Seventeen - Baby, I loved you First (민규 & 원우)

Being S.Coups' little sister had it's perks, 12 of them to be exact.. But involving yourself with 2 of them will come back to bite you.

Wonwoo and Mingyu are best friends, brothers even. However, will that really matter when they are both in love with the same girl?


1. The Beginning of the End... Chapter 1

"We're dating" You mumbled, fumbling with your hands in your lap. Wonwoo place his over yours, gently rubbing his thumb over the back of your fingers.

"Wha- wha- what the fuck?!" Dino exclaimed, his jaw basically hitting the floor, instantly seeing his hyung's head's snap towards him.

"Watch your language!" Jeonghan yelled from across the room, making the 3 feet trip from the door frame to where Dino was sitting, just to wack him on the shoulder. Earning a half arsed "Sorry..." from his younger brother.

"Since when was this a thing??" Vernon butted in, giving his Hyung an extremely confused look.

"Not long-"

"How long?!" Seungcheol's voice boomed from the back of the group. His jaw clenched as his eyes darted back and forth between us.

"About 3 months..." I spoke softly, not wanting to provoke the beast any further. From a distance he appeared angry, but anyone that knew him well enough could tell, he was more offended by the lack of knowledge than angry.

"Well I'm happy for you too!" Joshua beamed, flashing us both his perfect smile. His eyes met with Seungcheol's, instantly shuffling down in his seat. Maybe it's not the time for Joshua's postitive outlook on life.. Being the eldest and the leader of Seventeen, Seungcheol held a somewhat, superiority over the group. Not in a mean dictator way, just enough to strike fear when it needs be.

"Oppa I-"

"Don't start with this 'Oppa I'm sorry!' Bull shit. Why didn't you just tell me? I'm not an ass Y/N! You're 21 years old, I don't own you. You can date whoever you want! I just like to know the important people in your life, I thought we were closer than this..." He sighed, his eyes closing briefly before staring straight into mine. I could tell he was hurt. I felt like shit to be honest. We are closer than most siblings, he's basically my best friend along side my brother..

"Well, clearly you're not. I mean you're sitting at the back of the room! I'd say there's about a 4 metre dista-"

"Not now Seungkwan!" Hoshi hissed.

"Jesus Christ, read the room!" Seungkwan tutted lightly under his breath, unable to talk back to his hyung.

"Oppa, I am sorry. The only reason I didn't tell you is because Wonwoo isn't just some guy I'm dating. He's one of your best friends! If this didn't work out in the early days we didn't want to deal with the backlash that would come with it!"

"We wanted to make sure it was something real before we made it known" Wonwoo spoke up for the first time. His deep voice instantly putting you at ease. He looked at you, his smile took your breath away. Causing your cheeks to turn pink..

Seungcheol sighed again, before making his way over to us. Wonwoo stood before his eldest hyung, looking down slightly to meet his eyes.

"Okay" He started

"I forgive you, you have my blessing"

A "manly" hug was shared between the two, with cheers and inappropriately loud screams coming from the rest.

'Everything's good now' you thought to yourself, you breathed out with smile.


Little did you know everything wasn't good, there was one member in particular who wasn't too thrilled with the new couple...

Mingyu, being awfully quiet sat in the corner, trying to process this new information.

To put it clearly, he was gutted, he looked at you with him, holding his hand so tightly. Tears threatened to spill from his eyes...

"That should be me" He thought to himself

"That used to be me.."

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