Hershey Bars

This is the story about Clara, her boyfriend, and how Hershey bars sent it all to hell.


5. her heaven

Clara was floating. It was dark and silent. 


She opened her eyes. She looked around, and everything was dark. To her left, a light shone. It played a slideshow of her life. There she was as a baby, a toddler, and a kid. The days she met Jemma, ate her first lemon and had her first kiss. And then, Jack. Everything about Jack showed. Their first kiss, their time together, and their last kiss. He was her everything. 

And he ruined everything. 

Clara was crying now. She wiped at her eyes, and sighed. She felt it in her heart, and her throat. It burned with a taste she didn't recognize. 


She touched her chest, and then her stomach. There was a hole in it, like someone took a straw and poked a hole through her body. There she was, a dead bride to be with a hole in her stomach and heart. She closed her eyes, and when she would open them again, she would be happy, forever living in a place where people cared. Sure, she was dead, but she would never be more sad and happy at the same time. 



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