A girl named Elizabeth has had a rough life, but not like terrible either. She is starting college this year, but what will happen.


2. Dog Days

Dear Diary,

Well,  today has been sh**.  Thank God for Best Friends. Today I got called a "What is that." and "It looks like my dog this morning." Let me just say that you women are so lucky she was not there, I did not call the police, and I did not call the Humane Society to take your pooch away. The girls at the counter did nothing so #LOSTCUSTOMER. #YOUROWNFAULT. Anyway, today is the day they call the winners for the contest. I am excited but nervous at the same time and I hate feeling this way. It is time to see who won. XOXO



I started watching Elton's video to see who won. I have butterflies in my stomach when the guys started calling the names for the winner "Elizabeth Roberts." OMG, I won. I call my other best friend to tell her she is coming to LA with me and we say it should be better than Florida.  We started packing our bags while we talked about what to do and how fun it will be because in two days we will be on a flight to Los Angeles, The City of Angels. 

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