Underneath / H.S / AU

"I'm broken and all of the pieces of me are scattered. I think you're the only one who can find them and put them back together. And I can do the same for you."

I could see the pain I was causing her but I couldn't help it. If it escalates farther I know that I will ruin her like I do everything else.
If only she could see the tortured man who was terrified of losing her buried underneath the hardened exterior.
Maybe then she would love me.


4. // f o u r //



One Direction as themselves

Cara Delevingne as Noelle Wynters

Madelaine Petsch as Aubrey Bordeaux 

Dylan Sprayberry as Jaxon Wynters

Lilly Collins as Camilla "Millie" Hinton




            Two extremely dry martinis and a mini dance party later, I was really feeling myself. And no, I do not just mean that in a figurative way. I literally couldn’t get over how amazing all these sequins felt pressed against my body. It was insane. They looked so rough and uncomfortable but they were actually soft and warm and . . . oh, wait.


            That was not the shirt. That was someone’s hands around my waist. My back was to the stranger and I quickly looked down at the mysterious hands, noticed a few protruding veins but nothing major. My mother always used to say that you could tell a person’s story just by the way their hands looked.


            I don’t know why that memory just popped in my head, my mother was the last person I was thinking of right now.


            I swayed to the beat of the song and the person behind me followed my lead. I smiled to myself and decided to place my fingertips along his knuckles. As I ran them over every crevice in between each finger, I felt a wave of energy overcome my entire body. Damn. Who knew just a hand touch was capable of having this much power over me?


            As we kept moving in sync, I didn’t want to turn around and kill the fantasy just yet. What if the guy behind me was actually some forty-year-old man and I thought we had a real connection? That was just a whole new level of humiliation that I was not willing to risk. So, I did what I do best lately and just went with the flow.


            “I felt that,” he muttered in a low, undertone voice. I’m assuming he was talking about the way I was grinding my hips into his crotch, slowly backing up so that my butt slightly pressed up against his pants, but just enough to barely have contact. I smiled smugly to myself while scouring the perimeter for Aubrey.


            As usual, she was snuggled in between two different guys in a booth, one breathing in her ear while the other desperately tried for her attention by serenading her with multiple bad puns. Well, it was either that or he was just weird and talking to himself. I couldn’t hear from the blaring music. Either way, he does not stand a chance.


            “Felt what?” I played innocent, returning to my reality when I decided now was as good a time as any to meet my mystery man. I motioned to turn around, but he tersely stopped me, tightening his grip around my waist, and in one swift move, laced his arm around my torso. His other hand gently caressed my upper arm and continued to travel north.


            “Not yet,” he murmured so that only I could hear. Though with the loudness of the DJ I’m sure that nobody would be able to eavesdrop anyway. Still, chills flooded my body, a shiver climbing up my spine. His accent was riveting, making his voice even sexier. I wasn’t sure why either of us was so intent on keeping our identities a little secret, but the thrill of not knowing excited me. Plus, it’s not like I’ve ever done anything like this before in my entire life and I realize that Aubrey is right. I need to take life by the reins and steer, not just sit by on the sidelines and let it pass me by. I don’t know why today of all days I am deciding this, but I think I am going to blame it on the alcohol.


            I’m not exactly sure what came over me in the next few moments that I quickly turned around and crashed my lips onto his. It was so long since I had been kissed, longer than I’m willing to admit. My only excuse is that I had been so busy with trying to keep up with school and juggle my other identity; working so hard to get this Victoria Secret position I hadn’t had time for anything outside of those brackets. I was almost scared that I would forget how to engage in a proper lip lock but anything that I was lacking in, Mystery Man made up for.


            His hands lecherously grasped my hips, pulling me closer to him. Our bodies were smashed against each other and I didn’t even care that his belt buckle was ice cold against my bare stomach. A tingling sensation ran through me, beginning on my lips and then surging through my veins. I felt like I was floating and when his tongue peered through, I invited him in. The taste of his mouth was all I could think about as we stayed like this for what only seemed like seconds. The feeling was addictive and I thought I deserved to feel something for the first time in a long time.


            “Let’s get out of here.” He broke away from me in a fit of passion and his deep voice sounded the way the ocean does when it hits the shore, fleeting and yearning, and then gone all at once.


            A pang of guilt found its way into my bones but I looked over at Aubrey once more. The way she laughed when the guy next to her dipped her to the floor and danced like an idiot around her just to impress her flushed my second thoughts away. I nodded and for the first time tonight, Mystery Man and I were separated. It was so dark in here; the lighting was horrendous so I still could barely decipher the outline of his face. The only thing I could see clearly was his perfectly tanned, chiseled jaw line and that was enough confirmation for me. We were definitely getting out of here.


            On our way stumbling through the crowd, I grabbed two shots of who knows what and downed them faster than a single strike of lightning. My head was spinning, you would think I’d have somewhat of a tolerance but no, I was still in fact a lightweight. That wasn’t stopping me though, I knew I wanted this, the alcohol just made everything ten times easier.


            I would never have the courage to get up in front of a hundred people and dance sloppily on the bar if I were in my right mind, but I wished that I did. There was just something about being intoxicated that helped me out of my shell, as terrible as that sounds. I was in no way an alcoholic, don’t get me wrong. I would never spiral down the same slope as my mother and I would die before I was mixed into the same category as her. I had self-control.


            Staggering into the murky, humid air, Mystery Man helped me down the steps and into a black, stretch limo that was waiting conveniently right out front. Huh, that’s weird, a limo? I didn’t even think London had any limos. I know that must sound incredibly ignorant, but I only just moved here nearly two years ago.


            Maybe the limo was reserved for someone else and he was stealing it, we were committing a felony right here and now and I could be massively screwed for the rest of my life all based on a drunken decision.


            This better be one hell of a ride.


//hello lovers! hope you all liked this chapter, who in the world do you think Mystery Man could be ?? hmmm...

Also, below is a piccy of what Harry's snake tattoo looks like. Exact same except on his there's no sword in the middle okok: 


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