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  • Published: 3 Aug 2017
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Tyra Ramirez and Melanie Fuentes are best friends and students at London High School, as well as the rest of their friends, called the squad.

Everything was fine until Tyra and Melanie's boyfriends, David Luiz and Cristiano Ronaldo, unexpectedly kidnaps the two.

Will Tyra and Melanie escape? Can the squad save them?

If they do, would their lives ever be the same again?

© philcoutinho 2014


40. chapter 40


Nah'cier's POV:

*Later That Evening - 4:00 PM*

Donivan, Jose, Eduardo, Tyra, and I arrived at the high school. The graduation ceremony is an hour away and I'm nervous.

Not only my family will be here, but the Chelsea team, Cristiano, James, and David will be here too.

I've been nervous about it ever since I found out during school earlier today.

"Guys, I'm nervous," I spoke, as we walked inside.

"Nah'cier, get ready because we're a couple of hours away from being real adults. Think about the annoying teachers we're leaving behind." Donivan replied.

"Exactly and think about how happy you'll be when you snatch that diploma away from Mrs.Duncan and her coconut head ass," Eduardo added.

"Sounds harsh but I agree," Tyra said.

"Same." Jose chimed.

"Hey, you're right. Okay, I'm a little less nervous now." I confirmed.

"#TheDonivanandEduardoEffect." Donivan said.

We started laughing as we entered the gymnasium to see the entire senior class.

A lot of talking, yelling, and crying is heard as we're trying to look for the squad.

"YOOOOOO!" Someone shouted.

That voice was definitely Thiago's.

We turned around and saw him and the rest of the squad waving at us. We ran to them and hugged them tighter than ever.

"Oh god, I can't believe that today's finally the day," Liliana spoke, as we let go of our hugs.

Everyone nodded and agreed.

"Everyone looks great. Too bad we have to zip these gowns all the way to our throats. It's hot in here." Calum groaned.

"Exactly and I'm wondering why the school didn't bother to turn on the air conditioning. My contour is sweating as we speak." Araceli whined.

"I mean, this school is cheap...." Eduardo trailed.

We started laughing. That's when Mrs.Duncan entered the gymnasium.

"Students, at this time you have to get into your lines. Make sure all phones and electronics are turned completely off. If I hear a single beep or ringtone, I will not let you walk to get your diploma. Remember what we practiced." Mrs.Duncan announced, through a bullhorn.

Everyone rolled their eyes as they got in line.

Wow, I'm far from my friends.

Donivan, Anai, and Tyra are the closest to me.

Of course, I know other seniors that are near me but I don't think they'll enjoy my jokes about the rest of the seniors.

A couple of minutes later, we began to walk.

"Okay Nah'cier, you got this! You just have to walk to the track. Calma, calma." I thought as we left the gymnasium.

Once we entered outside, paparazzi are already snapping photos of the squad and me.

Donivan threw up a gang sign and a photographer took the picture.

"Donivan!" I exclaimed.

Everyone started laughing, including him.

We crossed the street and continued walking.

As we got closer and closer, I heard someone calling my name.

I turned around to see the Chelsea team, the squad's parents, my parents, David, Cristiano, and James in the reserved section.

I smiled at them and struck a nice pose as my mom snapped a few photos of me.

I turned my head to the left to see that the home bleachers are filled with so many people.

I turned my head to the right to see the same going on with the visitor's bleachers.

Finally, we arrived at the chairs.

Everyone stood in front of each chair as the graduation music is still playing.

Mrs.Duncan and Mr.Baker walked on to the stage.

"Students, you make take a seat." She said.

Everyone took a seat all at once. 

Melanie's POV:

"Hello, staff, students, family, and friends. Welcome to the graduation of the class of 2015. Now, to get things started, I would like to welcome on the stage four-time Student Council President Tyra Ramirez and four-time Student Council Vice President Melanie Fuentes," Mrs.Duncan announced.

Everyone roared into cheers as Tyra and I stood up and left our rows.

We walked up to the stage and shook hands with Mrs.Duncan, Mr.Baker, and a few members of the PTO.

Mrs.Duncan handed Tyra the microphone.

"Please rise for the Royal Anthem." Tyra orders.

She gives the microphone to me.

I began to sing God Save The Queen.

As I was singing, I noticed how everyone was shocked by my beautiful vocals.

"Not in this land alone
But be God's mercies known
From shore to shore
Lord make the nations see
That men should brothers be
And form one family
The wide world over

From every latent foe
From the assassins blow
God save the Queen
O'er her thine arm extend
For Britain's sake defend
Our mother, prince, and friend
God save the Queen

Lord grant that Marshal Wade
May by thy mighty aid
Victory bring
May he sedition hush
And like a torrent rush
Rebellious Scots to crush
God save the King." I sang.

I held a note for the king part an extra second as I was receiving more roars of applause.

"Yeah Melanie, fuck it up!" Many of the graduates cheered and chanted my name.

I stopped singing and smiled brighter than ever.

When the applause began to lower, the guests sat down, then the graduating class sat down.

"Now it's time for Tyra Ramirez to say her speech," Mrs.Duncan announced.

Everyone cheered as I gave Tyra the microphone.

I got off the podium and let her go on.

"Graduates of 2015, staff, parents, family, and friends. It's an honor that I will be graduating from London High School. I reflect on these last four long years, which were crazy, comical, serious, emotional, and most importantly fun. I remember my first day here, as a freshman. My only worry was if I had classes with my friends, which thank god, I did, and how good of an athlete I was going to be. Our teachers throughout the years taught us the way of life. For everyone who took financial lit, do you remember the budget project? Wasn't it difficult to decided which bill to pay? Remember when Ms.Brown refused any student to change their job, just because it didn't make enough money? I'm extremely grateful that she did that project because that's what we're going to go through once we graduate. Besides the work we did in our last four years, we did create a lot of hilarious moments. For instance, the infamous food fight we had freshman year, thanks to Nah'cier Woods throwing a piece of the so-called 'fried chicken' at a lunch lady, which he did again this year. Or, when Mr.Blessing use to teach health and we didn't like him so we would annoy the mess out of him. I remember one day, Jose Martinez and I aggravated Mr.Blessing so much, that his face turned red. Mr.Baker had to send him home and call up a substitute to replace him that day. Those memories lie between us and the school. We can agree with the fact that we are the best senior class this high school ever had. We made history, with our funny behavior. No graduating class will never top us. Class of 2015, just remember that along the way, we'll think back to the good times here. Some of us may visit this school, to talk to our teachers or just to reminisce a little. Now that a lot of us are registered with the college or university of our dreams, we can start fresh. Let this day be one of the best days of your life." Tyra spoke.

Everyone roared in applause. The graduates stood up, clapping for Tyra.

I saw Mrs.Duncan giving them a glare and they quickly sat down.

Tyra and I left the stage and sat in our seats.

"Now it's time to get started with the ceremony," Mrs.Duncan said.

The first row stood up and walked up the stage.

"Thiago Alcantara," Mr.Baker said.

"Ayyyy!" The squad and I yelled.

Thiago received his diploma and shook hands with Mrs.Duncan.

"Michael Clifford," Mrs.Duncan said.

"MIKEY-MOO-MOO!" Some of the graduates yelled.

Michael smiled as he got his diploma and shook hands with Mrs.Duncan.

"Liliana Cortes," Mr.Baker said.

"SLAYYY ME!" A boy yelled.

Liliana blew a quick kiss towards him and got her diploma then shook hands with Mrs.Duncan.

I'm surprised she didn't say anything about it.

Everyone started clapping as the first row left the stage and went back to their seats.

My row stood up and walked up the stage. Mrs.Duncan and Mr.Baker began to call names.

One by one, a student got their diploma.

I'm feeling nervous as they're almost up to my name.

"Melanie Fuentes," Mrs.Duncan said.

"Mariah Carey!" A few graduates yelled.

I smiled as I got my diploma and shook hands with Mrs.Duncan.

I got back in line.

"Luke Hemmings," Mr.Baker said.

"MELANIE, YA BOYYYY!" Eduardo yelled.

Luke jokingly rolled his eyes and received his diploma.

He shook hands with Mrs.Duncan.

I gave him a quick peck on the cheek before he went back to his spot.

"Oooooh." A couple of graduates said.

I rolled my eyes and laughed.

Ashton's POV:

I'm sitting down, waiting for my row to go up.

So far, everyone's calling out random phrases or words whenever a student comes up to get their diploma.

Wow, we are such a bad graduating class and I love it.

"Calum Hood," Mrs.Duncan said.

"It's Call-um, not Cay-lum!" I yelled.

All of the graduates started laughing. Calum got his diploma and shook hands with Mrs.Duncan.

His row left the stage and sat down. My row got up and went on to the stage.

"Ashton Irwin," Mr.Baker said.

"The muffin man!" A random graduate yelled.

"You know it!" I yelled back.

Everyone started laughing. I smiled as I received my diploma and shook hands with Mrs.Duncan.

"Jose Martinez," Mrs.Duncan said.

"HALA MADRID!" A few graduating Madristas yelled.

"Y Nada Mas! The best team in Spain!" He exclaimed.

Everyone started laughing.

I looked over and saw James and Cristiano laughing as well.

Jose got his diploma and shook Mrs.Duncan's hand.

Watch Jose and I get in trouble for yelling back after this is over.

"Araceli Morales," Mr.Baker said.

"FASHION SQUAD FOR LIFE!" Liliana, Anai, and Lorena yelled.

"GANG GANG!" Someone from the bleachers yelled.

Everyone started laughing. Araceli smiled as she got her diploma and shook Mrs.Duncan's hand.

"Eduardo Ortiz," Mrs.Duncan said.

"VISCA EL BARCA!" A few graduating Cúles yelled.

"I Visca Catalunya! The better team in Spain!" Eduardo exclaims.

Everyone started laughing, including me. Eduardo got his diploma and shook Mrs.Duncan's hand.

When he walked by Jose, they did their usual handshake.

"Okay, I see you!" The graduates from the first row yelled.

I laughed.

"Lorena Perez," Mr.Baker said.

"EDUARDO, YA GIRLLLL!" A bunch of graduates yelled.

"You guys are savages," Lorena replied, laughing as she walked up to Mrs.Duncan.

She received her diploma and shook Mrs.Duncan's hand.

Ha, I noticed that not one student did not shake Mr.Baker's hand. He gets no love.

My row was finished and we left the stage. We arrived at our seats and sat down.

I looked ahead to see Tyra's row walking to the stage.

I know she's about to get a huge standing ovation, similar to Melanie's.

"Tyra Ramirez," Mrs.Duncan said.

All of the graduates started cheering, including me.

Tyra couldn't stop smiling.

After we stopped cheering, Nicky yelled, "That's my sister right there! Yay Tyra!"

"That's my girlfriend! Love you Tyra!" Oscar yelled.

Everyone started laughing as Tyra blushed. She got her diploma and shook Mrs.Duncan's hand.

She turned to us and raised her diploma high into the sky.

We roared in applause.

"CAMPEONES, CAMPEONES! OLE, OLE, OLE!" The home bleachers yelled.

When Dakota's name was called, there was scattered clapping.

No one didn't call her any names as she received her diploma.

"Anai Santos," Mr.Baker said.

"FASHION ICON!" Liliana, Araceli, and Lorena yelled.

Anai smiled as she got her diploma and shook hands with Mrs.Duncan.

"Donivan Thompson," Mrs.Duncan said.

"LOS WARRIORS!'" Some of the graduates yelled.

"#DubNation," Donivan said.

Everyone laughed as Donivan got his diploma and shook hands with Mrs.Duncan.

"Nah'cier Woods," Mr.Baker said.

"TRAPAHOLIC MIXTAPE!" A graduate from my row yelled and cheered.

Everyone in my row started laughing.

Nah'cier did the "Hit them folks" dance move and got his diploma. We cheered as he shook Mrs.Duncan's hand.

"Carolina Wells," Mrs.Duncan said.

Surprisingly, a lot of graduates started clapping. Carolina smiled and got her diploma.

She shook hands with Mrs.Duncan and stood in line.

The last row got off the stage and stood in front of their seats. That's when all of the graduates stood up.

"Parents, family, friends, and staff: may I present to you the graduating class of 2015!" Mrs.Duncan exclaimed.

Everyone stood up and roared with cheers and excitement.

"Okay everyone, you can meet with your son or daughter once the graduates leave their seats." Mr.Baker said.

Anai's POV:

Our graduating class got together.

"Are you guys ready?" Tyra asked.

We nodded.

"Okay in five, four, three, two—"

"What you students pulled today was inappropriate and unprofessional." Someone spoke.

Everyone groaned.

I looked to see students making an entrance for Mrs.Duncan and Mr.Baker.

"The name-calling you guys did while each student was getting their diplomas was disgusting. I hope you know that the superintendent and his wife was here. He practically yelled at me for not controlling you guys. The PTO was among offended by your horrid actions!" Mrs.Duncan yelled.

We stood there in silence.

"Now," She began. "What do you have to say for yourselves?"

Tyra approaches Mrs.Duncan, face to face.

"Mrs.Duncan, I speak for all us," She began.

"Okay." She said.

"And, we want to say that, WE GRADUATED AND WE DON'T A DAMN!" Tyra yelled.

"YEAH!" We yelled.

We threw our caps in the air and cheered.

Mrs.Duncan and Mr.Baker left, shocked at our reactions.

We jumped and cheered and hugged each other as our caps came down.

Donivan connected his speaker to his phone and began to play Pop That by French Montana.


While the graduates were celebrating, the squad and I got together and hugged one another.

The Chelsea team, David, Cristiano, James, and our parents caught up to us and congratulated us.

Tyra hugged Oscar and they passionately kissed.

"Awe!" I squealed.

I took out my phone and took a picture of the lovely couple.

"GET IN OSCAR!" Donivan, Nah'cier, Jose, and Thiago yelled.

Tyra and Oscar laughed and as they let go of the kiss.

"Tyra, I took a photo of you guys and sent it to you," I said.

Tyra unlocked her phone.

"Anai this is beautiful, thanks!" Tyra exclaims.

"You're welcome," I replied.

"Hello!" A guy shouts, smiling at us.

"Um, hi! Are you looking for someone?" Tyra asked.

"Tyra, that's Jimmy, the photographer I hired. He's here to take photos of us." Nicky replied.

Jimmy took a couple of photos of the squad and me.

Then, David, Cristiano, James, our parents, and the Chelsea team got in the group pic.

He also took individual photos of us with our parents.

"Okay, I think it's time to go to Red Lobster," Nicky said, with excitement.

"I can call Darnell and tell him to drive his party bus here," Donivan mentioned.

"He has a party bus?" Melanie asked.

"Of course," Donivan responds, taking out his phone.

"What about our cars?" Jose asked.

"He can drop us off here after dinner to go get them," Donivan replied.

"Joey, Anthony, Ian!" Araceli exclaimed.

I looked to see them running up to us. The squad and I ran up to them too and hugged them.

"So, this is it," Joey spoke.

"Hold up, it's not really the end because we'll visit them here, right?" Tyra asked.

We smiled and agreed.

"Ha, you better," Ian replied.

"Don't push it," Tyra said.

Everyone started laughing.

"Wait, we should take a photo with them," Calum suggested.

"Good idea Calum, let's do that," Anthony said.

After Donivan got off the phone, the squad and I got in the group photo with Joey, Anthony, and Ian.

Jimmy took a couple of photos.

"Lit! This is so going up as my desktop background." Liliana said.

That's when Darnell's party bus came.

"Hey, how about you guys join us by celebrating at Red Lobster? Nicky rented out the place for the night, so there's room for you guys too." Eduardo said to Joey, Anthony, and Ian.

Joey, Anthony, and Ian nodded. Everyone got on the bus and took their seats.

I sat next to Liliana and Lorena, while Araceli sat across from us.

"Ready to go?" Darnell asked.

"Yes." We all replied.

"WAIT!" Donivan yelled.

"What man?" Darnell asked.

"Can I get the AUX cord?"

Everyone started laughing.

"I guess so," Darnell replied.

"Lit!" Donivan yelled and plugged his phone in.

He pressed shuffle and Graduation by Vitamin C started playing. Darnell then drove off.

As he was driving, the squad and I sang along to the song. We started crying before the song even ended.

Liliana, Araceli, Lorena, and I hugged each other, still crying.

God, I wish I could do high school all over again. 

Hey everyone, I just want to tell you guys something before you put this book in your archives.

I'm going to miss writing Greased. I'll never forget the day when I posted the first chapter of Greased on Wattpad. It's crazy how I came up with all of this.

What kind of mind do I have? 😂😂😂

Anyways, let me tell you something. I cherished writing each and every chapter of this book. I even sometimes re-read what I've written and laughed because I know this would not happen in real life.

I hope you enjoyed this book. I am happy that I made the right choice in publishing this book to the people of Movellas.

Well, it's time to say goodbye.

Once again, thank you for the support to me and this book.

From yours truly, Tyra❤️

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