The Eden project

Rhea wakes up in the back of a moving van with a mysterious boy called Eden and neither of them can remember how they got there or where they're going.

When they are thrown into a twisted project run by a underground gang they will be pushed to their limits. Their lives are at stake at every moment.
What will happen when they begin to plot their great escape? And will they sacrifice others to save themselves?


5. day 4

Remember: aim for the upper throat and punch upwards. Knee him in the groin and grab the keys and gun.

"Once both of them are down we can use the guns and make our way to the door they took us in through" Eden explains.

"We take 1 left, then a right, then run across the garage to the door."

I nod as he speaks, but the reality of it all has sunken in yet.

My body is still weak, but the adrenaline is helping slightly, I just hope to god that everything will go to plan. I sniff as I go over the plan in my mind, my eyes visualising the escape route on the floor.

"Hey, it will be okay" Eden adds, his warm hand rubbing my bruised back soothingly. I nod yet again.

We scramble to our feet as we hear the lock twist in the door.

"Eden I'm scared" I admit quickly. He says nothing but pulls me in to a tight hug before releasing me as the man - who is addressed as 'Saros' - wanders in; gun in belt, handcuffs in hand.

My eyes scan his body for the keys and conclude that they are in his left jacket pocket.

"You better have good aim today or Rigel will be very angr-"

My fist jabs at the underside of his jaw, causing his head to tilt back inhumanly. The second man rushes through the door, gun in hand, his face flaming with anger.

I throw my limbs at Saros, resulting in frequent grunts and groans, whilst Eden struggles to fight with the taller man. I pull at Saros' gun and reach for the keys whilst doing so but a kick to the shin shocks me.

My head begins to get dizzy as my energy starts to drain. C'mon Rhea, you can do this.

I throw a few more punches and block some of his but stop when I see a gun pressed against Eden's forehead.

My brief distracting leaves Saros enough time to grab me by the throat and slam me into the wall.

Eden's eyes meet mine as he tugs at the hand that's wrapped around his throat. He looks defeated.

"Ohahaha, were you guys actually trying to escape from us?" Orion chuckles as he stands in the doorway with a man on either side of him.

His snarled lips tut as he steps into the cell and i taste blood on my lips.

Saros looks very mad.

"Hm, I thought you were better than this" Orion whispers as he slides closer to me.

"Him" he says in a louder tone, pointing his gun towards Eden, who - even with his teeth gritting and blood streaking from his nose - looks very attractive.

"Him I expected this from, he's a very uncontrollable soul"

Orion grabs Eden by the face.

"..which can be very dangerous."

I clench my jaw as he releases Eden's face from his hand violently with a push; my eyes watch as Orion seems to make a decision on what to do with us.

Surprisingly, he orders the men to let go of us.

I am violently pushed to the floor as Saros scowls above me; Orion edges closer every second.

"Hmm, what shall be your punishment" he ponders, sliding a knife out of a sheath on his belt.

I painfully await his orders as I sit crumpled on the floor, panting heavily.

"Take your clothes off" he smirks, pointing to both me and Eden with the knife. Eden's fiery eyes turn to meet mine and send shivers down my aching spine.

"TAKE THEM OFF!" bellows Orion as he becomes impatient; my hands scramble at the rim of the sweater Eden gave to me as I see Eden's throat being released. Once the sweater is off I reluctantly peel off my smelly t shirt and Eden does the same.

My lips tremble as I see Orion watching me before he sharply orders me to take my jeans off.

Eden moves towards me but is held back by one of the men. I gulp as I place my jeans beside me, leaving me completely exposed down to my underwear. Eden's toned torso is dotted with fresh bruises and I look down to see that my skin is all shades of purple and green.

His eyebrows sink in worry as he scans over my beaten skin and i try to pick myself up to my feet, Saros only pushes me back down. After Orion says something inaudible into one of the men's ears, a strange object is brought into the room by another man; I soon realise it is a whip made from twisted rope and knotted leather. 

"Don't hurt her!" Eden exclaims confidently, my scared eyes meeting his briefly, before rotating back to enraged Orion.

He smirks "Oh I won't."

Archer pushes Eden to his knees and Orion hands him the whip as he stands on the chain attached to Eden's ankle, preventing him from standing.

Archer raises the whip and I scream out and plead for them to stop as he brings it down sharply against Eden's back. Eden grunts as his hands are tied together by another man whilst the torturous whip carves it's way into his skin over and over again.

"STOP! PLEASE!" I cry, tears rolling down my cheeks. Saros slaps me hard across the head before turning to Orion, "what do we do with her?"

I see Orion smirk as he tilts his head to look at me sadistically.

"Oh you can do what you want with her"

Archer and Rigel exchange a smirk.

A foot pins my chest to the ground and I grunt in pain as Saros crouches at my feet. My weak legs desperately kick at him as he lowers himself over me while Rigel stands on my shoulders.

My ringing ears can still hear with whip being lashed against Eden's bloody back as Rigel pins my hands above my head. My dry lips scream out as Saros runs his dirty fingers along my legs, his hot breath grazing my stomach.

"STOP IT! PLEASE NO" I wail as he yanks my underwear down to my knees.

Eden calls out, his powerful voice is almost comforting to hear.


My tear stained face becomes I emotionless as the minutes pass, the noise slowly fading and my conscience slowly draining. The whip falls in slow motion just before my eyes close, saros' body hitting mine rhythmically; painfully.

And then all I see is black.

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