Stay - HS

Alexia Roberts was just a normal British girl. 22 years old, working at a Starbucks in London. She had a perfectly boring future planned out before Harry Styles showed up and made it flawed, but also fun. When the end finally comes, it all depends on Alexia. Will she choose to stay or go?


1. Chapter 1

Alexia's POV

"Oh my god did you hear that Harry Styles is in London?!" Meghan screamed in the phone.

I winced. "Oh my gosh did you know that I don't give a fuck?!"

"Do you think that I'll meet him? Then he'll fall in love with me and we'll get married and have kids!"

"Woah, too fast, Meghan."

"I'm awesome so he literally has no choice but to fall in love with me!"

"Of course," I laughed. "Well, my break is over. I gotta go, Meghan. Bye."

"See you at our apartment, Lex! I'll bring tacos for the movie!"

"And I'll get the drinks."

I hung up. I put on my apron and went to the counter.

3 hours later

My shift was almost up.

The door opened. A guy with a beanie, hoodie, jeans and Chelsea boots walked in. His short, curly hair poked through from beneath his hat. He looked up at me, and I got immersed in his beautiful green eyes. I snapped out of it. I swear I've seen this guy before, but I couldn't place it.

"Hi." A deep, husky voice spoke. I realized that he was now standing on the other side of the counter.

"Hey, what would you like to order?"

"An iced skinny latte please. Tall."

"Okay, what's your name?" I got the cup and held the sharpie, ready to write his name.


"Harry? Like Harry Styles?" I mentally slapped myself. Why did I even ask that? Of course it's spelled like Harry! Honestly, I still couldn't place who he was. It was floating at the back of my mind, but I didn't have time to grasp the thought as the guy - Harry - responded.

"Um, yeah."

"K." I went to make his drink.

Harry's POV

"Harry? Like Harry Styles?" The girl at the cashier asked. I was afraid she knew who I was. Something about her made me want to know her, and if she knew who I was, she probably won't treat me the same.

"Um, yeah." I responded.

"K." She turned to make my order.

I nearly sighed in relief.

After a minute, she passed me my latte. She was going to turn around, probably because she was done her work for today, but I called out, "Wait, what's your name?"

She looked at me, surprised. She pointed to her name tag. "Alexia. Alexia Roberts."

"Can we... can we hang out sometime?"

Alexia's eyebrows raised. "Are you busy now?"


"Okay, lemme just get my stuff and we can do whatever."

I waited at the counter.

"Okie, I'm done." Alexia appeared. Her hair was now down, instead of in a bun. It was brunette and wavy.

I held out my hand and after a moment of hesitation, she took it. I led her outside.

"Oh my gosh I can't believe I'm going somewhere with a stranger. I'm crazy." Alexia said.

"Don't worry, I'm not dangerous. Maybe. I don't think so, at least."

Alexia laughed. "You seem really familiar. I don't know, I feel like I've seen you before. Oh well. Anyways, I told you my last name, now you gotta tell me yours."

It was my turn to hesitate. She looked at me curiously.

"Styles. Harry Styles." I finally said.

She froze. I knew this was going to happen. Some small part of me hoped that she would still treat me like a normal person though, because that's just what I am.

Alexia's POV

He just said his name was Harry Styles. Harry Styles. Harry Styles was asking me to hang out with him? What the hell? Am I in some kind of reverse universe?

I realized that I was standing there, unblinking and unmoving.

"Wow, and you didn't bother telling me in the first place?" I punched his arm playfully.

Harry looked relieved.

"Must have forgot." He shrugged.

"Where are we going?"

"My hotel room."

"Ooo Harry's hotel room. Is there going to be posters of models there?" I winked.

"Only of you." Harry grinned cheekily.

I blushed. "Shameless flirt."

We walked in front of a huge hotel.

We raced to the elevator, not caring if people turned and stared. Harry won.

"I'll beat you one day, Styles."

"You wish." He scoffed.

Harry's hotel room was the 23rd.

"Isn't that your age?" I asked him.


"Sorry, I don't know much about you. My best friend is a huge fan of you though, I guess I can see why."

Harry smiled and I could have sworn his cheeks turned a bit pink.


We entered his room. It was just an average hotel room, a bit posh, but still average. Harry seemed to have still kept his head through all that fame, and I like that.

We talked for hours, ate random junk we found in his mini fridge, had a foot fight, and watching some rom-coms. I learned that his favourite romantic-comedy was The Notebook.

"That's mine too!" I grinned.

"High five sista!"

"Who even says that anymore?" I giggled but high fived him anyways.

I looked at my phone and realized that it was 9 o'clock. My work at Starbucks ended at 6, so I had been with Harry for 3 hours. I also remembered that I was supposed to watch something with Meghan 3 hours ago.

"I have to go now, bye!" I packed my stuff and headed out the door.

"I can drive you if you want?" Harry offered.

My heart warmed. "It's okay, I'll walk. It isn't far."

I almost walked out the door, but then I turned around because I had to ask him something. "Can I have an autograph for my friend?"

"Are you sure it isn't for yourself?" Harry winked. He walked over to the bedside table.

"What's her name?" He asked.


He came back and handed me the piece of paper.

"Thank you!" I smiled and stuffed the piece of paper in my bag. I was about to walk into the hall, but Harry grabbed my arm.

"Can I - can I get your number so we can hang out again?"

"Sure, but how long are you even here?"

"2 weeks."

I took a pen and a piece of paper out of my bag (I always keep those in my bag, who knows, I might need them one day - like today) and wrote my number on it. I gave it to Harry.

"Bye Harry."

"Bye Alexia."

"By the way, you can call me Lexi or Lex. Alexia is way too long."

Harry laughed. His laugh echoed in my ears the whole way home, and I smiled. His laugh was so beautiful, I could listen to it all day. A thought occurred to me. Do I like him, as in a crush? I can't. It wouldn't work out anyways, because he'd always be away, and people say long distance relationships don't work out most times. I decided not to dwell on it, as my life mottos (yes, I have 2) are 'Go with the flow' and "Now or never". Stupid and unoriginal. I know. But I've found life to be easier if you don't make any plans and just do whatever you want whenever you want, not giving a shit about the consequences.

I reached the apartment building and went up the elevator to the floor that our room was on. I opened the door.

"ALEXIA WHERE WERE YOU?!" Meghan appeared out of nowhere and glared at me.

"But I got something for you!" I reached into my bag and pulled out the piece of paper that had Harry's autograph.

"It better be good." Meghan continued glaring at me.

I handed her the paper and she stared at it for a second before screaming.

I covered my ears.


"He met me at Starbucks and I was gone for so long 'cause I was hanging out with him."


"Not really, he asked me for mine."


"You're going to have to ask him. I'll ask if we could all go somewhere someday."


"Okay, okay, jeez." I rolled my eyes. "I'm going to go to my room, I'm exhausted."

I laid down on my bed. I was going to close my eyes, but I got a text.

Unknown #: Hey beautiful ;)

Me: Harry?

Unknown #: Smart girl

I changed his name on my phone to HarryTheUgly, which was a lie. Honestly, he was the hottest person I have ever seen. He looked really good in pictures that Meghan showed me and stuff, but meeting him in real life was mindblowing.

Me: I know

HarryTheUgly: What are you doing?

Me: Stalker alert

HarryTheUgly: I'll come steal your panties if you don't answer that

Me: You don't even know where I live

HarryTheUgly: You'll tell me sooner or later

Me: Are you doing anything tomorrow?

HarryTheUgly: You ignored my question

Me: I'm texting a very ugly guy

HarryTheUgly: Rude, and no, I'm not doing anything tomorrow

Me: So can Meghan meet you?

HarryTheUgly: Sure, as long as she doesn't rape me ;)

Me: She couldn't even if she tried. Your muscles are amazing dude

HarryTheUgly: Aww, thank you babe ;) Tomorrow at...?

My heart fluttered at that. I imagined him calling me babe everyday, and smiled. I shook my head. Snap out of it Alexia, I thought to myself.

Me: 12? We can eat lunch together or something

HarryTheUgly: Okay

Me: I have to go, bye

HarryTheUgly: Goodnight

I dreamed about Harry that night. I was getting too attached to him. I know I shouldn't get too attached to anyone, especially not a celebrity, but I couldn't help myself. I craved to get to know him, I craved to see him everyday in person, I craved him. And I was scared of that. I needed to stay away from him. I was usually good at staying away from people but there's just something about him in particular, something I can't stay away from.

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