Camp Kiwi H.S.

She was a troubled teen sent away by her parents.
He was a counselor at an all girls summer camp.
Falling in love was forbidden . . . but inevitable. Or was it?



WARNING; there is use of strong language throughout this entire fanfiction. If you aren't comfortable with that, I would advise you away. 

If sexual explicitness occurs, I will notify you in the beginning of the chapter. 

With that, hope you all enjoy! :)


One Direction as themselves

Barbara Palvin as Cheyenne "Chey" Bryant

Miley Cyrus as Melody Bryant

Pepi Sonuga as Kiera Jones

Lucy Hale as Brynn Sharpe

Emeraude Toubia as Demi Dargot

Aly Michalka as Ginny Alhurst


    "You cannot be fucking serious."


    There it was. The cliche brochure with the unholy words Camp Kiwi plastered on the cover sat in my lap, mocking me. What kind of name for a camp is that anyway? Did they run out of plausible alliterations to use so they just settled for a dumb fruit and called it a day?


    I groaned at the sound of the creaking granite bearing the weight of an oversized suitcase. The cacophony of noise foreshadowed a family vacation or whenever we were flying out to see gram and grandpa. Today, it was just an unfortunate prelude to my horror.


    "Oh, you better believe that I am. And your foul language is just another contributing factor to our decision!" My mother is livid as she treks the luggage down from the attic. I scoff at her struggles, not bothering to help her. Good riddance, it's pure karma for her cruel punishment.


    "You mean your decision! Daddy will never let you do this to me," I spit at her, standing from my previous position on the bed. It's true, my mother was usually the one who dictated the household, my father just merely sat back and allowed her to take charge. She was, after all, a stay at home mom and dad spent most of his nights at the studio trying to produce the next best track in the music industry.


    She finishes lugging the bag to the doorway of my room, making a show of setting it down so that it lays open in front of me. Crossing her arms, she retorts, "Daddy? This was your father's idea in the first place. Now stop fooling around and get your things packed. You leave first thing in the morning."


    A pang of disappointment hits me quickly upon hearing my father's approval of this ridiculous suggestion. I open my mouth only to hold back a wail, "Yes, thank you for the unwarranted reminder." I fake a sarcastic smile while pushing the luggage inside of my room, slamming the door behind me. I was aiming for one of those house shattering slams, in hopes that I would break one of mother's mounted china plates off of the wall.


    This was an absolute nightmare. My own parents were shipping me off to an all girls camp for the entire summer in order to 'straighten up my act.' Well, I thought my act was just fine, thank you very much. Sure my grades were complete shit, I spent the majority of my weekends out partying, getting drunk, and racking up the credit card bill, but I could have turned out way worse.


    Besides, it's not like we couldn't pay off the credit card bill.


    Though I know that I will never fail to uphold my title as the disappointment of the family. With my godly perfect sister looming over my shadow, the day that I would be sent away was inevitable.


    I just didn't think that it would be for a whole summer, halfway across the country.



I hope you liked! I'm going to post the first chapter now and then after that this story will be updated regularly. 

Would mean the world if you could give this a like/fave/comment. feedback/criticism is the best and helps me improve :) 

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Kate xx


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