A Dog, And His Friend.

Dogs, dogs are amazing. Loosing a best friend is terrible.


1. My Owner

I love my owner. I'm not young, and I can still play a little. He loves me, but I'm scared to some day say goodbye. I love him, and he loves me. Every day we go for walks, play games, watch TV together, and I watch him eat his dinner. He lets me sleep with him at night, and we cuddle.. He gets mad when I drool, but for gives me almost automatically. I have minor health problems, but I still try to make the best of my life. He holds my face sometimes and explains how much he loves me. I love him too. My owner is 39 years old, and he's had me for awhile. I get scared when I need to go to the vet, because I never know what I'm there for. The vet people are very nice. My owner needs to give me pills every day or I might not make it much longer. My owner knows I won't, but I'm still happy with him. I love him. Every night before we go to bed, he says, "I love you, I want to see you in the morning." Which I think means he loves me, and wants to make sure I made it.

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