The Pirate King's Keeper


Pirate Captain Styles has been in search his entire life. He was looking for the infamous stone that would grant him all of his innermost desires.

Duchess Emmaline Somers is fed up with the confines of her life. Forced to marry to end the war, she escapes and flees herself from all of her duties to become free.

When she stumbles upon Captain Styles's ship however, nothing will ever be the same.


4. 3. indignations




Nina Dobrev as Duchess Emmaline Somers

Kiera Knightley as Julietta Moretti

Harry Styles as Captain Styles

Niall Horan as Lieutenant Niall

Zayn Malik as First Mate Malik

Louis Tomlinson as Captain Tomlinson



    I urged father to allow me to ride in the carriage with Julietta solo, mostly because I wanted to discuss the meaning behind Sir Niall’s words. Unfortunately, he stared at me like I had grown an extra pair of eyes and shunned the idea as fast as it had come. I suggested then that we walk back ourselves like we had before with our trustworthy soldiers as protection, but he insisted against that as well.


    “I don’t understand, why are all sitting uncomfortably in this tiny carriage?” I complained. No one would dare to speak to the nearly retired Duke with such a tone but as his daughter I believe I get a free pass. Especially when he was being even more demanding lately.


    “What I am about to disclose to you must never leave these carriage walls,” he sternly says. He is usually stuck in these fits of bad moods, but this time it seemed different. If I didn't know any better, I would say that there was a glint of fear displayed in his dark eyes.


    “Of course, father,” I promised. I closed the fan I was using to help manage the extra heat and rapidly removed my sweat soaked gloves. I folded my hands together on my lap, awaiting his explanation.


    “Things have become more dangerous around here. This is why you are to be wed immediately for ultimate protection. I’m afraid that our palace alone can only be so defensive against these kinds of . . . matters.”


    I grew more confused with his response. What was he talking about? I know that the war had to come to an end once and for all and that is why I had to swear my allegiance to Sir Niall but what was this talk of extra protection? That was never mentioned during our heated argument over my virtue.


    “Matters?” I pressed, needed to know more information.


    “These are not matters that you need to concern yourself with,” he dismissed.


    He was dong it again. The thing where he believes that I am not entitled to be privy to all of the happenings in the country. He had no right to strip me of this knowledge, I was educated far beyond most women in the state and I had read more books in my seventeen years on this earth than that of a scholar.


    “Father. I have done everything that you ask of me. Please, tell me what these matters entail,” I heightened my tone showing him that I was not taking no for an answer. With a tired raise of his brow, he enlightened me.


    “Pirates, Emmaline. Our precious country has been raided by pirates.”    


    Pirates? How could this be? The land contained no hidden treasures, the only thing that we had to offer was the crowns. What could they possibly want with England? Unless . . . no. It couldn’t be . . .


    "What are we to do?” I gulped, frightened by this revelation.

    He removed his hat tentatively and set it down on his lap. He turned to me with a hardened expression, silently conveying that what he was about to say was to be taken with high precaution. “You are to remain in your wing of the palace until the wedding tomorrow. It is said that they are looking for a trinket of sorts and they’ve searched high and low to no avail. They’ve been here since week’s beginning and are to be gone before sundown. Not to worry, my daughter.” His lips try their best to lift from the thin line that they are accustomed to but he fails. He is scared.


    My curiosity takes over as I ask, “What kind of trinket are they looking for?” Perhaps these were the same pirates that came years before, back again to reclaim . . . what had it been? Some form of a stone?


    “That will be enough questions for one day,” he retorts, turning his head to look bleakly at the scenery that passes. “These plunderers are ruthless, conniving, and untamed. They have no regard for proper authority and do as they please without interference. Rather appalling.”


    I resisted the urge to roll my eyes and had to quite literally bite my tongue to refrain from talking back. Strangely so, nothing about what he just explained seemed so appalling to me. What is so wrong with living by no rules? There’s a certain freedom that lies wherein that, I believe.


    Finally, we returned to the palace and Julietta escorted me to my suite. She drew me a bath and helped me out of my garments. Once I was stripped and inside the warm water, I waited for her to shut the door to ensure our only time of the day where privacy was given. I had my leather bound journal in hand along with my quill. In light of today’s events, I thought a proper diary entry was in order.


    Julietta sat atop the toilet seat, towels ready in her hands for me as she waited for me to finish my scribbling. When I had finished, I closed it shut and set it on the counter near the sink. I felt guilt wash over me as she wrapped me inside of it; having my best friend tend to me so menially was not the life I wanted for her. I know that this was the only way we could share these luxuries together, but I always felt like she had gotten the short end of the stick. This was not the life I envisioned for her and it was extremely unfair. I had put up with this for too long now and my fate was finally about to sealed for good tomorrow.


    Sir Niall’s words haunted the back of my mind yet again. “Just because it is fated, it does not mean that it defines us,” he had said. After having the rest of the afternoon to ponder it, I realized that he meant well by the statement. He was offering a hopeful counsel, something that Julietta would surely appreciate.


    I was about to share my thoughts with her but I was interrupted by the faint noise of a blaring siren call. It was low and dramatic and shook the entire palace with its vibrations. It was too loud to be a trumpet which made sense since it did not sound musical whatsoever.


    Julietta seemed to ignore it, as she did not address it to me. Going off of a whimsical impulsion playing at my innermost thoughts, I asked her, “Do you believe that we create our own destiny?”


    I watched as her copper orbs widened while she laid out my evening gown for me. I instantly groaned, it was the one with the unbreathable tight lace ups. I braced myself for the pain that this dress would bring me, the last time I wore it I received sharp cuts on the sides of my abdomen from the wires that stick out of it.


    “I believe that our destiny is what we’re meant to do. Though, not all of us are meant to fulfill it.”


    The candlelight flickers while another horn sounds off at the end of her sentence. When I peered out of the window and my eyes landed on the docking boards, I suddenly knew exactly where it was coming from. A ship.


    I quickly turned my vision towards Julietta’s yellow locks. They lay in ringlets past her shoulders, she had hair almost as long as mine. I wondered momentarily if that would get in our way . . .


     “You think that our destiny can change?” I inquire for confirmation. If she says yes, I’ll ask her to come with me. If she says no, then I travel alone. Either way, I have to be gone.


    “Yes, Em. How else would I be here before you with a full stomach and gowns made of silk?” She smiles widely and I mimic her actions. I knew she would say that and it brought me much joy.


    “What if I proposed an idea to you that were absurd? Would you consider it?” I inched closer to her, talking in the lowest voice possible to ensure that listening ears would not be aware.     


    She licked her lips and I did not detect a hint of apprehension in her voice as she said, “That depends on what you are asking.” Always the brave one, I admired that about her.


    “How would you like to become a pirate?”

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