The Eden project

Rhea wakes up in the back of a moving van with a mysterious boy called Eden and neither of them can remember how they got there or where they're going.

When they are thrown into a twisted project run by a underground gang they will be pushed to their limits. Their lives are at stake at every moment.
What will happen when they begin to plot their great escape? And will they sacrifice others to save themselves?


6. day 4/5

My eyelids peel open after what seems like an eternal sleep and a soft hum fades from my ears as I awake.

Itchy threads from the fraying mattress tickle my finger tips as I stare at the ceiling, trying to gather the strength to turn my head.

"Eden?" I murmur quietly. A swelling ache dwells in my body and my hips throb with a sharp pain.

"I'm here" I hear Eden's voice say as he shuffles close to me and takes my right hand. My weary eyes struggle to stay open but I can clearly make out the tear stains that streak down his red cheeks and the lines of dry blood that curl around his ribs.

The throbbing pain begins to become more intense as my head clears, causing me to wince.

"I'm so sorry" he cries, his once confident and firm voice breaking as fresh tears roll over the remnants of old ones.

My eyes meet his for a split second, but he can barely look at me. My fingers tighten around his hand, "why?"

I lift my head slightly and see Eden's jumper laid over my chest like a blanket, with his t shirt over my hips and waist.

The memory begins to resurface, I hear the crack of the whip against Eden's back as he struggles, screaming as a man lies on top of me.

My body jolts as I realise what has happened, and Eden's sobs still echo through the small room.

"Eden I'm okay" I tell him, as tears start dripping off of my cheekbones.

"Eden" I say, this time firmer, my hand squeezing his as he kneels beside me.

"Help me up."

His arms curl under mine and pull me into a sitting position, a small cry of pain escaping my lips as he does so. the mattress is soaked in a large pool of blood and so is the corner of the room where Eden once kneeled while the leather tore at his back.

"Put this on" Eden says as the tears begin to subside. He lifts his jumper over my head and pulls it down over me before looking at me carefully. I thank him and look down at my legs.

My thighs are striped with dry blood and I notice my pants have been pulled back up, but they too are soaked in blood and I have the sudden urge to be sick.

"How is your back?" I ask, Eden is quick to answer.

"It's fine"

He's lying, and he knows that I know it.

"Eden turn around."

His skin is almost all covered in thick dry blood and deep gashes and the wounds look extremely painful.

I have no words, no matter how desperately I search, no words can accurately express what I want to say;

What I need to say.

He turns back around, sitting opposite me with his arms hanging around his bent knees. "I'm okay, I promise" is all he says.

"You've lost a lot of blood" he points out "which means your body is tired and very weak, you need lots of rest."

I shiver as my body becomes extremely cold, especially my bare legs. Don't cry Rhea, don't fucking cry again.

I decide crying is actually very justified in these circumstances. I'm in a cell, being held hostage by a gang who just raped me, and who expect me to blow myself and other people up soon. So yes, i will cry.

"Come here" Eden sighs as he sits beside me, wincing as his back touches the cold cell wall. His arm slides around my shoulders and pulls me into his side, which is radiating heat.

We sit there in silence, our shaky breaths occasionally overlapping as the dim light casts eerie shadows over our frail bodies. "Eden?"

He answers softly "yeh?" As his fingers drift through my hair.

"I'm so scared."

His lips graze my forehead and his heartbeat soothes my ringing head. "Me too; but we'll be okay."

Day 5 :

I awake after little sleep due to a throbbing headache. Eden's body is warm against mine and I cling to the heat, pressing my cheek against his chest. His fingers move in a circular motion within my hair, and for a minute I forget where we are.

I miss my family. I miss them so fucking much, and knowing that I probably won’t ever see them again breaks my heart.

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