Camp Kiwi H.S.

She was a troubled teen sent away by her parents.
He was a counselor at an all girls summer camp.
Falling in love was forbidden . . . but inevitable. Or was it?


7. VI. Walking on the Wild Side (Literally)


One Direction as themselves

Barbara Palvin as Cheyenne "Chey" Bryant

Miley Cyrus as Melody Bryant

Pepi Sonuga as Kiera Jones

Lucy Hale as Brynn Sharpe

Emeraude Toubia as Demi Dargot

Aly Michalka as Ginny Alhurst



Chapter Six: Walking on the Wild Side (Literally)


         After a few hours of settling in and folding my entire closet (mother went completely overboard with the packing), Kiera ventured out to grab us all some food. Usually we were to eat in the dining hall with all of the other campers, move in day is an exception apparently. I offered to accompany her since I knew that the walk was kind of a long one, she was quick to make up some excuse about ‘taking an extra-long route because she needs the exercise.’ Yeah, sure. She probably wanted to go and flirt with this ‘Zayn’ character.




         I took this as an opportunity to recruit Brynn to aid me in making my bed, much to my mortification. I knew that she wouldn't make fun of me as much as Kiera would if she was privy to this information.


         We were in the middle of setting the second set of sheets on the mattress when I worked up the courage to pester her about our counselor.


         “So, like, how do you know Harry?” I hound in between tucking the covers. Making a bed is much harder when you’re about four feet off of the ground.


         “He was a counselor last year too,” she answers curtly. I mentally smack myself in the face. That was not the right way to go about this topic.


         I search my brain for a way to reword the question in a more direct way without sounding totally despairing. “I mean, you seemed to be pretty close to him for just knowing him from last summer.”


         “Oh? Don’t know why you would think that.”


         She throws my comforter at me and thinking fast, I quickly hold my hands up to catch it. “You just seemed pretty touchy-feely with him for him being just your camp counselor,” I say, not even sure where I meant to take the nature of this conversation.


         “Put the blanket on top and you’re done, pretty simple. It’s a task that you can manage that by yourself,” she remarks and I'm actually astonished by her rudeness. She climbs down the makeshift ladder and gathers a few things from her own luggage. After a minute, she hauls a small book bag over her shoulder and motions towards the exit.


         “Hey, where are you going?” I call after. She doesn’t say anything more as she proceeds to walk out the door to who knows where.


         I groan, lazily throwing the covers over the bed not caring at all if it’s messy. I haughtily climb down and sit on one of the stool chairs provided, going over what just happened in my head. Did I do it again? Was my filter less mouth the byproduct of Brynn’s sudden need to evacuate the cabin?


         I guess it doesn’t really matter. I could give less of a shit if brooding Brynn likes me or not. I just didn’t want to already be making enemies on the first day, especially one whom I'm sharing a cabin with.


         “Where did she go?” Kiera’s voice breaks me out of my mini pity party as she kicks the screen open with her foot. She’s carrying a pile of to-go boxes in both of her hands and I rush over to help her so that none of it falls.


         “She stormed off without a word,” I explain, anxious to uncover what is inside the Styrofoam. My stomach has been non-stop growling the second I got here. I just hope that the food quality wasn’t equivalent to what I see in a school cafeteria.


         “I remember when she used to do that to me,” Kiera veers off into the distance, as if having a flashback. We take seats opposite each other at the wood table daintily and I thank my mother for forcing me to wear these long capris. If I were wearing shorts, I fear that I would be getting splinters in the unholiest of places as she would put it.


         Kiera leers up from her food. “What did you say?”


         A sigh of relief escapes my lips once I’m met with the traditional American meal in front of me: hamburger, hotdog, fries, and a bunch of pickles on the side. I’m practically drooling as I reach for the burger first. After taking a gigantic bite, I gripe, “Nothing.”


         There was no way that I was going to admit that I shamefully badgered her about our camp counselor which somehow must have hit a nerve. I have no idea why my curiosity is so piqued with finding out what kind of history they have together. It is none of my business whatsoever and I had barely spoken a coherent sentence to both Brynn and Harry.


         Kiera is too consumed with scarfing down her meal to continue interrogating me about the issue. Once she’s finessed the hotdog into her mouth in two oversized munches, she chokes out, “Hurry up and finish eating. We have to get to the fire on the main grounds before seven.”


         “Should we wait for Brynn to get back?” I quiz absently while throwing the remainder of my food box up to my bed. I figure I could save the chips for a midnight snack later.


         “She’ll be there. It’s mandatory attendance,” Kiera instructs while opening the screen door for me.


         We walk out into the brisk night air; the sun has already begun to set. It was about a week before summer solstice, the longest day of the year which explains why dusk had already overcome us at just 6:55 p.m. As we hike down the steep hill, I take it upon myself to inhale a little bit more than necessary, taking advantage of the sweet olfaction emanating from the flower beds and berry bushes.


         Kiera glances over to me once she hears my excessive sniffing noises (despite my efforts of trying to be discrete) and becomes unable to keep herself from chuckling. “What? There’s no fresh air where you’re from?”


         I turn to her, pinpointing her judgmental stare even in the lack of sunlight. “Manhattan. And no, not really. There’s so much pollution and factory smoke coming from everywhere it’s hard to smell anything other than tobacco and car exhaust.”


         She shrugs, softening her defined features. “I wouldn't know about that. I’m from Kansas.”


         Now it’s my turn to laugh. “Country girl?”


         “Hell no, girl. I don’t live on a dessert or prairie or anything like that but it’s pretty suburban. Nothing like living in the big city, that is.”


         By her tone, I deduce that she could and would give anything to be out in an urban setting. At the mention of prairie, I tense up, remembering the talk I had with Liam and Ginny before I left about the wild animal aspect. The wilderness was a terrifying place, I couldn’t blame this girl for yearning to live the city life. She seemed fast paced and high maintenance enough to keep up with the expeditious lifestyle, that’s for sure.


         We remained silent for a while, I was fumbling around with the same pebble at the tip of my shoe, in hopes of amusing myself throughout the duration of this walk. When the flames of the fire were in my line of sight, I decided to ask, “So, what exactly is this campfire shindig supposed to be about?”


         Kiera licks her already glossed lips before clarifying, “The camp is pretty big so we all get broken up into groups. Cabins one through three are on the south side and cabins four through six on the north side.” My eyebrows raise at this information. I obviously hadn’t bothered to peruse any of the countless brochures my mother presented to me, so I was oblivious to just how large the site was. I had no idea that there were so many girls here.


         “You know those icebreaker things your teachers force you to participate in on the first day of school? This is basically the same thing.”


         I shudder; that’s just great. That meant I was going to have to talk about myself. I was absolute shit at that. It’s not like there was much to me. My family never took us out on extravagant vacations so I had no compelling stories of that nature. I spent most of my days finding any and every excuse in the book to leave school early so that I could paint or sneak into the dance studio. Other than that, I was black and white. No boyfriends, two friends (maybe one friend at this point), and a successful record producing father.


         Nothing exciting.


         When we reach the source of the crackling fire and the faint smell of smoke, any normal person would be enamored by the bright luminescence of the flames. It’s so prominent it’s almost envious of beaming rays from the sun. Though, that’s not what captured my attention.


         It’s the pair of forest green gems positioned on a log right behind it that’s the cause for my blindness.




         “Finally, slow pokes! Thought you weren’t going to be joining us. Come, take a seat. You can be the first to partake in our activity.”


         I feel the weight of the burger and fries in my stomach churn as I slowly make my way over and plop down next to him, Kiera joining me on my left.


         I can just tell by the cheeky smirk that threatened to take residence upon his lips, my discomfort is bringing him nothing but pure amusement.

a/n; hope you liked! next chapter will be interesting I promise! Here's an adorable pic of the boys around a little campfire to get you in the mood ;)


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