The Pirate King's Keeper


Pirate Captain Styles has been in search his entire life. He was looking for the infamous stone that would grant him all of his innermost desires.

Duchess Emmaline Somers is fed up with the confines of her life. Forced to marry to end the war, she escapes and flees herself from all of her duties to become free.

When she stumbles upon Captain Styles's ship however, nothing will ever be the same.


6. 5. realizations


Nina Dobrev as Duchess Emmaline Somers

Kiera Knightley as Julietta Moretti

Harry Styles as Captain Styles

Niall Horan as Lieutenant Niall

Zayn Malik as First Mate Malik

Louis Tomlinson as Captain Tomlinson


       Julietta had suffered more than I had, but just because I have wealth does not mean that I am fulfilled. With no sisters or brothers, no mother, and a father who treats me like a pawn in a game, loneliness becomes me. I only had myself for so long until I met her. Though we were not sisters by blood, we were by soul.


         I throw my arms around her and embrace her in a rushed hug. When she breaks away from my hold, I turn my attention towards the window. We were only on the second floor, so escaping this way should not be terribly difficult, though we have our work cut out for us. Luckily, there is a growing vine of roses that is stuck to the walls of the brick.


         Pushing the pane as far as it can go, I grab hold of the vine tightly. Just as I am about to lift myself off of the ledge, Julietta places a tender hand on my shoulder. “Perhaps I should go first.”


         I shake my head at her bravery. “Julietta, you have already done too much for me. Let me be the one to assist you, for once.”

         Before she can argue it farther, I use all my weight to hold myself up against the wall with the assistance of the strong vine. I adjust the tip of my pointy shoes to fit in between the tiny crevices of the cemented bricks. I dangle there for a second and motion for her to follow after me.


         She catches on quickly and is soon copying my actions. By her changed pallor, I can tell that she is frightened even if she will never admit it out loud. I am probably more scared than she is, considering if we mistake our footing than I will be the one breaking her fall and suffering the worse injuries. Nevertheless, it was my idea and it was about time that I started making sacrifices for her benefit and not the other way around.


         “It’s not as far away as we think,” I reassure myself more than her. Looking down now, it must be at least thirty or forty feet from the ground. We make good progress, only stopping every so often to get a grip on ourselves. The adrenaline is running high and I think that is what gets us to safety.


         Once properly situated on the ground, the docks where the pirate ship is stationed is within eyesight. As we inch towards it, I realize that escaping my home was much easier than I had intended. I probably could have escaped much sooner, years sooner in fact. Or maybe not, Julietta would not have been in the picture then.


         Within twenty minutes, we reach the docking grounds. It is nearly deserted, the only sound that fills our ears is the distant murmur of the passengers whom are already on board. I take in the ship’s appearance in all of its glory. It is by far the largest I have ever seen, it even outranks the Royal Navy’s finest. The only distinguishing factor about it is the large black sails that contain a skull and cross bones, signifying the true nature of its Captain and crew.


         I tilted my head to the side and noticed that the ship had a name. Written in a deep blue color that would almost be unreadable if you weren’t concentrating on it were the words The Midnight Shadow. A peculiar nonsensical name at that, shadows cannot be seen after dark.


         I took a deep breath, I realized that all we have to do now is cross the ramp connecting the dock with the ship’s entrance and we would have officially boarded as stowaways.


         “Are you ready?” Julietta tries to hide her newfound excitement with her question. Now that the hard part is over, the fear has escaped her countenance entirely. She will never say so, but I know that she had been yearning for a way out of her job as my lady-in-waiting. The only thing she had been waiting for was a circumstance like this. I didn’t mind though, because if there was one thing I could count on it was her support.


         “Ready as ever,” I announce.


         “It will be a hell of an adventure,” Julietta remarks as she takes the first step onto the ramp. She holds out a hand to extend to me and I gracefully take it. We pass over it fast, in case anybody had tracked us and tried to stop us last minute.


         When my foot makes contact with the creaky wooden floors of the Midnight Shadow, I say, “Indeed it will.” 


a/n; hope you enjoyed this chapter even though it was short and kinda bad next one will be better i promise, Harry is coming super soon!! :)) stick with me <3 love you all 

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