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  • Published: 3 Aug 2017
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Tyra Ramirez and Melanie Fuentes are best friends and students at London High School, as well as the rest of their friends, called the squad.

Everything was fine until Tyra and Melanie's boyfriends, David Luiz and Cristiano Ronaldo, unexpectedly kidnaps the two.

Will Tyra and Melanie escape? Can the squad save them?

If they do, would their lives ever be the same again?

© philcoutinho 2014


39. chapter 39

Third Person's POV:

*Fast-Forward to Monday, June 22nd, 2015*

Today's a very important day for the seniors at London High School. It's the last day of school and their graduation ceremony.

It's crazy how this year went by, with the ups and downs the squad had gone through, but in the end, they conquered it like champions.

The squad enters LHS one last time. The juniors, sophomores, and freshmen cheered for them.

They smiled as they sat in their usual seats since the first day of school.

"Wow, it's the last day of school. I can't believe it." Melanie says.

"Same, I'm going to miss this school by around 55%," Donivan spoke.

Everyone laughed at Donivan's comment.

"Well, it's true. The only good thing here was just Joey, Anthony, Ian, the hilarious drama, fights, and the Chik-Fil-A that the school sold us. Not only that, but we had many iconic memories over the years. The class of 2015 is the best senior class this high school ever had." He explained.

The squad agreed. Dakota and Carolina walked in. No one didn't clap for them.

"People are so rude nowadays. All the seniors were cheered by the other grades. Why can't we get some encore?" Dakota asked.

"Well, it's probably because no one likes us because we're mean and annoying. Ever think of that?" Carolina snapped.

"Oh, shit." Some of the students said.

The squad looked at Dakota and Carolina.

"What's going on with them?" Calum asked.

"I don't know, but it looks like Carolina is mad at Dakota," Liliana replied.

"Excuse me? We are not mean or annoying and you know that." She assured.

"Dakota, it's true. For example, does my cheating scandal with my ex-boyfriend Carson ring a bell? Every day, I feel guilty for calling him, just so we can use him to bully the squad during the Presidential Election!" She exclaimed.

A lot of students gasped.

"Oh my, she went there," Araceli said.

"And, now we know how they know our personal secrets! Ugh, I knew Carson was too good to be true." Tyra said.

"Carolina, don't bring that up!" Dakota exclaimed.

"I don't care! Anyways, we make fun of everyone with our cruel remarks and even racial slurs. For your Presidential Speech, I helped you expose the squad's most deep and personal secrets, which I feel extremely bad about. Look, you and I need to change. We can't be like this forever. We're going to college for calling out loud! Those colleges won't accept this behavior." Carolina explained.

Everyone had their eyes widened.

Carolina is speaking the truth, and it took her long enough to realize it. Dakota sighed.

"You're right, we need to change, but today's the last day of school so can we act like we always acted one last time?"

Everyone groaned.

"You had it all going good Dakota but you just had to ask that question," Nah'cier said.

"She really ruined it for herself," Melanie said.

"Fine, but today is the last day. After this bell rings, we have to act right. Do you understand?" Carolina asked.

She and Dakota walked up the bleachers and sat in their usual seat.

"Okay, I can't believe I just heard that," Anai said.

"Why did it take Carolina so long to realize that?" Luke asked.

"I don't even know," Michael replied.

"Seniors, go to your lockers. Aw, I'm going to miss you guys so much! Good luck in the adult world!" Ms.Knight announced.

All of the seniors got up and left as everyone clapped for them once again.

Michael's POV:

Luke and I entered Joey's classroom and took our seats.

"Good morning class, today's the last day of school," Joey said and sighed.

The entire class sighed.

I'm really going to miss Joey. He's a cool teacher. I wish I had him longer just like the squad did.

"But let's not feel so sad. Let's do something fun." Joey added.

"Like?" Jose asked.

"Anyone up for Hot Topics?" Joey asked.

Everyone agreed.

I hope we won't have a rundown of last time when Eduardo and Jose couldn't stop arguing about Real Madrid and Barcelona.

"Who wants to start off?" Joey asks and sits on his desk.

Calum raised his hand.

"Okay Calum, what's your hot topic?"

"I think that this school will never be the same without us seniors. Don't you ever think about that? I mean, we're the craziest grade." He replied.

"I know right? It all started with the food fight at the end of freshman year, thanks to Nah'cier throwing that piece of the nasty chicken at that lunch lady." Lorena said.

Everyone started laughing at the memory.

"Or that time when Donivan, Tyra, and Nah'cier celebrated Black History Month in junior year," Eduardo said.

"Oh yeah, #FightThePower," Tyra said.

Everyone started laughing.

"I remember when I was swinging a South African flag in the hallways and Mrs.Duncan tried to take from me. How dare she! I get it, you're white and you're pressed that there's no white history month but damn!" Donivan exclaimed.

Everyone was cracking up, agreeing with Donivan. I love it when we laugh a lot during class.

Unfortunately, It'll be different when September comes around.

The squad is enrolled in different colleges and universities to pursue their dreams.

I don't think 5sauce and I are going to college because we're going on a world tour starting next week.

It'll be hard for Melanie and Luke. There's a possibility that they might break up.

I hope they figure something out.

Jose was in the middle of his topic when the bell rang.

"Well folk, period one is over. Have a nice summer." Joey announced, with sadness in his voice.

"No!" Nah'cier yells.

He runs and hugs Joey. Then, Tyra comes and hugs him.

Soon, we group hugged Joey.

"So I guess everyone needs a late pass." Joey joked.

We all laughed.

Joey signed us a big late pass. Tyra took it and we left.

The bell rang as the squad and I walked into Ian's classroom.

"Ha! The squad is late, Ian, look!" Dakota yelled.

"Ha, you played yourself because we have a late pass from Joey!" Tyra yelled back.

She gives Ian the late pass.

"Sorry Dakota, their late is excused," Ian said.

We started laughing at Dakota as she rolled her eyes.

"Anyways, today we're not doing any work since it's the last day of school. I'll be coming to the graduation ceremony later on tonight." Ian added.

We cheered. I hope Joey and Anthony come too.

"So, what are we doing then?" I asked.

"You guys can sit and chill. I'll be at my desk." Ian replied and walked to his desk.

"Hey Tyra, is Nicky, Oscar, Willian, and Eden coming tonight?" Donivan asked.

"Yeah, plus the whole Chelsea squad, including Mourinho. David, Cristiano, and James are coming as well." Tyra replied.

"We should celebrate at dinner. Red Lobster?" Melanie suggested.

"Yes, yes, yes!" We yelled.

"Okay then," Melanie said and laughed.

"Their seafood looks so good. I have to try it." Jose said.

"I'll get Nicky to rent out the place," Tyra said, taking out her phone.

"Good. Make sure you dress nicely under your cap and gown. You can take them off when we get to Red Lobster." Melanie said.

Everyone agreed.

The bell rang. We said goodbye to Ian and gave him a group hug.

Araceli's POV:

*Fast-Forward to History*

The squad and I walked inside History.

Last period was crazy because Donivan, Nah'cier, and Tyra got into an argument with Mrs.Harrison.

She was already in a bad mood so that kind of got them annoyed, but when she assigned the entire class several pages of worksheets, that was the last straw. 

Nah'cier shut her down by saying, "Okay Mrs.Harrison, you better grab a fold-a-chair and take a seat because you can't make us do work on the last day of school."

"OHHHHH!" We yelled and started laughing.

Mrs.Harrison stood there in silence.

So during that period, we just sat with our friends and talked to each other.

"Okay class, today we're going to watch a movie. The movie is Divergent." Ms.Thomas announced.

Ms.Thomas put the movie on.

She let us talk to each other but quietly since some of the students wanted to watch it.

*Thirty Minutes Later*

"Okay class there's a minute left till the bell. I'll miss you guys." Ms. Thomas said.

We smiled.

The bell rang. We gave Ms.Thomas a big hug and left for lunch.

*Fast-Forward to English*

The squad and I walked into Mrs.Morris room, laughing.

During lunch, Eduardo went on stage to make an announcement.

He talked about our last day being seniors and named a lot of memories throughout the years.

Suddenly, he started roasting some of the teachers!

Then, Mrs.Duncan came in and told Eduardo to take a seat or else he won't attend graduation.

"Eduardo, you're a savage for what you said about Mr.Blessing." Nah'cier mentions.

"What? It's true. He's a jerk who can't get a girl." Eduardo replied.

"I remember when Lorena and Dakota fought during sophomore year." Donivan mentions.

"Oh yeah, the worst part about it was that it was the first day of school and she ruined my new shirt." Lorena groaned, rolling her eyes.

"Well, that's what you get for talking shit about me," Dakota said.

"Shame, it was you who was talking shit about Lorena. You were mad at her because she bought the last shirt during that 75% off sale at Forever 21. That's why you ruined it during the fight. Plus Lorena won because you fortified." Anai stated.

"Anai's right. The lady who was working that day said they'll be more shipments by tomorrow." Carolina said.

"I thought you were my friend!" Dakota yells.

"Don't worry, I am. It's just you. You need to change, and I don't mind helping you. And please don't yell like that." Carolina replied.

"Okay, sorry." She said.

The bell rang. We headed to the locker rooms for gym class.

It's great that Carolina is seeing the light, and Dakota should follow her steps.

Jose's POV:

Everyone came out of the locker rooms, changed.

I'm kind of salty that we have to change on the last day of school.

We had to change because Mrs.Duncan is coming here to take pictures of us for the senior slideshow.

Ms.Knight took attendance and we did our usual exercises.

"Okay class, how about a round of kickball?" She asked.

Everyone agreed with the idea.

"Okay, so two other classes will be here shortly. If you're wondering who they are, it's the senior's AP English class and the cheer squad." Ms.Knight announced.

"Dammit." Some of us whispered.

I can't stand both of those classes.

In honors English, there's Penelope with her calculus obsession, and in the cheer squad, there's Kaitlin and her followers.

Even though they're both annoying, the squad and I can definitely beat them.

*10 Minutes Later*

Both classes came down to the gymnasium.

"Okay guys, first round: The Squad vs. The AP Gang. The AP Gang will kick first." Ms.Knight said.

The squad and I went to the field and got into a huddle.

"Okay guys, this will be easy. All we have to do is play quick. Once you guys get the ball you have to get that person out." Tyra explains.

"Hurry up!" Penelope yells.

We rolled our eyes.

"Okay, that's easy," Melanie said.

Everyone else agreed.

"Good. You guys ready?" Tyra asked.

We nodded.

"ONE TWO THREE SQUAD!" We yelled and got to our places.

I'm at first base, Donivan's at second, and Lorena's at third.

Melanie's the pitcher and everyone else is all over the place.

Melanie perfectly rolls the ball. Penelope kicks it hard. Eduardo slid and picked it up.

He quickly threw the ball at Penelope's leg.

"One out! Good job Eduardo." Ms.Knight said.

"Ugh, this is so unfair!" Penelope yells as she sits down.

We started laughing at her.

*Last Five Minutes of Gym Class*

It's my team versus the cheerleaders. It's tied 4-4 and we have two outs, thanks to Dakota and Carolina.

Tyra's up.

"Okay Tyra you got this, you got this," Nah'cier said, as she steps up to the plate.

The squad and I began to chant her name.

Jessica rolls the ball.

Tyra runs up and kicks the ball so hard, that it made a crazy curve.

She dashed to first then second, and to third.


She runs towards home. Jesica threw the ball but Tyra went matrix and dodged it.

She slides to home base and touched it with her right foot.

We screamed and cheered.

"CAMPEONES, CAMPEONES! OLE OLE OLE!" We shout with excitement.

Thiago and Donivan picked Tyra up and put her on their shoulders.

She couldn't stop laughing as we circled around them, cheering and screaming and clapping.

"Well, here are your 2015 kickball champions, The Squad!" Ms.Knight exclaimed.

We cheered once again.

*Back to English Class*

Everyone's back in Mrs.Morris' class.

"Tyra, player of the match material?" Ashton asked.

Everyone laughed.

"I was nervous when that ball came towards me," Tyra stated.

"Yeah, we could tell by your face when we saw it," Araceli said.

"We murdered the AP class and cheerleader squad and didn't lose a game," Nah'cier said.

"We're ballin'," Donivan said.

We agreed with him.

"I'm glad Mrs.Duncan came and took the pictures. I bet I look good when I caught that ball in mid-air." Thiago said.

Everyone started laughing.

"After this bell rings, we should go to the mall and just chill, or maybe do some last minute shopping until the ceremony starts," Calum suggested.

Everyone agreed with the idea.

"Yeah, but we have to leave a bit early so we can get ready," Liliana stated.

"That's true but we'll make it on time. Thiago souped that he's in the front." Nah'cier said.

"Yeah, too bad some of you guys are in the middle," Thiago said.

For the graduation ceremony, we're in alphabetical order, by the last name.

I'm right after Araceli.

"It'll be long. There's like 500+ people graduating." Melanie said.

"I hate when people start crying on the last day of school. Like, I won't miss you because we never talked to each other throughout high school." Michael explained.

Everyone started laughing.

"Oh my god that's so annoying. I remember on the last day of school in eighth grade, Lexie was crying so loud. She tried to hug me, saying that she'll miss me. I pushed her off of me. Like, we never liked each other so why say that you'll miss me? Plus, she said that she's gonna go to Fulham High School so....." Tyra trailed.

Everyone started laughing.


We stopped talking and looked at the clock.






We dashed out of the classrooms. Everyone cheered and threw their papers in the air.

"Turn up!" Donivan yells as we arrived at our lockers.

We threw our papers in the air some more as music was blasting from Eduardo's locker.

After that, everyone ran out of the school, cheering as loud as they can.

"Seniors! Seniors! Seniors!" We cheered.

The squad and I got inside our cars and drove off to the mall.

Hello everyone. I just want to tell you guys that the next chapter will be the final chapter of Greased! -Tyra❤️

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