Me VS Me

In an insane asylum, criminally insane ward room 642 third hall to the left last door on the right, in that very room lies a girl convicted of a murder she didnt commit, forced to plead insanity to avoid a jail sentence. Here lies in that very room a girl who knows the answer to all their questions, the truth to the lies that were told. The truth to who really killed Dylan. Here lies the smartest of them all and her name is Karmalita Prescott.


5. Rage

The stupid letter was useless. It does nothing other than prove that Aunika might have been sorry for what she did.  But I can’t focus on that right now, I’ve gotta fix myself right now. That might seem selfish but I don;t deserve any of this. I don’t deserve to be sitting in the nut house locked away. I didn’t do anything wrong. Kristy and Donovan don’t deserve to be locked away in jail for something they didn’t do. All we did was FIND the body and call the police. We didn’t kill anyone, we all have airtight alibi, there’s at least 100 people  who can honestly say that we never left during the party. Leslie, Kyndall, Shay, and King were the last people to leave the building. We left with them. They trailed us until we got to we got to I-20 then they dipped off and stopped at the Waffle House to feed their high stomachs. The only thing I can possibly be charged with is investigating a crime scene  without a law official -- and I don’t even think that’s a crime. The thought that if my court appointed lawyer would have never made me plead insanity,  due to my mental history, I would be sitting in a cold dark jail cell instead of a warm padded room with no way out except the metal door they sometimes leave unlocked now.


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