Tyra Ramirez is the younger sister of Chelsea FC Forward Nicky Ramirez. She's best friends with Melanie Fuentes and the squad, their friend group. Everything was fine until Tyra and Melanie's boyfriends, David Luiz and Francisco "Isco" Alarcón, unexpectedly kidnaps the two.

What will happen to Tyra and Melanie? Can Nicky and the squad save them?

© philcoutinho 2014


9. Chapter 9

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014
Estadio Mineirão
Anna's POV:

It's the semifinals of the World Cup, and Brazil, Germany, Argentina, and the Netherlands are the only teams left. Today, the squad and I are at the Estadio Mineirão to watch Brazil vs. Germany. The Netherlands take on Argentina tomorrow. Damn, this World Cup is going faster than I thought it would.

We're only eight days into July, and a lot has already happened. In the quarterfinals, Brazil won 2-0 against Colombia. It was an awkward match because Tyra had to witness James crying. She had to leave the stadium to prevent herself from crying. If that wasn't enough, Neymar is out of the World Cup with a vertebrae injury and Thiago Silva is on a one-match suspension because he received a yellow card in the Colombia game. Even though Thiago isn't playing, he's sitting with the squad and me in the VIP section. 

I wonder what tonight will have in store for us.

"I'm nervous about the match. Neymar and I can't play tonight, which leaves Nicky to take his position and David with the captain's armband. Also, Germany's a tough team," Thiago spoke.

"Don't worry, Thiago. With David's leadership, Nicky's talent, and the team's hard work, Brazil can go through." Eric said, assuring the PSG defender.

Everyone nodded in agreement. After the players got into their positions, the whistle blew. Nicky starts with the ball and passes it to Willian. The ball goes around Brazil's defense until it reaches to Oscar. 

He shows off his fabulous skills and gives it to an open Brazil player.

"Oscar is a talented player. He's doing good so far not only tonight but in the tournament as well." Johnathan spoke.

"I agree. I remember when Chelsea versed Juven— Oh my god he's about to score!" Eric yelled.

The Brazilian fans cheered as Oscar took the shot, hoping he'll score the first goal. Everyone got up from their seats. I groaned as Manuel Neuer caught the ball. He runs up and throws the ball to a German player. A few minutes later, Thomas Müller scores. 

He celebrates with his teammates. Most of us sighed. Well, it's only 1-0. Brazil has the rest of the first half and an entire second half to tie the game.

The Middle of the Second Half

I know I wondered what tonight had in store for us, but I didn't expect Germany to be winning 5-0!

The five goals were all scored in the first half. Brazil needs to do something.

"I still can't believe Germany's 5-0 up!" Lindsey exclaimed.

"Me neither. Brazil is playing terribly, especially Nicky," Johnathan said. 

"I am sorry Tyra, but your brother is getting outclassed."

"It's okay Johnny, I'm with you on that," Tyra replied.

"Brazil's defense is atrocious. Besides Oscar's shot in the first half, they had no chances on goal," Melanie said.

She looks at Thiago.

"This team needs you and Neymar."

Thiago sighed.

"I had a feeling that this was going to happen. What's next? Another goal?"


I looked at the Jumbotron to see that German/Chelsea player Andre Schürrle scored. The squad and I rigidly glanced at Thiago. He loudly sighed and put his head in his hands. We knew it was best to say nothing.

Around the 79th minute, Schürrle scored again, changing the scoreline to 7-0. I leaned back on my seat, shaking my head. During stoppage time, Oscar scored a goal, assisted by Nicky. He didn't bother to celebrate. Oscar grabbed the ball and took it to the starting line.

After Germany kicked off the ball, the whistle blew. The German fans cheered as their players rushed to each other to celebrate.

"That's it! Germany batters Brazil 7-1! They secured themselves a spot in the World Cup final, while Brazil goes home! Wait, Brazil is already at home." A commentator joked.

"That was a lame-ass joke," Aracely commented and rolled her eyes.


"Guys, let's congratulate the team. They tried." Tyra suggested, wiping the incoming tears away.

We followed Tyra to the tunnel. We stood on the pitch, watching the emotional breakdown. I looked at Nicky, who's on his knees and covering his face with his hands. Andre Schürrle is consoling him. I saw David crying with one of Brazil's team doctors.

Suddenly, the squad and I see Oscar walking towards us. We sadly smiled at him. He barely smiled back at us.

"Oscar," Tyra said, grabbing his arm.

Oscar turned around, with tears welled up in his eyes. Tyra sighed and brought him in for a hug. She walked him to the locker room. As the rest of the Brazil team came, we tried to sympathize with them, but it was no use. 

This night didn't turn out as we thought it would.


Lorena's POV:

The squad and I are Ubering back to the hotel. We've been silent ever since we left the stadium.

Who knew one football match would affect us big time. Suddenly, we heard the ESPN sound coming from someone's phone, which made some of us flinch.

"Oh, it's my phone, sorry," Tyra spoke, breaking the silence.

She picked up her phone and looked at the screen for a minute.

"It's just a reminder that Argentina and the Netherlands play tomorrow. I might sound crazy, but I hope Argentina wins." She said.

"They've been doing pretty well so far, from what I heard. I am looking forward to seeing Messi play." Eric explained.

"I hope Argentina lose. The Netherlands is so much better. Sorry not sorry Eric, but Argentina sucks." Calum snapped.

Everyone groaned.

"God Calum, please don't do this, not right—"

"No Lorena, it's fine. It's not Calum's fault that he doesn't know how delusional he's being," Eric stated.

Everyone paused and looked over at Calum, who rolled his eyes. Finally, we arrived at the hotel.

"The boys and I are going to walk around São Paulo for a bit," Luke announced.

"Cool, I'm going to bed." Calum spat.

Everyone looked at Calum as he went into the elevator. He glared at us as the doors closed.

"Okay, Dameon, Johnathan, Eric, and I are going to hang out at Johnny's room," Noah stated.

"Sweet. The girls and I are going to chill in my hotel room," Lindsey said.

With that, Lindsey turned around and walked away. Anna, Aracely, Tyra, Melanie, and I followed her to the elevator. We got inside and pressed the 'up' button. The elevator doors closed.

"This has to be the weirdest night I have ever experienced in my seventeen years of living," Tyra declared.

"Oh my god, deadass!" I exclaimed.

All of us started laughing.

"Seriously though, I said that we were chilling in my hotel room only because Luke and Johnny made their plans. I didn't want us to look weird," Lindsey admits.

"Well it's a good thing you did that," Aracely said.

Lindsey nodded and took us to her hotel room. She grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air came on, so we decided to watch it. Melanie took out some drinks and food from the fridge and spread them out on the bed.

We began to eat and watch TV when we heard knocking.

"Who could it be?" Lindsey asked.

"There's only one way to find out," Anna replied.

She got up and walked to the door. When she opened it, Dameon runs inside.

"Girls night! Yass, what's the gossip? Give me tea!" He exclaimed, sitting on the bed.

"Dameon, get out!" Anna laughed and threw a pillow at him.

We started laughing as Dameon ran out of the room, taking some candy in the process.

"God, he's so random," Anna said as she closed the door.

"Tyra, do you know how Nicky's holding up?" I asked.

"He told me that he and the rest of the Brazil team are still sad about the loss," She replied.

"Shockingly, Nicky asked me why I was crying after the Brazil and Croatia game, and the Calum situation."

"Did you tell him the truth?" Aracely asked.

"Of course not," Tyra said.

"I lied and said that I was happy to be back in Brazil. With the Calum situation, I told him that I didn't want the kiss to happen and that everything's solved."

"That was such a good lie, Tyra, that I believed you for a minute," Anna said.

All of us started laughing.

"I can't wait for the World Cup final. Germany proved everyone tonight that they're not playing around," Melanie said.

We all agreed.

"Germany has such a strong mentality and—" Tyra began, but she was interrupted by footsteps.

"VISCA EL BARÇA!" Someone screamed.

All of us looked at each other.

"Eric," We said in unison and laughed.


Johnathan's Hotel Room
Johnathan's POV:

Dameon, Noah, and I are hanging out in my hotel room. Eric walked inside and closed the door.

"Eric, why'd you scream Visca el Barça out in the hallway?" Noah asked.

We started laughing.

"It's good luck to Messi and Mascherano. Nicky did say that they most likely live in the same hotel as us, you know," He replied.

"Did you see Calum while you were out?" I asked.

"No, but I walked past his hotel room. I think he's crying right now," Eric responds and takes a sip of his Coke.

"He needs to get a grip," Noah said.

"Agreed. Do you guys think that he's the reason why James broke Tyra's heart?" Dameon asked and ate some Doritos.

"No, James is the reason because he lied to Tyra. Like Eric said during the ride back to the hotel, Calum's delusional," I replied.

"I just don't get why James would date someone else when he's already settled down with a wife and child?" Eric asked.

Everyone shrugged their shoulders.

"Wait," I said.

"What?" Dameon asked

"Wouldn't Tyra go great with Oscar? Look how they bonded after the game today. Don't tell me that you didn't notice," I stated.

"That's true! He barely made eye contact with us, but when he reached Tyra, and she said something, he broke down," Dameon replied.

"We have to set Tyra up with Oscar, but we need the squad's help," Eric said.

We nodded and smiled. This idea is going to work.


Oscar's Hotel Room
Nicky's POV:

I'm hanging out with my teammates in Oscar's hotel room. While we were hanging out, Dani Alves and Marcelo both told me that they saw Tyra and James crying near the locker rooms after our game against Croatia. Dani said that Melanie was there too. According to Tyra, she and James were arguing about her kiss with Calum. 

She also told me that the reason why she was crying was that she was happy to be back in Brazil and that the Calum situation is solved. I hope Tyra and James are okay; they're a cute couple.

Anyways, Scolari expects the Brazil team to move on and prepare for the third-place game at training tomorrow, but how?

We got thrashed 7-1 in the biggest stage of the competition. When it comes to losing a game, I'm usually the one who forgive and forget, but this is entirely different.

Call me dramatic, but name me another country who got humiliated like Brazil did at this stage in the World Cup?

"I can't believe we have to verse the losers in the Argentina and Netherlands game in a few days," Thiago said.

"Yeah, but I rather have Argentina to go to the final, and maybe even win," I said.

I received numerous weird looks from my teammates.

"Alright, let me explain myself," I began, standing up.

"I know that Argentina is our sworn enemy, but they're the only South American team left in the competition. Wouldn't you rather have a South American country win the World Cup than a European country?"

"If you put it that way, then yes," David replied.

I ignored David as everyone else began to agree with him. Throughout this World Cup, I've been avoiding him. I only talk to him when we're going over practice drills at training or during games. 

Thank god he got the message and decided to do the same. No one on the team never asked why, and it should stay like that.

"Also, it'd be dope if Messi wins the trophy. He's the best," Oscar stated.

"Yeahhhh!" We exclaimed in unison and started laughing.

I laughed as well and took a seat on the bed.

"Yo, Nicky?" Dani asked.

"Yes, Dani?" I asked.

"James wants to see you. He said it's important,"

"James?" I asked, furrowing my eyebrows.

Dani nodded. I got up and walked to the door. I opened it, and James is here. He looks scared.

"Why are you here? And why do you look scared?" I asked.

"I have something to tell you, but you'll be extremely pissed at me," He replied.

I walked into the hallway and closed the door. I hope James doesn't talk to me about his World Cup exit, because I don't want to hear it. As much as I like James, I can't handle another emotional moment tonight.

"Okay? What is it?" I asked.

"I broke up with Tyra," He replied.

My eyes widened. 

"What?! Is it because of that Calum kiss?" I asked.  "You know, she never wanted that to happen."

"I know that, but it's not the reason why I broke up with her," James replied.

"Well, then why?"

"I broke up with Tyra because I'm married, and I have a daughter. I don't want to hurt them even more."

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"I know it sounds bad but—"

"What the fuck, James!?! Why would you do this to Tyra? To your wife and kid?!" I snapped.

"Nicky, you need to calm down," James said, taking a step towards me.

"Calm down? You're telling me to calm down, after what you just said?!" I yelled.

"People are going to come of out their rooms because you're—"

Suddenly, my anger took over me, and I punched James in the face. 


David's POV:

"FUCK!" I heard someone scream.

Everyone looked up. We quickly ran out of the room to see James on the ground, and Nicky is beating him up. Dani and Marcelo instantly grabbed Nicky and removed him off of the Colombian superstar.

I saw from afar Tyra and her squad running down the hallway. They must've heard it as well.

"Can someone tell me what happened?!" Thiago exclaimed.


"Go ahead, James! Tell everyone how you broke up with my sister because you have a wife and a daughter!" Nicky yelled.

Everyone gasped, including me. Wow, and I thought that I was the bad one.

"Nicky, I'm so sorry for lying to—"

"Tyra, when you and James were dating, did he ever mentioned to you about being married?" Nicky asked, interrupting his sister.

"No. The same goes with James' daughter," She quietly replied.

"Did he tell you this near the locker room after my game against Croatia? Dani and Marcelo said they saw you—"

"Wait, they knew about this?!" Tyra exclaimed.

I looked over at Dani and Marcelo, who have their heads down in shame.

"Don't worry about them! Tyra, did James break up with you near the locker room after my game against Croatia?" Nicky asked, once again.

Tyra sighed.

"Yes," She replied. "We were arguing in the first place because Calum kissed me during the kissing cam. There, James broke up with me and said that he has a wife and daughter."

Everyone looked at Tyra, then Nicky, and lastly James, who cleared his throat.

"I think we all should—"

"How about you shut your mouth!" Nicky yelled.

He was about to hit James again, but Dani and Marcelo held him still. Oscar rushed over to Nicky.

"Nicky now isn't the time to catch a case," He assured.

"I don't care if I get in trouble! James deserves to get knocked the fuck out!" He yelled.

"James, you need to leave now. It'll get worse from here," Thiago told him.

That's when Tyra grabbed James' arm and ran. The squad quickly followed them. Once they were gone, Dani and Marcelo let go of Nicky. He was about to run after James, but I grabbed him.

"It's not worth it," I told him.

"Get off of me! You have NO say in this whatsoever!" Nicky yelled.

He viciously moved my arm off his shoulder. Nicky went inside his hotel room and slammed the door.

"Everyone, get some rest for training tomorrow. We'll talk about this mess in the morning." Thiago ordered.

We quietly nodded and went inside our hotel rooms. I closed my door.

"What. A. Night." I thought to myself.

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