Hershey Bars

This is the story about Clara, her boyfriend, and how Hershey bars sent it all to hell.


3. clara's dress

Clara twirled around in her dress, watching the lace fold in on itself. She stared at her face in the full length mirror, her eyes a bright green and freckles lining the bridge of her nose. She turned to look at her mother, who's face was hard.

"Well, dear?" Clara's mom asked, fanning herself with a honeymoon brochure. Her face was the same as it always; unamused and ready for the worst.

"This is the one, mom!" Clara exclaimed leaving the small pedestal  to the desk where they had glasses of water for the girls. She took a sip from the one with her name on it. It tasted sour, but she ignored it. She ran back to the pedestal, twirling around in her wedding dress and feeling like a princess while her mother paid the tailor. Clara took her phone from her purse and dialed for Jacks number. He picked up after two rings.

"Well, babe?" Jacks voice rang through her ear. He was giggling, and shushing someone in the background. Probably his best man; Clara couldn't think of anything but the wedding. 

"I found it!" She said, her heart squeezing. Probably a symptom of butterflies, she thought.

Then the heat came. She was panting like Ruffles did when he was overheated.

It felt like someone had put her in an oven and locked the door, like she had bathed in lighter fluid and someone had lit a match. She felt her arm with her hand.

Goose bumps were all that she could feel.

"Babe?" Jack asked. She tried to wrap one of her arms around her sides, her eyelids getting heavier and heavier.

"Babe?!" Jack said, sounding more alarmed. My God, she thought, This is going to break his heart. She dropped her phone and fell to the floor. She wrapped both of her arms around her, trying to make the goosebumps go away so she could go back to feeling royal.

Someone was talking urgently, about someone sick. Someone who was dying. Someone is dying. She wanted it to go away. She was so, so, so suddenly tired. She closed her eyes, finding her phone on the ground with her hand. She turned it off and clutched it. It buzzed, then went silent. She shut her eyes harder, until sleep took over. 


She never woke up.




~four hours earlier~


Jack snuck into the tailor's building, hoping to look completely natural. He sauntered into Room 4.

Clara's room. 

He heard her and the tailor laugh from the dressing room across the room he was in. Her mother was sat on a floral couch, flipping through a honeymoon brochure. He strode to the desk in the corner of the room where tall glasses of water with Clara, the tailor, and her mother's name. 

Jack pulled a sandwich bag with a pack of poison filled Orbs and poured it into Clara's cup. 

He sauntered out of the room, and her mother never noticed he was there.

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