Ciel Phantomhive x Reader

See I told you I'd write smut >:3


2. love

As you both slept you heard Ciels heart beat, being a demon you never had to breath, but you chose to...for your master "[name]-mmm" you heard your master say, as he grabbed you, in the most weirdest places you moaned in pain as he grabbed onto your chest "m-master- ah!" You said as he grabbed you chest more tightly, "[name]...mmmmm!" You heard your master moan as you looked at your own hand, it was grabbing onto his privates "I-I'm sorry!" You said as you got up, putting your head in your paws "it's fine, [name]!" Ciel said as he sat up "I actually kinda...-" he said before kissing you you've never kissed a boy, yet you've kissed many girls "young master-" Sebastian said as he walked in Ciels room, seeing you two kissing "I'm sorry to interrupt" Sebastian said as he left the room, leaving the breakfast cart there, for you to give the young master the food. As you stopped kissing, you gave the young master his food, and did your work.


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