Hershey Bars

This is the story about Clara, her boyfriend, and how Hershey bars sent it all to hell.


4. the ride

Jack stared  blankly out of the passenger side window of Clara's mothers SUV. He fumbled with his black tie, not knowing what to do. He ignored Clara's mothers rambling about what a good person Clara was, and tried not to screw up his hair. 

After the car was parked, he gloomily walked to the church. He sat in the middle of the second row, holding his head down as Clara's best friend Jemmah thanked everyone for coming.


Jack stood in the back of the crowd of family and friends, almost on the grave of another girl. The sky was overcast, and it looked like it was going to rain. 

The sea of people parted in the middle for Jack to go through. He walked, his head down, to Clara's casket. He kneeled in the wet grass and touched the wooden casket with his fingers. He kissed it, just for good measure, and whispered nonsense to it. He backed away, and they lowered the casket into the grave.

He stared at the fresh grass, then to her headstone. Clara Jeanine Waters, it read. B. 1997, D. 2017. May her lovely soul rest in peace. 

He stood staring at her headstone until everyone left. Ruffles was nudging his feet. He looked around to make sure no one else was there. 

He was alone. 

He kicked Ruffles hard. Ruffles jumped back, whimpering, but ran back and bit his dress shoes. Jack laughed a little; he didn't think he would get this far, let alone get away with killing his girlfriend.

Jack laughed more and more, until he was crying from laughing so hard. He was doubled over now, tears cascading down his face. Jack staggered down to the curb and turned to face the grave, still giggling. He flipped the finger to the general are of Clara's grave, his face wet with tears. 

He stepped onto the street, not watching the car that was steadily approaching. Ruffles head butt Jack in the shins and Jack scrambled into the middle of the road. He had barely noticed the car that was behind him when he felt pain in his back and everything was dark. 

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