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  • Published: 3 Aug 2017
  • Updated: 24 Jul 2018
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Tyra Ramirez and Melanie Fuentes are best friends and students at London High School, as well as the rest of their friends, called the squad.

Everything was fine until Tyra and Melanie's boyfriends, David Luiz and Cristiano Ronaldo, unexpectedly kidnaps the two.

Will Tyra and Melanie escape? Can the squad save them?

If they do, would their lives ever be the same again?

© philcoutinho 2014


9. chapter 9

Eduardo's POV:

*Later That Night - 10:30 PM*

Nicky, the squad, and I are hanging out at Melanie's house.

Tyra and Melanie told us everything that happened at the house. I felt so bad for them.

Some of us wanted to cry.

Who would've thought that David and Cristiano, loved by many in the football world, kidnapped and abused two girls?

Thank god Tyra and Melanie broke up with them, and that they're going to file a police report.

"Wait, shouldn't we tell our parents what happened to Tyra and me?" Melanie asked.

"Yes, but I suggest you two should wait," I replied.

"Eduardo's right. You guys can't say anything about it to your parents unless they ask you. For now, keep it to yourselves," Nicky told Tyra and Melanie.

He looks at the squad and me.

"That includes all of you too, "

Everyone agreed. Our parents aren't with us because they're on a cruise, but we still remain in contact with them.

"Guys, I have an idea that will cheer us all up," Araceli said.

"Okay, I'm listening," Jose said.

"How about I invite some live entertainment?" Araceli asked.

"Sounds cool but who would come out this late to perform?" I asked.

"5 Seconds of Summer will." She replied.

A lot of us looked at each other in confusion.

"5 Seconds of Summer? What kind of entertainment is that?" Nah'cier asked.

"You know them?! I love them so much!" Melanie exclaimed.

"Okay, I'm lost here," Lorena said.

"5 Seconds of Summer, aka 5SOS/5Sauce, is a punk-rock band from Australia. They moved here not too long ago. I know Ashton, the drummer, and I can call him up and ask if he and the boys can come here and perform." Araceli explained.

"Call him! Call him now!" Melanie yelled.

"Damn Melanie, I guess you really love this band," Jose said.

Everyone started laughing.

"Well, who doesn't? Anyways, I'm going to call Ashton." Araceli said and left the room.

"And I need to freshen up. I look like a mess." Melanie said and went upstairs.

"She's whipped," Nicky said.

Everyone started laughing.

"I wonder if people are still partying at that house," Anai mentioned.

"Probably. They're too drunk to notice that we, David, and Cristiano aren't there." Tyra said.

"Aw, I feel bad that we left Sergio Aguero, Mario Balotelli, and other famous footballers there," Donivan said.

"Donny, I might have a good idea for that," I said.


That's when we heard the door open. Araceli came back to the room.

"That was a quick phone call," Liliana said.

"I know right? Anyways, where's Melanie?" She asked.

"Upstairs, why?" Anai asked.

"Well, 5sauce is coming in thirty minutes! Ashton didn't give me a chance to ask my question. Once I said the words, "my friends and I want some live entertainment", he instantly said yes." Araceli explained.

"That's great news. Hey Melanie, 5SOS is coming!" Tyra yelled.

"THEY'RE COMING?! YAY!" Melanie screamed.

We started laughing.

*Thirty Minutes Later*

We're outside, sitting on Melanie's big porch.

Sergio Aguero, Mario Balotelli, Daniel Sturridge, Raheem Sterling, Olivier Giroud,
and Mesut Ozil came over.

I invited them to Melanie's house because I felt bad that we left them at the party. Thank god I did, because Sergio told me that there was a huge fight.

5SOS arrived and they finished setting up their equipment. Luke turns on the microphone.

"Good evening everyone! Shoutout to Araceli for inviting us here." He announces through the microphone.

Everyone cheered.

"Alright guys, let's get it!" Luke exclaimed to his bandmates.

They began to perform their song, She Looks So Perfect.

Apparently, it's a huge hit in Australia, and it's slowly climbing up the U.K. charts.

"Aye turn up! She looks so perfect standing there, in my American Apparel underwear." Nah'cier sings.

Everyone couldn't stop laughing because Nah'cier can't sing for his life.

They continued to perform more songs from their first album, 5 Seconds of Summer.

After they finished performing Don't Stop, Melanie dragged them inside her house.

"Melanie, what are you doing?" Lorena asked.

"Giving them a tour of my house." She replied.

All of us started laughing and followed them.

*45 Minutes Later*

Sergio, Mesut, Alexis, and Daniel left Melanie's house after she gave 5SOS a tour of her house.

They told us that they'll be going to London High School in September.

Their agent wanted them to continue their education so he's going to enroll them in the 2014/15 school year first thing in the morning.

Melanie was fangirling so much, that Tyra and Araceli had to calm her down.

The squad and I exchanged phone numbers with them as they left.

After Ashton left, I closed the door.

"Okay guys, we should clean up this place. It's Messi, like Lionel Messi." I suggested.

Everyone started laughing and began to clean up.

Lilliana's POV:

Nicky went home because he needed to get some rest. Honestly, he deserves it, after the day he had.

Meanwhile, the squad and I are having a sleepover.

Once everyone arrived with their sleeping stuff, we went into Melanie's living room and laid out our sleeping bags.

From there, we began to talk and laugh. As I was listening to one of Donivan's bizarre work stories, my phone buzzed.

I look at the screen:

Daily Gossip: PSG Defender David Luiz and Real Madrid Forward Cristiano Ronaldo are caught with their exes, Sara Madeira and Irina Shayk on a double date.

"Oh shit, this isn't pretty news," I mumbled.

"What is it?" Jose asked.

"Melanie, do you still have your dad's projector? If so, can I use it?" I asked, ignoring Jose's question.

"Sure. I'll go get it." She replied.

"I'll help you," Lorena spoke, following Melanie.

"What's wrong? Is it something bad?" Araceli asked.

"Wait and see," I responded.

A few minutes later, Melanie and Lorena carefully brought down the projector. I plugged it in and turned it on.

I grabbed the iPhone cord and also plugged it into my iPhone. I positioned the cart so everyone could see the article.

"PSG Defender David Luiz and Real Madrid Forward Cristiano Ronaldo are caught with their exes, Sara Madeira and Irina Shayk on a double date." Nah'cier read out loud.

"It says in the article that they got into a car accident, but the only injuries they sustained is just bruises and small cuts. They'll be fit in time for the World Cup." I said.

"Holy shit," Eduardo said.

Everyone else was just as surprised.

"I know that they just got into car accident, and thank god that their injuries aren't as serious, but it's so fucked up that they're using their exes for publicity," Araceli explained.

"Agreed. One minute they're hurting Tyra and Melanie and the next they're—" Lorena began but she was interrupted by laughter.

Everyone turned around to see Tyra and Melanie, laughing really hard.

"Um, how is this funny? Your exes on a double date with their exes." Anai stated.

"I know, but, it's funny because—" Melanie began but she continued laughing.

"It's funny because they're trying to make us jealous. Like, I don't care if you're going to get back together with your ex." Tyra explained.

"Plus, it's a double date! They expect us, to be jealous?" Melanie asked as she and Tyra looked at each other.

They both starting laughing once again.

"Oh, I get it! Wow, they're really trying so hard." Nah'cier joked and laughed.

Everyone else started laughing.

"I don't know why Cristiano is back together with Irina. They broke up because Cristiano found out that Irina was with him only for the money. She's dumb because she makes a lot of money with her modeling job." Melanie explained.

"Oh really?" I asked.

Melanie nodded.

"And David caught Sara hooking up with one of the Chelsea players, so he broke up with her. At the time, I didn't know David well, but I felt bad for him when Nicky told me." Tyra explained.

"Wait, which Chelsea player was it?" Eduardo asked.

"Eduardo, I think we both know who it is. Here's a hint: he's a Chelsea defender and had done this before, to his international teammate to be exact." Tyra replied.

Eduardo started to think.

"Wait, is it John Terry, am I right? Lord Jesus, please don't say that I'm right." He said.

Tyra nodded.

"Ew, him? Ugh, out of all the Chelsea players, John Terry?" He asked.

"Yep. Do you even remember the countless articles about the cheating scandal John Terry had with Wayne Bridge's wife? It was just as bad when articles wrote about him being with David's then-girlfriend." Tyra explained.

"Oh my god, he's so gross." He said.

At that point, everyone couldn't stop laughing.

"I guess we now know that Eduardo doesn't like John Terry," Donivan confirms.

"And Sara doesn't have good taste in men. She could at least cheat on David with someone good looking." Eduardo added.

We started laughing.

I exited out of the Daily Gossip article, then unplugged my phone from the iPhone cord.

This is one of best sleepovers ever.

I'm glad Tyra and Melanie are back. Everything is slowly going back to its usual ways. 

Just a quick announcement!

I have a couple of more group of characters to show you guys, so stay tuned! -Tyra❤️

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