Underneath / H.S / AU

"I'm broken and all of the pieces of me are scattered. I think you're the only one who can find them and put them back together. And I can do the same for you."

I could see the pain I was causing her but I couldn't help it. If it escalates farther I know that I will ruin her like I do everything else.
If only she could see the tortured man who was terrified of losing her buried underneath the hardened exterior.
Maybe then she would love me.


10. //t e n//


One Direction as themselves

Cara Delevingne as Noelle Wynters

Madelaine Petsch as Aubrey Bordeaux 

Dylan Sprayberry as Jaxon Wynters

Lilly Collins as Camilla "Millie" Hinton



            “Why do I always find you sleeping?”


            For what seems like the sixth time in a few days, Aubrey is waking me up. I roll over in my bed and feel slightly disoriented. As I peer over at the window, I see that it’s now pitch-black outside. I guess that bikini shoot really took it all out of me.


            “Come on get up we have to get you ready for that date!” Oh wow. I completely forgot that I was going to be meeting Hayden tonight.


            That’s surely a sentence I never thought I would ever be forming either.


            “Aubrey, it’s not anything fancy. He just told me to meet him at his place,” I fill her in on the details of what he said down to what time I’m supposed to be there and him telling me that he’s sending a car here to pick me up.


            “You’re saying that this is more like a dignified booty call?”


            I jump out of bed on cue, automatically feeling uncomfortable at her choice of wording. Was that actually what this was? I'm so stupid, it had to have been. Why else would he ask me to meet him so late at his place?


            “Shit, you’re right. Forget it, I’m not going,” I declare, brushing my hair out of its bedhead style. She immediately grabs the comb out of my hand and makes a point of throwing it on the floor. She huffs.


            “Are you kidding me? That’s all the more reason to go. Come on Noelle, when was the last time that you’ve gotten steadily laid? You’ve been so uptight lately,” she reminds me. I want to pull the perfectly curled hair out of her scalp but I resist. Even though she put it harshly, I know that she’s not wrong. I’ve been extra stressed with school and the job and with this newfound anxiety about my mother. I think maybe I’m overdue for a phone call with her.


            As I glance over to Aubrey’s pleading eyes, I sigh in defeat. “I’m dressing myself,” I hold up a finger and point it towards her in order to appear more authoritative. If I let her get anywhere near my closet, I know she’s going to dress me in the sexiest pair of lingerie I own with nothing but a trench coat over myself.


            She claps her hands together a few times, overjoyed and squeals. “I’ll get the curling iron!”


            I growl at her enthusiasm but secretly thank her for pushing me on this one. Most of the time I can’t stand her insane ideas but I’m starting to turn over a new leaf. Even though she may be selfish at times, she still protects me when she can. And for that I’m grateful, after all, nobody else that I know would leave sunshine-y picturesque California and follow me to dreary London. With my silent gratitude glued in the back of my brain, I scour my closet for an outfit. What exactly does one wear to a, what did Aubrey call it? Dignified booty call?


            I debate on actually wearing the only attractive lingerie piece that I own. It’s a detailed red lace bodysuit that is entirely opened in the back and is completely see through. The only downfall being that it offers no additional breast cups so it leaves me flat-chested. It’s not something that I’ve ever been self-conscious about before but somehow with the thought of Hayden potentially seeing me exposed like this, it bothers me a little.


            I shake the image of myself wearing the onesie and decide against putting it on. Instead, I opt for a camisole-type baby doll dress that has mesh like material. It's black and has flowers on the two sides of my chest, acting as pasties to cover my nipples so that my breasts aren't completely revealed. I struggle to find my gold Jimmy Choo’s that I was able to cop from our “business woman” photoshoot last month. They are slowly becoming my favorite pair of pumps.


            After an hour of prodding and poking from Aubrey crimping my hair and painting my face, I’m ready to leave. She’s so giddy that I’m actually going through with this that she doesn’t even comment on how out of my comfort zone it is to be walking outside in my current attire.


            “Even I want to tear your clothes off right now and you know I have nothing in common with a lesbian.” Aubrey laughs hysterically at her own comment and I reach over her to grab my trusty sparkly clutch. As I spray myself with perfume, I hear honking coming from outside the window. I walk over and push the curtains to the side to reveal a long stretch limo. The same one from the night at the club.


             At least he’s consistent.


            “That must be him,” I say in a feigned calm matter. I don't know why I’m so nervous. Aubrey follows me to the door, exiting with me. She escorts me to the elevator and I press the down button. Before the doors open I ask, “What are you going to do tonight?”


            She shrugs. “Probably not much. It’s Sunday so everything’s nearly closed. But I might invite someone over to keep me company,” she hints. I wonder which one of her suitors she will be asking to fulfill that task but the elevator opens and I step inside before I can inquire.          


            As I press the lobby button I exhale, “Wish me luck.”


            The doors close promptly, shutting out her smirk. I can hear her faintly say, “Be good, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”


            I have a feeling that I’m going to be doing exactly everything that she would. 


a/n; i have so many big things planned for this book, I hope you all stick around for them :)) Here's a pic of Noelle's outfit!

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