The Pirate King's Keeper


Pirate Captain Styles has been in search his entire life. He was looking for the infamous stone that would grant him all of his innermost desires.

Duchess Emmaline Somers is fed up with the confines of her life. Forced to marry to end the war, she escapes and flees herself from all of her duties to become free.

When she stumbles upon Captain Styles's ship however, nothing will ever be the same.


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Nina Dobrev as Duchess Emmaline Somers

Kiera Knightley as Julietta Moretti

Harry Styles as Captain Styles

Niall Horan as Lieutenant Niall

Zayn Malik as First Mate Malik

Louis Tomlinson as Captain Tomlinson



         “Oh Emmaline, you always had the most creative imagination! That was one of the few things I held on to when I was alone all those nights, you know.”


         Julietta’s confession only adds fuel to my desire to flee. Together, we could be the greatest team the world has ever known without having the ties of our obligations weighing heavily on our shoulders. If anybody should want this newfound freedom, it should be her. She knows what it’s like to be held prisoner, literally and figuratively, and we both knew that her role as my lady in waiting would be temporary. I could only imagine what life she would go back to once her role in the palace was completed.


         “Julietta, I’m serious. We need to escape this life,” I urge, taking her wrists in my hands. “There’s something better out there I can just feel it in my bones. Is there no part of your body that yearns to see what’s beyond that horizon?” I point my finger towards the window, emphasizing my point. I try my hardest to persuade her and while I know that she will have many doubts, I want to assure her that she’s not alone. Of course, I am wary about my decision but I think that the only way to fulfill my true destiny would to be to leave and never return.


         Ever since the encounter with Sir Niall and my father’s explanation, I had wanted out. No, before then, the second that father confessed to me that my birth was planned to bring peace to the country I had wanted out of these duties. It is one thing to serve a country, it is another to serve purely as an object for everybody's satisfaction. I was through with existing merely for the sole benefit of others. I wanted to live. For myself.


         “Well . . .” Julietta takes her bottom lip between her teeth, distraught with making a choice. Her eyes veer from side to side, as if she were thinking over every possibility in her head. After a minute or two of silence, she focuses her gaze on me. “Suppose we went through with it, how would we get on board?”


         The one thing that I had not thought of. How would we get on board? Surely pirates do not keep an ongoing document of their crew members and call for attendance. We could probably sneak in along with their precious cargo. But there was still only one minor setback . . .


         “We will have to dress as men.”


         I rummage around in the back of my drawers, searching for the garments I had tucked away secretly. I was saving them for an occasion, perhaps not one as insane as this one but I knew that they would come in handy one day. I ignore Julietta’s confused sigh as I finally find what I had been looking for. I turn around and present them to her.


         Her mouth opens and forms into the shape of an ‘o’ though she catches herself and regains her normal posture. “H-how did you acquire such contraband?!”


         I stifle a small laugh at her innocence. “Contraband? Jules, it’s only male clothing! Here we do not have much time, quickly change.” I throw a white peasant shirt at her along with slim black trousers and riding boots.


         “I mean, who do these belong to?” She clears her throat while doing as I’ve told her. I copy her actions, finding it strange to have to physically step into these trousers. I’m not used to having two separate pieces of clothing, all of my attire is consisted of gowns, slips, and corsets.


         Once I believe the trousers are fastened tightly upon my waist, I explain to her. “About a year after I met you, a boy moved into the palace. He was son to the Duke of Bradford and his whole family came to live with us. Him and I were schooled together so we spent a lot of time with each other. We grew so close over such a short time and I confided my growing apprehensions in him; how I felt as though I would never be ready to claim the throne.


         “He shared the same worries as I and felt deeply for me. He was so intelligent, Julietta, the most advanced young man I had ever met. He knew that because I am a woman, my opinions would constantly be dictated by others and never would be my own. On the night before he was set to claim the official title, he gave me a box and told me to open it whenever I felt the need to escape. I wasn’t sure what he meant until the next day at his throning, he never showed.


         “He vanished, never to be seen again. It was then that I opened his gift and knew what he had meant. He wanted to become somebody else, freed of his responsibilities and he wanted me to know that I could do the same. It had never felt like the right time, until now.”


         She gaped at me, taking it all in. She was bewildered by my lengthy explanation, but I wanted her to know the full truth. This idea to leave was not as sudden and thoughtless as it had seemed to her, she needs to know that this desire is one that I've had for a while.


         She throws her hands up in the air, surrendering to me. “Well, his gift will not go unappreciated. We better leave now if we are to go through with it,” she obliged, as I knew that she would.


         Julietta was always up for an adventure, her entire life had been filled with them up until she assumed this position in my home. It’s clear that she is up for another one to begin and I could not have been more thrilled. Knowing that she will be by my side makes me much less afraid.


         I could only hope to be so lucky to have her by my side for the remainder of our days. 


a/n; hope you're liking so far, let me know what you think!

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