Me VS Me

In an insane asylum, criminally insane ward room 642 third hall to the left last door on the right, in that very room lies a girl convicted of a murder she didnt commit, forced to plead insanity to avoid a jail sentence. Here lies in that very room a girl who knows the answer to all their questions, the truth to the lies that were told. The truth to who really killed Dylan. Here lies the smartest of them all and her name is Karmalita Prescott.


3. The suspect

Aunika came to see me today. She tried to wiggle some information out of me to what all I knew. Little does she know she's a suspect in all this mess to. You see Dylan and Aunika used to have this thing going on. Then Aunika cheated on him with this basketball player from Genoa. When Dylan found out he was broken. He never would have thought that his one and only would cheat on him. The thought of this completely destroyed him. He wasn’t stable mentally. To make matters much worse he found out the night that he died.


“ Karma are you listening to me?”

“ Huh?”

“ I said the Autopsy reports say that the marks on  his body show sign of struggle.”

“ On whose body?”

“ Dylan’s Karma”

Her eyes started to water.

Fake tears. If she really loved Dylan she wouldn’t have cheated on him and now that I really think about it her Genoa boyfriend had every reason to kill Dylan. What dude wants to share his girl with somebody else?

“ I just feel so dirty. I feel like I really shouldn’t have done what I did.”

“ You really shouldn’t have. You broke Dylan’s heart and that’s that. Hoeing is not always that answer you know if you could have been loyal for at least once in your life maybe Dylan Would still be alive today, but noooo you just had to get your boyfriend from Genoa to kill him and get him out of the way so he could have you all to hisself huh? You make me sick Aunika.”

That statement really mad her mad, that’s exactly what it was supposed to do. You see I have this way of getting information out of people without asking them about it out right. I feel that if I just asked them what I want to know they wouldn’t be very truthful about it. But you see anger, anger always ALWAYS brings the truth out of people.

“You sick twisted little bitch. No wonder they carted you off here instead of jail with those other two bastards. You’re an insane little bitch who has no common sense what so fucking ever. I didn’t have James kill Dylan. That’s sick. James was with me all Friday night. But if you really wanna accuse someone of doing something you should question Jessica she was the last person to see Dylan and as everyone knows she was pretty pissed with him too.”

With that she huffed out of the ward. When she left she dropped a scrap of paper on the table. She was moving so fast she didn’t even notice that she had dropped something. The guard standing by the door, seeing that my visitor had left in some kind of hurry, was about to make his way over to me. I quickly reached across the table and picked up the paper and shoved it into my bra since I didn’t have pockets in this stinkin’ uniform they make us wear.

“Are you ready Ms. Prescott?”

I looked up and smiled innocently at the guard.

“Yes, yes I am”

I rose from the table smiling maniacally as and the guard took my arm and lead me and my possible first piece of evidence back to our room. If what I was carrying in my bra was a real clue then well…..Here comes the fun.


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