The Eden project

Rhea wakes up in the back of a moving van with a mysterious boy called Eden and neither of them can remember how they got there or where they're going.

When they are thrown into a twisted project run by a underground gang they will be pushed to their limits. Their lives are at stake at every moment.
What will happen when they begin to plot their great escape? And will they sacrifice others to save themselves?


4. day 3

"Were getting out of here today" Eden says as I rub my tired eyes.

I watch as he paces around the cell, his hands fiddling with each other and his emerald eyes in deep focus.

They didn't give us food or water yesterday because "our skills are poor" apparently.

I can already feel my body weakening, things that were once easy - such as standing up - becoming tiring.

"They take us out around 9am I'm guessing, then we are put back in here around 4" Eden analyses.

"Eden as much as I want to get out" I start.

"It's really not going to be easy, in fact, it's impossible."

His eyes turn look down on me and he stops pacing, his arms falling to his sides.

I sigh. "We are literally chained to the freakin wall."

He begins pacing again, pressing his fingers into his lips.

"Okay, so the guy that has the keys comes in, that big guy stands at the door"

I Listen carefully and nod in response.

"We just need to get the keys."

Eden begins to plan:

"Once the first guy is close to you, punch him under the chin" he says, tapping his neck with his finger.

This seems like a very risky plan.

"You fight him until he is knocked down..."

He pauses.

"...the big guy will come in and I'll try and fight him. You grab the keys and his gun-"

I cut him off "Eden this is very dangerous, we'll get hurt"

He sighs.

"But, if you think about it, they are training us to shoot and fight, which is perfect for us, because we can use it to defend ourselves."

Okay he does have a good point.

But I don't know if I can fight him.


Eden is cut off my the slide of a key in the heavily locked door.

I stand up. Shit.

Eden looks to me, his eyes burning wide and his lips tightly shut.

He stands beside me.

"I can't do it" I whisper, shaking my head.

Eden looks to me, his hand moving to my back before he speaks.

"We won't do it today, we can wait okay?

I nod as his hand falls from my back, returning to his side.

"Sit, please" Orion says as we are lead into his office.

The air smells strongly of tobacco mixed with my own sweat.

My hair is becoming greasy and we haven't been able to wash, but that's the least of our problems right now.

Archer and Rigel push us down into 2 chairs as we watch Orion sit on the edge of his desk before clicking his fingers.

"You are probably wondering why we are training you, teaching you how to use a gun and how to fight."

No shit.

"Well" Orion says as he fiddles with a thick gold ring on his finger, exposing a small tattoo of a star under the ring.

I notice that everyone in the room wears a similar ring on the same finger.

"Next week, you are going to carry out an important job for us" he announces.

I turn to look at Eden briefly, he looks angry. His lips part in speech -

"What sort of job?"

Orion smiles slyly. "You will carry two explosive devices to two locations..."


" of you will will go to the location where our rival gang - the renegades -reside, the other will go to Trafalgar Square" he sickly explains as he grins.

I seem to have forgotten how to breathe. My heart pounds heavily in my chest and my nails are painfully pressed into my palms as I come the the realisation that they are going to kill us.

"You will wear it on a belt, and we will be watching your every move. The first explosive will happen at the renegade's base, then the second bomb will be detonated 10 minutes later to declare victory."

"You want us to blow ourselves up" Eden laughs whilst I ponder on the looming danger.

I can't fucking do this, is much rather they just shoot me.

Orion leans closer to him.

"We are going to make you blow yourselves up, you don't have a choice."

We are pulled to our feet before being led into the room where we learnt to shoot.

"Hit the target" Rigel spits in my ear as I hold the gun in my handcuffed hands.

My vision blurs intensely and my legs ache. I haven't drank in 2.5 days and my functions are failing.

"Press the fucking trigger!" He shouts, his voice echoing through the room.

My arms struggle to even suspend the gun and tears are welling up in my eyes, causing my vision to worsen even more.

I press the trigger as my eyes close, before dropping the gun from my hands.

The bullet hits the bottom of the far wall and ricochets into a table.

Rigel is infuriated.

His hand hits me hard across the cheek before he pushes me down to the floor.

Pain tingles across my face and triggers streams of tears.

"PICK IT UP" he spits furiously.

My hands tremble beneath me as I squeeze my eyes shut.

I grab the gun and try to push myself up. My body slumps under me and my limbs shake uncontrollably.

"What is wrong with you?!"

The other men in the room watch silently and Eden's wrists tense against his cuffs.

I manage to get to my feet, but the room seems to spin whenever I open my eyes.

"TRY. AGAIN" Rigel orders, his face uncomfortably close to mine.

My arms plead for me to drop them to my sides as I hold out the gun.

The target is almost invisible and I look forwards and black spots begin to pepper my peripheral vision.

"Look at the target" Rigel says, each word causing me to flinch.

My breathing is irregular and I feel like I'm choking each time I swallow.

My dry lips begin to stutter.

"I-i, I can't see it."

My back tingles as I sense Rigel step closer; "get on with it."

At this rate, I'm afraid I'll shoot someone accidentally with the way my hands and arms are shaking.

"I said I can't" I cry.

He pushes his gun into my spine and i feel Eden's anger pulsating through the room.

"What was that?" This time Rigel's voice is scarily soft and threatening as his breathe hits my ear.

"I can't fucking see!" I exclaim as I drop the gun without realising. Whimpers escaping my lips as I hear Rigel pull back the slide on his gun, which is imbedding itself against my skin.

Darkness swells in my vision and I feel my whole body deflate beneath me before I hit the floor with a thud.

As I drift in and out of consciousness I feel a strong kick hit my stomach, winding me painfully.

I don't even have enough energy to wince or cry.

"Stop!" Eden bellows as Rigel slams another kick into my limp body.

My eyelids edge open and make out Eden's figure being held back by two larger figures before they shut again, sending me into a deep sleep.


I awake in the cell, aching and alone. My head throbs and i can feel each bruise that is painted on my fragile body. As I drag myself to the closest bed, I begin to see how my body has changed. My bones have begun to pierce through my skin and I have lost some fat in my arms and tummy. All In 3 days.

I desperately await Eden's return as I lay curled up in a ball on his mattress.

Before I know it I am unconscious once again.


"Rhea? Rhea wake up"

Eden's voice sounds soft and reassuring with a hint of worry hidden in it.

He sighs heavily as my eyes flutter open, I immediately notice a surfacing bruise on the left side of his jaw.

"What happened to you?" I ask tiredly, my eyebrows dropping as my hand reaches up to touch his face. His hand meets mine and stops me from inspecting his injury.

"I'm fine" he insists. My eyes gradually roll closed as I lay in the foetal position with Eden sat in front of me.

Something is placed over me as my back rises and falls slowly, each breath scraping my throat like sandpaper.

I can tell it's Eden's black sweater.

"Do you just wanna put it on, it would help more" he suggests. A small smile makes its way onto my face at his generosity before I answer him.

"I don't think I can get up though."

Eden places his hand on my back. "C'mon, I'll help you sit up."

I reach for one of his arms as his hands guide my bruised ribcage up gently.

"Agh" I groan as he puts some pressure on one of my many bruises.

His eyes widen. "Shit I'm sorry"

I smile briefly and reassure him it's okay before he slides his sweater over my head.

I'm asleep almost instantly once my head touches the mattress again.

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