Camp Kiwi H.S.

She was a troubled teen sent away by her parents.
He was a counselor at an all girls summer camp.
Falling in love was forbidden . . . but inevitable. Or was it?


9. VII. Be Careful What You Scheme For




One Direction as themselves

Barbara Palvin as Cheyenne "Chey" Bryant

Miley Cyrus as Melody Bryant

Pepi Sonuga as Kiera Jones

Lucy Hale as Brynn Sharpe

Emeraude Toubia as Demi Dargot

Aly Michalka as Ginny Alhurst


Chapter Eight: Be Careful What You Scheme For


         Much to my dismay, Harry never told us anything personal about his life when it was his turn to share. He changed the subject and began going down the list of scheduled activities for the week ahead of us. After that, we were dismissed and were to have lights out precisely on the dot at 10:30 P.M.


         I don’t think there has ever been a time where I’ve fallen asleep before three in the morning.


         Luckily for me, I brought a flashlight and a fresh drawing pad. I stayed up under the covers doodling a cage, symbolizing how trapped I felt being dumped in this place. I drew a door, an opening to the outside world. Behind the door I created the outline of a pair of eyes. I managed to color everything from the metal barricades, the lashes, and the eyebrows but the irises remained untouched.


         I had no idea if they were going to turn out to be bright green or dark hazel.


         “Wake-y, wake-y!”


         I feel large hands shaking my entire body back and forth, causing me to jolt up from my previous, and brief, slumber. I see that my violator is Harry and begin shouting, not caring if I wake up the whole camp.


         “What are you doing?!” I scream, my voice doused with sleep.


         “Good morning to you, too! I believe this is known as, ‘a wakeup call.’” He’s smiling like I haven’t just yelled in his face. Did anything make this boy show emotion other than happy?


         “What if I slept naked?” I joked.


         Something flashes on his face at the mention of me being exposed. I can’t tell what it is though it definitely took away from his delightful expression he just sported moments ago.


         “Then I guess it’s a good thing that you don’t.” He jumps down from the ladder, ignoring the use of the steps. “Breakfast in ten. See you there.”


         He walks out, leaving me alone. Well, alone with Kiera and Brynn, that is. I wonder why my one little comment made him so standoffish. If anything, he seemed like the only one around here who knew how to take a joke.


         “Other girls have done that, you know,” Kiera chimes in, rolling out from under her blanket.


         I mimic her actions despite my internal protests. “Done what?”


         “Slept naked when they knew Harry was on wakeup call duty.”


         So that’s why he tensed up all of a sudden. Gulping, I press, “And what happened?”


         “They got sent home and Harry was never on wakeup call duty again.”


         “Until now.” I turn to Brynn who, I deduced, is always the last to join in on a conversation. She’s positioned next to the door, already fully dressed and ready to leave. By the looks of it, she wasn’t one would ever need a wakeup call. She gave off the whole early bird catches the worm vibe.  


         Kiera and I both scramble to shuffle an appropriate outfit together in the limited time frame we were given. I decide on a simple black t-shirt with a pair of blue denim shorts that has pocket lining hanging out from underneath. The lining is coated with the colors of the American flag morphed into the shape of a star. That paired with my trusty pair of cowgirl boots made me look like a real true-blue country hick. It was almost pitiful.


         Not that I’m trying to impress anyone, anyway.


         Kiera and I saunter over to Brynn and begin our hike to the dining hall. On our way out, Kiera says, “Yeah, but it’s only a matter of time before history repeats itself.”


         During my super healthy meal that consisted of oatmeal, a granola bar, and expired milk, I contemplate what Kiera told me.


         Going off of all of her stories, it seemed like all I would have to do to get the hell out of here is flirt with Harry. Perhaps a little more than flirt, though I’m sure I can swing it. This could quite possibly be my best scheme yet.


         After all, the only thing I need to really do is make sure to sleep naked.


         As I looked over to Harry, shoveling lucky charms down his throat and washing it down with a carton of chocolate milk, I decide that it couldn’t hurt to try to have a little fun with this. He was blessed with extremely striking features and something tells me that there’s an interesting story hidden behind those glimmering eyes. A beautiful boy with a real personality.


This will be a piece of cake. And, who knows? Maybe I’ll even enjoy it.


apologies for the update delay, this semester was very rough but I am going to be on winter break beginning next week so expect more frequent updates then. hope you are all still enjoying :) xx. 

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