I jealous of her? Yes. Yes I am. 

Isn't this a coincidence that Harry's been singing Girl Crush for a few shows on his tour, and now I have something like that? My life is so unfair. Well, I guess all I can do is keep up my acting until the day they break up. At this rate, I don't think that day is coming anytime soon.

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