Camp Kiwi H.S.

She was a troubled teen sent away by her parents.
He was a counselor at an all girls summer camp.
Falling in love was forbidden . . . but inevitable. Or was it?


5. IV. Every Camp Has its Counselors


One Direction as themselves

Barbara Palvin as Cheyenne "Chey" Bryant

Miley Cyrus as Melody Bryant

Pepi Sonuga as Kiera Jones

Lucy Hale as Brynn Sharpe

Emeraude Toubia as Demi Dargot

Aly Michalka as Ginny Alhurst



Chapter Four: Every Camp Has its Counselors


          I didn’t bother getting a final glimpse of her as I hauled my suitcase from the back seat and plowed the door shut with all of my might. As I rolled the luggage to a long white table with a huge banner overlaying it, I took note of my new environment. The gravelly road ended at the front of the table, the rest of the land was covered with grass. The smell was more distinct than anything I had ever experienced in the city. It smelled . . . fresh. Whenever I walked around outside in Manhattan, the only thing that consumed my nostrils were mixtures of different colognes and perfumes and the occasional reek of pure body sweat. And let’s not forget the drift of marijuana every now and then. Everybody was always piled on top of each other so it was hard not to invariably mix together the different scents of people.


         Here it was all out in the open. The trees were lightly swaying from side to side providing shade in some areas but I think they were mainly the contributors to the earthy aroma. What’s more is that the camp was already filled with hundreds of girls, yet it still appeared as though there was land for acres to come.


         Ginny was right, Minnesota was an entirely new world. And surprisingly, I wasn’t minding the rural setting one bit.


         Everywhere I turned there were log cabins with white numbers painted next to the windows. The cabins appeared compromising, given the situation. It wasn’t as small as I was picturing them to be, there was a lengthy porch in front of the entrance of each one of them and a cute rocking chair sitting next to the step. Maybe this wouldn’t be too deplorable, I should wait to form an opinion until I've seen the inside.


         A blood curdling honk escapes from the mini cooper rental car and I don’t even give my mother the courtesy of a goodbye wave instead raise the extremity in between my index and ring finger. I’m surprised she hasn’t driven off already.


         As I reach forward and grab a list with my cabin information on it, a petite girl with a bob haircut materializes out of thin air. She has a cute baby face and her eyes are too big for the rest of her face, almost boggling out of their sockets. “Whoa, what did the driver do try and touch you or something?”


         “That was my mother,” I say with a tint of a wicked smile threatening to come forward.


         “Ha, been there done that,” another voice says. I turn to my other side to find a taller girl with beautifully wild curly black hair. She’s thin and has shimmering cocoa colored skin, if I didn't know any better I would say she was a model. “Is it just me or do mothers never know best?”


         “I’m Chey,” I introduce. I can just tell by the way a dangerous smile formed on her lips at the mention of my disobedience that she seems like my kind of girl.


         “Kiera,” she says while tentatively snatching the paper from me. After a minute, she smirks, “No way, cabin number five.” She releases her own key to me with her free hand that had a small “5” engraved in the cheap metal. 


         The short girl that I had almost forgot existed spoke up, “My name’s Brynn. I’m also cabin five,” she adds the last part so lowly that it’s barely audible. I hope she isn’t this shy all summer long. We’re probably going to see each other naked more times than any of us are willing to admit. It’s best for her to start branching out now before that happens.


         Changing the subject while balancing on my tip toes, I pose, “Where are the damn counselors? This place is overflowing with teenage girls.”


         “They’re all teenagers too. Or at least in their early twenties. All of them are absolutely delicious,” Kiera purrs.


         “Oh?” I let out a soft chuckle and raise an eyebrow. Yikes. No wonder she wasn’t as miserable as me, she was a lesbian. This place was crawling with other girls our age, single too, I’m sure. It must have been a personal free for all dating sanctuary for her. Going out on a limb, I add, “I don’t really roll that way.”


         She bursts out in a fit of laughter, slapping her knee for effect. “Oh, God, neither do I.” I join in on her titters briefly until she clears her throat. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” She subtly moves towards Brynn in the most unobtrusive way possible.


         It must have been less transparent to Brynn because she clarifies, “I’m bisexual. And that doesn’t mean I'm attracted to everybody that I see, FYI.” She directs that last part to Kiera with a bold stare.


         I nod like an idiot, unknowing of what the hell to say to a statement like that. In no way did that matter to me but I didn’t want to invalidate this girl's feelings already. I've just met her, it would be a new record for me.


         “Sure . . .”  I gulped, uncomfortable at the conversation shift.


         Hoping to just leave it at that, I motion towards Kiera, retrieving the paper with my information on it from her manicured fingers. I scroll down the list of counselors, curious as to who would be assigned to our cabin. Mother had told me earlier that there was one counselor designated to watch over each bunker in the grounds and I silently wished that whoever was assigned to good old cabin five would not be such a stickler. As I gleaned over the list, I stumbled upon an interesting discovery.


         My eyebrows raised as I lifted my attention from the pamphlet. “There’s male counselors?” I wasn’t sure if I was excited or horrified.


         Kiera cocks her head to one side, flicking her untamable curls out of her face. “You bet your ass there are.”


         “Yeah, only three. The rest are women,” Brynn inputs while fiddling with the tips of her fingernails.


         Kiera sighs, “And only two of the three are hot. Such a waste.”


         Huffing, I roll the papers into a neat cylinder and reply, “Whatever, I didn’t really come here for an epic summer romance.”


         Chortling slightly, she asks, “What are you in for?”  


         I shrug, not positively knowing the true answer to that question. Rather than dwell on it, I just simply say, “Not living up to my family’s standards. You?”


         “To get rid of me. As long as I'm here that’s one less kid they have to worry about. I have eleven brothers and sisters,” she divulges, brushing her raven locks behind her shoulder with a flick of her wrist.


         My semblance is the definition of shock. “I can’t even stand one. I could never imagine eleven.” Not wanting to single her out, I invite the other girl to our discussion since it didn't seem like she was going to insert herself. “What about you, Brynn?”


         Before the small girl can answer, Kiera interjects, “Brynn here is goody-two-shoes. She comes here because she likes it.”


         I had no idea that they had met before this little encounter; they surely didn’t act like it. Then again, this Brynn girl seemed like the kind of person who didn’t really speak much in general. Even to her parents, probably. Something about her seemed dark and closed off and I didn’t want to start off by getting on her bad side. She may seem timid and collected, but it’s always those types who are the most dangerous and slowly unraveling on the inside. Venturing off to Brooklyn every weekend had toughened me, I was no fool to hidden evils. I rarely trusted anybody and I had to keep my guard up every waking second for protection.


         Kiera must have sensed the perplexity written all over my face because she went on, “We met last summer. We were cabin mates then too. Something tells me it’ll be a little bit more interesting with you around here though.”


         At that, I allow myself to smile. Within the first five minutes of being here, I managed to find somebody that I could see myself getting along with during my stay here. Even if I had to be wary of my other roommate.


         Before I could say anything more, a blaring horn sounded off through amphitheater speakers. The frequency that it emitted after was of the highest pitch and all of the girls around us winced in pain.


         “Everybody please report to your assigned bunks,” the ambiguous figure ordered through the megaphone.


         “That old hag hasn’t changed much,” Kiera remarked with a roll of her chocolate eyes.


         “What?” I queried, clueless.


         Brynn was the first to commence our adventure to Cabin Five and I followed suit behind her. She seemed to know where she was going and I certainly didn’t want to scavenge for a map. I plan to come out of this exile with no souvenir reminders of what’s to be the worst summer ever.


         Kiera bends down quickly to lace up a sloppy bow on her maroon combat boot and I stop in my tracks to wait for her. She rushes past me to catch up to Brynn and calls out over her shoulder, “There’s literally no use for her to blow all of our eardrums out with that antique intercom. All of the other counselors FaceTime or text us with scheduling information.”


         I speed up my step to not fall behind. Once I'm sandwiched in between the both of them, Brynn comments, “She’s the owner. And she’s not even that old.”


         “Her and her husband are the only ones in this fake world that are over the age of twenty-five so I would say that makes them old,” Kiera responds with a sass that I haven’t yet heard her use until now.


         I hope the constant bickering between the two of them wasn’t going to last the whole time we’re here.


         We journeyed up a slight hill, Cabin Five was located at the apex of it. The grass grew taller over here, as it was somewhat secluded from the remainder of the site. A flippant worry of tics soared through my mind and I made a mental note to check my ankles once we were inside. When we finally made it to the porch, I was the first to collapse on the lone rocking chair, gasping for a breath. This was terrible, no way was I going to be able to make it to the other side of camp to and from the dining hall without feeling horribly exhausted. I may have been skilled in ballet, even so that didn’t mean I was fully in shape. 


         “Come on, let’s see who the sucker is with the top bunk!” Kiera rushed inside and Brynn and I raced after her. Well, more like Brynn raced and I lethargically placed one foot in front of the other.


         So, naturally, I was going to be that sucker. Kiera and Brynn both had claimed the bottom beds far before I could even get the tip of my high-top Vans through the door. The beds were decently sized, twin XL I assume, and they were actually magnificent. The artwork and sculpture of the make was exquisitely carved from wood and real tree bark. The borders of the footboard and header were smooth and there was a ladder leading up to what was to be my bed. Except the ladder also wasn’t ordinary, it must have been carved from a log or a branch of some sort too. It was quite adorable and cozy. Parallel to the bunk bed directly across the room was another set of beds, Brynn rested on the bottom. The top was vacant.


         “Who’s the other roomie?” My voice sounds faraway due to the fact that I'm completely taken aback by the architecture of the cabin. The space was condensed, no other furniture besides a small bench was present, the craftsmanship was impeccable.


         “We’re only assigned three. Someone can get here mid-summer and come into our cabin, it happens often,” Kiera briefs as she kicks back, resting her whole body on the bare mattress.


         In that moment, I realized that we would have to be making our own beds. I gulped, this was going to be embarrassing. I didn't know the first thing about making a bed, there was not a domesticated bone in my body.


         Before I can internally panic further, the ubiquitous knock to the tune of “Shave and a Haircut” echoed throughout the cabin. Kiera shot up, planting her boots on the ground and stood upright as did Brynn. It was time for the moment of truth; who would be our assigned camp counselor. I swallowed the excess saliva that accumulated in my mouth from the anticipation.


         The screen door squeaked open and allowed a singular foot with Adidas socks and slides to cover the laminate floors. I was highly unprepared for what was to follow in its wake.


         A lanky yet wildly attractive male. Light brown curls cascading the shape of his face, flowing slightly past his sharp jawline. A long-haired boy. The corners of his mouth were turned up into a toothy grin, and the wrinkles that formed next to his jaded gems showed that it was genuine.


         “Surprise! Are you surprised?” He glowed at all of us but directed the question towards Brynn.


         “Harry!” Brynn rushed over and engulfed this said ‘Harry’ into a bear hug. I was astounded, this was the most emotion she had showed all day.


         “Hello ladies, fear not, you’re in great hands. Though technically as of right now, I guess the great hands are on me,” he guffawed and pointed to the girl that was clinging on to his waist. Brynn had to have been barely above five feet and she only came up to his lower torso, really exemplifying how tall this guy really was.


         A blush stained Brynn’s cheeks and she retracted her hold from him. “Oh, s-sorry. I’m just really happy to see you,” she muffled her words and if it weren't for the quietness of the enclosed walls, nobody would have heard her.


         “And I’m happy to see you back here again for another summer of fun.” He held his arms out wide dramatically, almost flinging the clipboard out of his grip.


         In any other circumstance, I would be curious as to how bashful Brynn has mustered the confidence to fling herself on to this guy, but I’m too encapsulated by his accent to focus on anything other than his mouth.


         Slow. Deep. Husky. British.


         “For those who don’t know,” he paused, glowering over to Kiera and then resting his piercing gaze on me.


         A chill found its way down my spine and took residence in the pit of my stomach.


         “I’m Harry Styles, your camp counselor.” 


A/N: super long chappie you're welcome! haha let me know what you think so far :) 

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