Hershey Bars

This is the story about Clara, her boyfriend, and how Hershey bars sent it all to hell.


1. the hillside

Clara sat facing the rising sun on the hillside, her dog Ruffles nudging at her bag of Hershey bars. She reached in and pulled one out, carefully tearing off the wrapping. She broke off a piece, threw it to Ruffles, and nibbled the corner of the candy bar. 

Jack started up the hill, strumming his guitar. He reached the top and sat beside her. He stared into her green eyes, tracing a line from her jaw to her neck. He put his hands back in position and started singing a song he wrote for her, especially for today.

"The first time I saw you, you ate Hershey bars, Hershey bars, Hershey bars.

"I knew that I loved you the first time I saw, first time I saw, first time I saw.

"Can we please get married my dear sweet-ie pie, dear sweet-ie pie, dear sweet-ie pie."

Clara looked up at him smiling, and handed him a Hershey bar. Ruffles crawled into his lap, and Jack pulled Clara closer to him so the riding sun was right in front of them. She held her left hand out to him gently, like it was hurt. He slid the ring on her finger, and smiled at her. 

The watched the sun rise over a field of trees, and Jack combed his fingers through her blonde silky hair, Ruffles behind them, chasing a butterfly.

He took his guitar and started strumming the background music to her favorite song, watching her breath, staring at the sun. A/N Hey guys this is our first story, hoped you liked it.

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