Underneath / H.S / AU

"I'm broken and all of the pieces of me are scattered. I think you're the only one who can find them and put them back together. And I can do the same for you."

I could see the pain I was causing her but I couldn't help it. If it escalates farther I know that I will ruin her like I do everything else.
If only she could see the tortured man who was terrified of losing her buried underneath the hardened exterior.
Maybe then she would love me.


12. // t w e l v e //


One Direction as themselves

Cara Delevingne as Noelle Wynters

Madelaine Petsch as Aubrey Bordeaux 

Dylan Sprayberry as Jaxon Wynters

Lilly Collins as Camilla "Millie" Hinton



          "Here," Harry reaches over and throws what looks like a screenplay on my lap. It's heavy, must be at least over two hundred pages. From reading the cover page, I notice that it's still untitled but Harry had written it himself. As I flip through the document, I can see that he's already highlighted his parts in yellow and I skim through quickly.


          "What is this?" I inquire without removing my eyes from the page.


          "A pony," he replies sarcastically.


          I roll my eyes and groan. "Fuck you." I throw the script back down on the table in front of us and exchange it for my drink.


          "Now, now so ungrateful. Is that any way to speak to the man who's offering you a lead role in my next film?" He picks the heap of paper up again and tries to hand it to me, this time more gently. I keep my hands in my lap, not accepting it.


          "Funny," I say, not falling for whatever prank he's trying to pull on me next. I chug the rest of my drink in one gulp and forcefully slam the empty glass down.


          His eyes dart over to where I haughtily placed down my glass and then back to me. I can tell by the small breath he sharply took that it bothered him but he doesn't say anything about it. "I'm serious. I want you to be in it."


          If he was trying to pull off a joke, I don't see where it would be landing him. Maybe he actually is being serious? But even so, it doesn't make any sense. "Why? I haven't any acting experience and I already have a job." I press my hands over the material of my dress that's just barely covering my thighs.


          The smallest snicker escapes his mouth and he runs a hand through his shiny curls. "Do you want to know why so many of my films are successes?"


          I almost snort in frustration from his narcissism. "I'm not sure that they are."


          "Don't play dumb I know that you've googled me." My eyes widen in horror and I'm shocked that he even found that out. He's got to be bluffing. I let out a sigh of relief but immediately panic again when he continues, "I had your phone, remember?"


          I blink, outraged that he would invade my privacy like that. "You went through my phone?!"


          "That's besides the point," he lifts his hand in the air into a waving motion, as if that diminishes his appalling behavior. "Anyway, they're all successes because I have a . . . gift, if you will. The second I see somebody I can tell if they have what it takes to play a certain part and there's a lot to acting, you know." He dares to lean in closer and his pace becomes slower as he continues. "You have to have the motivation," the palm of his hand rests against the arm of the couch in an attempt to barricade me up against it, "the time, the dedication, the look, the desire. And you, Noelle, you have all of it."


          Throughout his monologue he managed to scoot closer and closer towards me at the end of every word. His voice has become a whisper and his lips are so close to my ear, sending goosebumps up my spine as his breath makes contact with my skin yet again. A cheeky grin forms on one side of his face, "And as for the chemistry . . . that speaks for itself."


          And just like that, my lips are pressed against his again. I don't know how he manages to turn every conversation into a sexual innuendo but I guess that can go next on the list of his 'gifts.' His warm tongue massages mine and we stay like that on the couch for another few minutes. As the kiss becomes more intense, he lets the script fall to the floor and uses both hands to lift me up on top of him. My legs are wrapped around his torso as he carries me, never once removing his mouth from mine. His hands hungrily grab my bum, riding the material of the dress all of the way up my legs. The walk to his bedroom seems short though I'm sure my conception of time is off due to the current circumstances.


          As he lays me down on his familiar white silk sheets, he pulls away from my kiss to glide the dress straps down my shoulders. Once it's completely off, he takes in the sight of my naked body, his jaded gems flashing something I have never seen in them before. Hunger? Lust? I wasn't sure.


          "No underwear? You're dirtier than I thought," he smirks a devilishly handsome smirk, causing a jolt of electricity to rush throughout my core. I grab the hair at the back of his head and use it to pull him down to me again, slowly becoming addicted to the feeling that he is about to give me for the fifth time.


          As our kisses grow feverish, he reaches an arm down to the part of me that is aching for him with each wavering second. He uses a long finger to rub against me and teases me by hovering over my entrance, but never once giving me what I want.


          "Harry," I moan against his mouth, barely having the strength to use any words. "P-please, no teasing," I sigh into his hot breath, whimpering.


          "Tell me what it is that you want then," he roars against my swollen lips, taking my bottom one in between his teeth.


          He continues to move his fingers torturously slow against my clit as I try to rise my lower half further into his touch. He begins peppering soft kisses along the bottom of my jaw until he reaches the nape of my neck and sucks on the skin there. I tighten my hold on his brown ringlets, earning a sensual groan from him. At least I had found something that drives him crazy in amidst of my tantalizing.


          As the combination of his tongue and gentle biting against my neck becomes too much for me to handle, I cry out in pleasure not caring how loud I'm being.


          "Say it," he goads again. "What do you want?"


          "You," I breathe giving in to his pleas, "I want all of you."


          I appear to have said the magic words, as I'm finally filled with the satisfaction of his fingers entering into me, one by one. I arch my hips into his fingers, giving him more access. He removes his mouth from my neck and replaces it with my breast. His tongue glides against my hardened nipple, sending shivers down my spine at the heightened pleasure. How was it that he was so good at everything?


          My eyes roll back in my head as he picks up the pace with his fingers, pumping in and out of me rapidly. Even though the feeling is intoxicating, I find myself growing impatient. I lower my hand down to his waist and tug at his pants. Here I was, laying against his bed completely exposed while he was still fully clothed. It was unfair.


          "I see that you have absolutely no patience," he hums against my chest. I push him off of me suddenly and sit myself up, wanting to have the upper hand. He may have had me melted under his touch moments ago but now it was my turn.


          He was standing now, giving me the perfect opportunity. I was aligned with his crotch, and I practically ripped the hem of his jeans as I pulled them down revealing his Calvin Klein boxers and his latitude and longitude tattoo again. The boxers hugged his thighs tightly, outlining his huge bulge. Jesus, did every article of his clothing have to be tight? It's like he did this on fucking purpose.


          "It seems that you don't have any either," I tease while I run the tip of my nail against his V-line, tracing it back and forth. Every inch of his body was crafted beautifully, it was almost as if he wasn't real. I marveled at his attractive build, not being able to take it anymore. I had wanted to tease him the way he did me, but I wasn't strong enough to. I needed him now.


          I tore his boxers off in one swift movement and instantly collided my mouth with his member. I took all of him at once, eliciting a long moan from Harry. The noise alone was enough to send me over the edge and I quickened my movements. His hand found my hair and he tugged at it lightly as I continued licking him up and down, using my hand to grip what my mouth couldn't reach. I opened my eyes as they traveled up to his and my vision was graced with the sight of his vulnerability. He was looking down at me, his mouth hung open and his eyebrows were knit together with concentration. It was a beautiful sight, knowing that I had him under the spell of my touch. I knew that he didn't belong to me, nor I him but for some reason, I reveled in the thought that I was the one who made him feel this way.


          "God, Noelle don't look at me like that, fuck," he groaned again, the sound of my name leaving his lips was laced with sex. I moaned against him, and he cursed again. "If you want this to continue further, you're going to have to stop doing that."


          I release him from my hold and stand up so that I'm level with him. I grip the middle of his shirt where the buttons are open and rip the remainder of them off. I let the garment fall to the floor as I then grip his sweat stained broad shoulders, turning him around. I lay him down on his bed and straddle him under me. I lower myself down into him, screaming at the intense pleasure it soon gives me. He moves with my hips, slowly, to the perfect rhythm. I cup both sides of his face and bend down to kiss him again. His lips are wet and soft and he places his palm above my hand, grasping it. He moves it away from his face and interlocks our fingers against the pillow beside his head. This act alone seemed more intimate than the one that was currently unfolding beneath me. I had never done this before.


          He thrusts the bulk of his hips up to mine to close the gap of space between our bodies and entering himself deeper into me. My neck is now stretched back and he takes this chance to suck again on that one spot as he was doing before.


          "H-harry," I sigh blissfully, wondering briefly if he pleasures all of his other conquests this way.


          But my thoughts are suddenly enamored with only him as he uses this leverage to put me on my back. With his newfound control over my body, his thrusts become quicker and more powerful bringing me more euphoria than I had ever known.


          With him now on top of me, I study his face. His eyes move back and forth along mine, taking in every inch of my appearance. I try to focus on the riveting gleam of his emerald orbs but my thoughts still can't stop themselves from wandering. Why am I thinking of all of the other times he has done this with countless women?


          As if reading my mind, he kisses my forehead as if that will make the unpleasant thoughts vanish. "Stop overthinking this and just let yourself go. Let this moment be only ours."


          I had of course experienced this act with a few others before him, but nobody else had managed to alight the burning fire within me quite like Harry had. It was inexplicable, the way he had known exactly how to touch me without me hinting towards any kind of instruction. It's like his body was made for mine. Whenever I had done this in the past, it took them all so long to learn how to send me over the edge. Harry had done it in a matter of seconds. The surge of energy and desire that overwhelmed my emotions every time he would kiss me had me yearning for more. But that had to have been because he was so experienced with tons of other women.


          His caramel voice fills the silence, "Fuck, I'm going to come. Are you close?" He grunts and I nod. He brings his free hand down to rub over me once again and that sets me off. I allow myself to let go as my release covers him entirely. I moan his name over and over as he does the same. He collapses next to me and the room echoes the sounds of our pants and heavy breathing.


          When I turn my head to face him, I see that his hair is mussed all over the sheet. Glancing at him at his most exposed state, I realized then that I wanted all of him. I wanted to experience all of him not just physically but mentally as well. I want to know him. I want to know why his body is inked with so many different messages. I want to know why he can read my mind like no one else before could. I want to know why he tries so hard to act like a jerk when that's not his true nature. I want to know why when he looks at me, I want to run into his arms and get lost in him.


          But that was probably all of the hormones talking.


          My breathing has yet to steady and I can tell that Harry is having the same problem. He's laying beside me, his skin faintly stained with sweat. I'm thoroughly exhausted from our previous workout and the thought of gathering all of my things and leaving right now tires me further. I know I've overstayed my welcome, this meeting was supposed to be what Harry had called business anyway, so I suppose I'll get up now before I accidentally fall asleep. With a deep intake of oxygen, I perk up from the satin haven.


          As I bend down to pick up my single article of clothing, Harry turns his head to watch me. "Where are you going?"


          "Home? I have class in the morning," I announce, stepping into the dress.


          "What time?" The raspiness of his voice makes it sound even deeper which I thought could not be humanly possible.


          "Ten," I respond, wondering what the sudden interest in my studies are.


          "Okay," he reaches over to his phone and begins typing into it. He sets it down on the table next to the lamp and pulls the duvet cover over, uncovering the empty side. "I set an alarm for you for 9:15."




          "Because you seem like the type that just rolls out of bed and doesn't take long to get ready." There he goes again, assuming that he knows everything. But just because he's right this time doesn't mean that I'll ever admit it. When I stay silent and hover over the bed blinking at him, he opens his mouth again. "I want you to stay with me tonight."


          Not knowing what exactly to say, I reply with the first thought that takes over my mind. "I don't have any of my books here."


          "I'll drop you off at your place first. It's not like you haven't stayed here before." Persuasion lurks in his husky tone. He raises an eyebrow and pats the empty space next to him for emphasis.


          I have not a single clue as to what makes me give in to him but I think that it must have something to do with the way that his eyes convey the most familiar feeling. They hold a beauty like I have never seen before hidden behind his forest irises and dilated pupils. As I stare into them longer I can't help but see a certain sadness inside of them.


          "Fine," I say in a tone that implies that I don't want to. Even thought that is the farthest from the truth. "You better set that alarm for 9:30." He laughs in amusement, probably his own because he loves that he was right about me and my cutting it close morning routine.


          I put my knee on the bed to hoist myself onto it when Harry points a finger into the air. "Wait."


          I freeze while he reaches up to my shoulder, using his fingertips to allow the straps of my dress to fall down. He repeats the motion on my other side and gently tugs on my arm, pulling me down next to him. The dress hugs my ankles and I kick it off to let it fall into a pile on the floor.


          He turns the lamp off and the room becomes pitch black. After situating myself into a comfortable position I joke, "Are we supposed to cuddle now or something?"


          He laughs mockingly and turns to his other side so that he's no longer facing me. "Not likely."


          But when I wake up in the middle of the night briefly from a car alarm going off outside, I find his arm draped over me and we're entangled into a perfect embrace. He radiated heat and warmth and for the first time in while, I felt safe. 


wow ok so that was hella awkward for me to write but i hope you enjoyed it. if it was terribly written im sorry but please let me know! I'd love to hear some feedback, good or bad :) 

also bc i havent updated in so long i thought id throw in some smut and make it extra lengthy ;) hope ya liked it. apologies again for the wait, been super busy. COLLEGE IS HARD :( i'm pre-med and wanna be a doctor just like Noelle so life is rough. but im hangin in there.

love you all <3 

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