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  • Published: 3 Aug 2017
  • Updated: 24 Jul 2018
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Tyra Ramirez and Melanie Fuentes are best friends and students at London High School, as well as the rest of their friends, called the squad.

Everything was fine until Tyra and Melanie's boyfriends, David Luiz and Cristiano Ronaldo, unexpectedly kidnaps the two.

Will Tyra and Melanie escape? Can the squad save them?

If they do, would their lives ever be the same again?

© philcoutinho 2014


7. chapter 7

Nah'cier's POV:

*Saturday, May 24th, 2014 - 3:00 PM*

The squad and I are at Donivan's house. We're worried sick about Tyra and Melanie.

"Where could they be?" I asked.

"Well, the last time we saw Tyra and Melanie were at school yesterday. Today, we've gone to the places they usually go to, and still no sign of them." Eduardo replied.

"Aren't they with David and Cristiano?" Donivan asked.

"No," Liliana began. "We went to David's place and he wasn't there, and there's no way that Melanie would go to Madrid if Cristiano isn't there."

"What are you talking about?" Jose asked.

"Jose, you're a Real Madrid fan! Real and Atletico Madrid are facing off in the Champions League final in Lisbon today. Why would Cristiano be in Madrid, if his team needs him for a huge game?" Liliana replied.

"I almost forgot about that! Today, we're supposed to go to Nicky and Tyra's house to watch it." Anai said.

"And in speaking of Nicky, he's worried about Tyra. He called me this morning, telling me that Tyra didn't come home last night. Melanie called him yesterday, talking about Cristiano and David kidnapping her and Tyra. He thought that she was hanging out with Tyra at her house and they were doing prank calls. He tried calling both girls this morning but they wouldn't answer their phones." Eduardo mentioned.

"Guys, what if Tyra and Melanie did get kidnapped?" I asked.

"Nah'cier, it's a lie! They were joking around!" Donivan exclaimed.

"What are you guys talking about?" Anai asked.

"Yesterday, Melanie FaceTimed Nah'cier. She said Cristiano and David kidnapped her and Tyra. So, Jose, Donivan, and I told Nah'cier to hang up on her. Also, Tyra called Jose on that day, telling him that David kidnapped her and he didn't believe her. She said the same thing to me except she FaceTimed me." Eduardo explained.

"Wait, last time Melanie called me was yesterday. She said that she and Tyra got kidnapped, and they're trapped in a house. I asked her if she knew the address, and Melanie told me she couldn't see it because it was dark outside. I was about to say something but my phone died. It took so long for my phone to charge that day. Today I tried calling them up but they didn't answer." Araceli explained.

"Oh my god Araceli you actually believed that?" Eduardo asked.

Out of nowhere, Lorena slapped Eduardo. Everyone gasped as Eduardo held his face.

"You pendejo! Tyra and Melanie were telling the truth! They did get kidnapped!" Lorena yelled.

We gasped again.

"David and Cristiano kidnapping Tyra and Melanie? The nerve!" Araceli exclaimed.

"Guys, we fucked up big time," I said.

"Duh! David and Cristiano must've planned this ahead of time. Cristiano probably forced his coach to not include him in the Champions League final today. I bet he made a believable excuse so the coach wouldn't ask any questions. We have to save them!" Lorena exclaimed.

"Okay guys, someone has to break the news to Nicky," Liliana said.

"I'll do it," Araceli said.

She took out her phone and left the room.

"Eduardo, you got slapped by your girlfriend." Donivan joked, trying not to laugh.

"Donivan, you shouldn't be laughing because this is your fault too. Why would you even think that Tyra and Melanie would lie about getting kidnapped? This goes for Jose and Nah'cier as well. I'm sure they gave you some form of proof to show that they weren't lying. You should feel ashamed of yourselves." Anai snapped.

It was silent until Araceli came back into the room.

"What did Nicky say?" Lorena asked.

"He didn't take it so well, and he's on his way here. What should we do in the meantime?" Araceli asked.

"Call the police," Liliana replied.

Everyone agreed.

Liliana took out her phone. She dialed 911 and was about to make the call when we heard someone's phone ringing.

"Wait! It's my ph—" Eduardo began but he gasped.

"What's wrong? Who is it?" I asked.

"It's a phone call from Cristiano." 


Melanie's POV:

My eyes opened. I stretched a bit and rubbed my eyes. I had a dream that the squad found Tyra and I.

We ended up escaping while David and Cristiano got arrested. It was great and all, but it didn't happen in real life.

I looked over to see Cristiano, sleeping.

I looked down at myself to see that I'm wearing a Real Madrid jersey.

I know that I had sex with Cristiano last night.

It was amazing!

Tyra and David had sex as well last night.

When I was walking back to my room after my shower with Cris, I heard moans and groans coming from Tyra's room.

It was pretty awkward.

Cristiano was about to wake up. I turned around and closed my eyes.

I heard him get up and closed the door. I opened my eyes and turned back around.

I came across his iPhone on the bed. My eyes widened and I grabbed it.

I decided to call Eduardo because he'll answer if Cristiano actually called him. The phone was dialing until I heard it pick up.

"Hey Cristiano, you and David are assholes for kidnapping Tyra and Melanie. Tell me where you're keeping them! If you don't, then I'll call the cops." Eduardo announced.

"Eduardo, it's Melanie! I—"

"Melanie, it's you! The squad and I realized that you and Tyra did get kidnapped by Cristiano and David! Tell us the address. Jose will write it down." He replied.

I smiled in relief. I got out of the bed and rushed to the window.

"I'm trying to look for I— Wait, wait! I found it!" I exclaimed.

I told Eduardo the address.

"Alright, Jose wrote it down! The squad and I are on our way. Melanie, I'm sorry that I didn't believe you and Tyra." He confessed.

"It's fine," I responded.

I heard footsteps coming up.

"Hey, I have to go. Cristiano's coming." I said.

I hung up and put Cristiano's phone where I found it. I wrapped the blankets around me and closed my eyes.

I heard the door open.

"Oh, there it is." I heard him say.

He left the room and closed the door, locking it. I opened my eyes and smiled to myself.

I got off the bed and uncovered the hole.

"Tyra!" I exclaimed.

She crawls up to the hole.

"What's up?" She asked.

"We're getting out of here, and I am not joking," I replied, smirking.

"Oh my god, how?" She asked.

"Cristiano left his phone in my room so I called Eduardo and he answered. I told him the address of this house and he said that Jose wrote it down. The squad is on their way." I explained.

"Are you serious?"

I nodded yes, smiling. Tyra smiled as well.

We are finally getting out of this hell hole!


Jose's POV:

The squad and I, including Nicky, are on our way save Tyra and Melanie.

"I feel guilty for not believing Melanie. I actually thought that she was joking." Nicky spoke.

"The guys and I thought that they were lying. It's our faults for not believing them." Donivan said.

"Anyways, thank you for finding where they're at. I know they can't wait to see us. When I see David and Cristiano, I will beat their asses. David owes me over $9,000 for my engine replacement!" Nicky exclaimed.

"It's crazy how he cut the engine out of your car," I spoke.

"I know right? And now, David and I got called up for international duty with Brazil NT, since the World Cup is next month. It's going to be hard not to kill that boy." Nicky added and sighed.

"At least you don't have to see Cristiano as much since he plays for Portugal," Eduardo said.

"That's true. It could be worse." Nicky replied.

"Okay everyone, I have an idea. When we get to the house, Nicky and I will beat up David and Cristiano, while the rest of you will save Tyra and Melanie. After that, we can get out of that house and move on." Donivan explained.

"No Donivan that's too violent," Anai said.

"It's a nice suggestion, but I don't want to go jail," Nicky said.

"Okay, just saying," Donivan said.

That's when Nicky's eyes widened.

"Dude, you know I was joking, right?" Donivan asked him.

"I know. I just have a better idea, and you guys won't get into trouble with the law,"  Nicky replied.

"What is it?" Araceli asked.

"Let's ask David and Cristiano if we could have a party at the house they're keeping Tyra and Melanie in. Isn't today the Champions League final?" He asked.

Everyone nodded.

"So, we can go the house and tell Cristiano and David that we want to have a party because of that. Knowing them, they'll say yes. It gives us the chance to save Tyra and Melanie. If they grow suspicious then we'll tell them to leave the house to get more drinks or something." He explained.

Everyone agreed with the idea.

"Good idea Nicky! Cristiano and David would get distracted by alcohol, friends, and awesome music. Also, we do need to turn up for the Champions League Final. We can invite a lot of football players!" I exclaimed.

"Good suggestion Jose! I have some of their phone numbers." Nicky said.

"IT'S GOING TO BE LIT!" Donivan yelled.

Everyone started laughing.

"Alright everyone, we are here." The driver announced.

One by one, we left the bus, thanking the driver. We walked up to the door.

"Alright, we have to do this carefully. No barging in." Nicky whispered.

Five seconds later, he barges into the house. We followed him to the kitchen to Cristiano and David sitting at a table, eating breakfast.

"Why are you guys here? And how'd you find us?" David asked.

"We were going to this park but the driver got lost. We thought that someone here knew how to get there. We're sorry for barging." Nicky replied, lying.

"Well, I'm sure you guys can get there without our help," Cristiano said.

Nicky gave Cris a dirty look.

"Cris, don't be so rude." David cautioned.

"No, it's okay. We were thinking about canceling it anyway. Well, since we're all here, I have something to ask the two of you." Nicky said.

"And that is?" Cristiano asked.

"Since today's the Champions League final, I wanted to ask if we can have a party here tonight. Do you guys mind?" Nicky asked.

Both men sat there, thinking.

"Sure. It's been a long time since we've been to a party." David replied.

"Agreed, and I need to get pumped up for the game," Cristiano added.

"Great! I'll help Nicky invite people. Some of you guys can decorate the house and everyone else can buy food and drinks. Donivan, I know you can make a mean music playlist." Nah'cier explained.

"Hell yeah!" He exclaimed.

"Okay, let's start planning," Cristiano said with excitement.

The rest of us cheered.

Tyra and Melanie, we're going to save you! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

By the way, pendejo means idiot in Spanish -Tyra❤️

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