The Pirate King's Keeper


Pirate Captain Styles has been in search his entire life. He was looking for the infamous stone that would grant him all of his innermost desires.

Duchess Emmaline Somers is fed up with the confines of her life. Forced to marry to end the war, she escapes and flees herself from all of her duties to become free.

When she stumbles upon Captain Styles's ship however, nothing will ever be the same.


3. 2. revelations



Nina Dobrev as Duchess Emmaline Somers

Kiera Knightley as Julietta Moretti

Harry Styles as Captain Styles

Niall Horan as Lieutenant Niall

Zayn Malik as First Mate Malik

Louis Tomlinson as Captain Tomlinson




      As if my only purpose in life was not degrading enough, my wedding dress had to be approved by my husband to be. Once I step foot inside of these doors, I will be faced with my betrothed for the first time ever. Part of me is nervous and the other is terrified; what if he is an absolute pig with no respect for women? After all, he did just spent the last two years at sea trapped on a ship with fifty other men.


    “Don’t worry miss, I’ll be right here beside you,” Julietta reassures me. I have to hand it to her, if it wasn’t for her presence here, I would have never even made it this far. “Deep breath.” She smiles softly and detaches her arm from mine to open the door for me. I give her a scolding look, I'm perfectly capable of pulling on a door handle but she returns my glare as if to say, ‘this is my job.’


    Nevertheless I comply, intaking a large amount of air before my eyes meet his. They’re warm and inviting, the most riveting shade of ocean blue. Perhaps staring at the seas for so long had transformed them to this striking cerulean.


    “My Lady,” he bows ostentatiously, taking my gloved palm into his. He kisses the tips of my fingers while removing the sailor cap from his head with his free hand, placing it behind his back. I take note of the topaz tassels that dangle from his shoulders while he bends down. The royal blue jacket is long on him, they’re long in general but his compromising height emphasized the point. I was short myself, but he was only a mere three or four inches taller.


    “Charmed to make your acquaintance Lieutenant Horan,” I respond, batting my eyelashes innocently.


    His accent is thick and riveting. “Please, call me Niall.” His features soften as he lifts his head to greet my stare. I nod my head in agreement, though I know that I will have to keep up with formalities as Julietta had pointed out earlier.


    He straightens his posture and rests his hat in the crook of his arm against his side. He is without a doubt attractive but in the most timid way possible. From what I can tell, his hair is a light blonde as it is still in the growing phase from the previous shaved head that all naval men had to sport.


    “Emmaline,” the deep voice of my father fills the shoppe. He makes himself known as he appears from the backroom with the seamstress next to him. I curtsy before him, pinching the sides of my gown with the tips of my nails. After a minute, I raise from the ground and see my father firmly shake Sir Niall’s hand. Just from the sly smirk on his face, I can tell that he is delighted with this arrangement.


    Much to my dismay.


    Father turns his attention to Julietta and I as he nods again. “Right, shall we get to it?”


    Only my father would refer to my wedding dress fitting as ‘getting to it.’ It’s times like these when I wish I had known my mother. Unfortunately, she died whilst giving birth to me and all I had left of her was a portrait inside of my locket and a small gemstone bracelet that I had the misfortune of losing a few years back. Father rarely ever speaks of her and I have come to find that he enjoys blocking memories of her out of his mind completely.


    Sir Niall lets out a light chuckle, breaking me out of my reverie. “Couldn’a said it better myself.”




    Out of the three gowns that were chosen by my father, Sir Niall had assured me that he approved of every one of them. He was aware of the fact that I had little say in my lifestyle at all, much less this marriage so he was adamant about allowing me the pleasantry of deciding what I wear to the dreaded event. I commended him for that, he could have been like most of the other men that I know and controlled my every move.


    Every dress appeared the same as the one before it, my father had little concern for fashion. I didn’t particularly mind, it’s not like this night is going to be my most memorable so I was brazen to the entire thing.


    Julietta thought that the one with the long flowing sleeves and satin material had the most poise. I valued her opinion greatly, so that was the one that I told the seamstress to box up. As Julietta finished lacing up the corset on my olive gown, there was a knock on the door.


    “Duchess?” The Gaelic accent told me that it was Sir Niall. I gave Julietta a subtle nod, motioning for her to open the door for him.


    “I’ll be right outside if you need me, miss,” she said before bowing out. Sir Niall had stepped inside and closed the door behind him, granting us one final moment of privacy.


    He nervously cleared his throat as a flush threatened to stain his cheeks. “I want’na tell ya that the dress you chose was my favorite.” I take note of the way he talks, his accent cutting through every word viciously. He was probably not pressed to enunciate and speak properly, like I have had to all my life. I suppose when you live a life at sea with your peers, all royal and civic duties are abolished. You are freed.


    “Lieutenant, I believe you said that about all of them,” I sighed with a light laugh.


    “I suppose your right,” he agreed, shying away behind his cap as he positioned it atop his head. “I truly wanted to apologize. I know that your fate was sealed the moment the treacherous war began and if I do not live up to your standards, then I understand.”


    “Forgive me for making so bold a statement, Lieutenant, but there is but no other choice. If I'm not mistaken, you carry the same burden on your shoulders. An apology is unwarranted,” my voice quivers even though I will the anxiousness away. I see the bashfulness upon his visage appear at my harsh words.


    “Duchess, I spend my days and nights at sea, serving my country. It isn’t a bad life to have and I am forever indebted to my land. I have accepted it as my purpose,” he said proudly.


    For the first time today, I hear him speak with confidence. Granted it was the first time that I am meeting him, but he appears so guarded and unsettled here with us. Perhaps these words held the most truth about himself, he loved to be at sea guiding the men through the perilous waters. That was conceivably where he had felt most at home. A feeling that was foreign to me.


    He takes a careful step closer to me and leans in near my face. He speaks now barely above a whisper, “And if I may be so bold than I must say that you seem more unsure of yourself than I was during my first draft at sea.”


    I’m unsure if he means that in a harmful way or in a helpful way. Is he insinuating that I not go through with this arrangement? Or did he mean that as a wise piece of advice? Though never mind that because before I can muster up a witty comeback, my father is knocking at the cracked door. If I'm lucky, he would have only eavesdropped on the tail end of that discourse, if not than I was in for a rude awakening.    


    “We shall be on our way then, Lieutenant,” my father announces. I bow my head slightly towards Sir Niall and say my goodbyes gracefully.


    As I am about to brush past him, he breathes into my ear, “Just because it is fated so, it doesn’t mean that it defines us.”

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