Underneath / H.S / AU

"I'm broken and all of the pieces of me are scattered. I think you're the only one who can find them and put them back together. And I can do the same for you."

I could see the pain I was causing her but I couldn't help it. If it escalates farther I know that I will ruin her like I do everything else.
If only she could see the tortured man who was terrified of losing her buried underneath the hardened exterior.
Maybe then she would love me.


11. //e l e v e n//


One Direction as themselves

Cara Delevingne as Noelle Wynters

Madelaine Petsch as Aubrey Bordeaux 

Dylan Sprayberry as Jaxon Wynters

Lilly Collins as Camilla "Millie" Hinton



            As the limo stops in front of his mansion, I take in my surroundings. He has acres of land in front of the house, making it a two-minute walk from where the limo is parked just to get to the front door. The house is a beige, cream color and is only two stories high but is long in width. There are multiple casement windows inches apart and his roof is resembling a balcony. He no doubt throws parties up there, I’m sure. Two pillars and an awning are hung over the double doors to the entrance. Just as I’m about to knock, I’m greeted with Harry pulling me inside.


            “Are you crazy? Do you want the paparazzi to see you standing outside my house like an idiot? Jesus,” Harry scowls. I see his manners are very on point tonight.


            “Hello to you too,” I coo tauntingly. I let out a shaky breath as I watch him. The second that he takes a gander at what I’m wearing, his posture changes along with his attitude.


            “Something to drink?” His voice becomes soft as he hands me a champagne glass. I really shouldn’t start drinking since I have class fairly early tomorrow but I take it anyway. If I’m going to go against my better judgment and actually stay here I’m going to need liquid courage. I eye him carefully, expecting an apology for his rude behavior but it never comes. Of course, it wouldn’t, he’s used to being an asshole all of the time and getting away with it because he’s so handsome and rich.


            I follow him as he leads me through the foyer and to what I assume is his living room. There’s four brown leather sofas positioned in the center, all facing the large flat screen television. He plops himself down on the one in the center, urging for me to follow. I lean back into the comfortable cushion and cross my legs. The decor of the house is very modern and light; everywhere I turn seems to be white and airy. There’s so much open space and if heaven were in the form of a mansion, I'm confident that this would be it.


            “Doesn’t it get lonely living in this huge house by yourself?” I feel like I can practically hear the echo reverberate off of the walls, emphasizing my point.


            “It’s not so bad. I have Missy to keep me company.” He cautiously sips at his champagne as he points to the picture frame on the glass table in front of us. It’s a photo of him embracing a medium sized brown and white boxer. I set my drink down and move the picture closer to get a better view.


            “No way, I have a boxer too!” The words are out of my mouth before I can stop them. I haven’t seen Killer in nearly a year and a half, he’s still in California with my mom and Jax. The smile dissolves on my lips. “I mean, I used to have one back at home.”


            “Home? Do you mean in America?” I wonder what makes him say it like that, as if that it’s not really where I belong. It’s a touchy subject that I do not wish to discuss with him of all people, but I don’t know what possesses me to continue.


            “Yeah, he’s with my mom and brother in Santa Barbara.”


            He scoots closer to me on the couch and I’m overcome with a whiff of his musky cologne. The scent is familiar, reminding me of our previous night together. I find myself wanting more of the forest pine aroma. “And is that home?” His raspy voice has become the soundtrack of this night.


            The way his minty breath laced with alcohol hits my cheek makes me forget our entire conversation. The only thing in my line of sight are his full, pink lips and dazzling dimples. Not knowing what’s come over me, I reach my hand to the back of his head, pushing him forward to enclose the space between us. The kiss is much gentler than I had anticipated and I try to make it more passionate. Before I can do so, he’s pulling away from my grasp.


            “What was that for?” Bewilderment dictates his expression and he swipes his tongue across his bottom lip.


            “Isn’t this why I came?” I ask.


            His roaring laughter fills the room and I could not be turning a deeper shade of red. He stands from his position on the couch and runs a hand through his unruly locks. “Love, I’m flattered really and we can definitely do that if you would like,” he flashes a cheeky smirk. “But no, that’s not why I wanted to see you again.”


            I am the biggest idiot on the planet. This wasn’t a date or a hookup or whatever else perception I had about this night. He probably called me here just to make a fool out of myself to see if I would actually show up and I never should have. I gave him exactly what he wanted and boosted his ego too.


            I shift uncomfortably in my seat and try my best to sound confident, “So tell me. Why am I here?”


            Calmed down from his fit of hysterics, he resumes his spot next to me on the couch. After finishing the rest of his drink in one swig he speaks again.


            “I wanted to offer you a business proposition.” 


A/n: Thanks for reading! Harry in this chapter: 


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