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  • Published: 3 Aug 2017
  • Updated: 24 Jul 2018
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Tyra Ramirez and Melanie Fuentes are best friends and students at London High School, as well as the rest of their friends, called the squad.

Everything was fine until Tyra and Melanie's boyfriends, David Luiz and Cristiano Ronaldo, unexpectedly kidnaps the two.

Will Tyra and Melanie escape? Can the squad save them?

If they do, would their lives ever be the same again?

© philcoutinho 2014


37. chapter 37

Nah'cier's POV:

*A Few Days Later - Thursday, May 14th, 2015*

Finally, today's the last day of finals. After this, it's back to our normal school schedule.

Jose, Eduardo, and I walked into Mr. Hexoc's class.

"Morning gentlemen." He beamed.

"Morning." We replied and sat in our testing seats.

Eduardo sits across from me, while Jose sits behind him. Soon, everyone else came in, including Carolina.

"Wow Carolina, you're actually on time." Ian joked.

"Don't start with me Hexoc." Carolina snapped, taking her seat.

"What's up with you?" He asked.

"Starbucks didn't have enough whipped cream for my Mocha Frappe. I'm not drinking a plain Mocha Frappe. It's disrespectful."

"I cannot believe that Ian and I wasted two minutes of our lives just listening to what she said," Eduardo spoke.

Everyone started laughing, except for Carolina.

"I have to post attendance. Is everyone here?" Ian asked.

That's when Thiago ran inside the classroom.

"Thiago, you didn't have to come today. You're exempt from finals." Tyra said.

"I know, but I wanted to see you guys. I missed you all so much." He replied.

"Awwww," Jose said.

Everyone started laughing.

"That's sweet Thiago. You can sit in the back and do some makeup work." Ian said.

"On second thought, I am a little tired," Thiago said and fake yawned.

Everyone began to laugh. Thiago laughed as well and sat at the back.

After Ian posted the attendance, he passed out the computers, the testing folders, our login code, and plain pieces of paper.

He gave us a couple of minutes for us to log in.

"Is everyone finished?" He asked.

We nodded.

"You may start. You have 45 minutes, good luck." He said.

I clicked on the start button and began the test.

*Forty Five Minutes Later*

"Students, you may close your computers and take a break. I'll allow you guys to use your phones. If you're going to listen to music, use your headphones and make sure the volume is low." Ian announced, looking at me.

I rolled my eyes and joined everyone else in the laughter.

Tyra, Araceli, Lorena, and Thiago decided to sit with Eduardo, Jose, and I.

As we're talking, someone came into the room.

"Oh hell no!" Tyra blurted.

Dakota's here.


"Carolina, don't. Hello Dakota, what do you need?" Ian asked.

"My group is taking a break. Joey sent me here because I was being rude to him." She replied.

"Okay, you can sit anywhere, just don't bother my students," Ian said.

"Okay." She said.

"Okay," I said, mimicking Dakota's voice.

Everyone started laughing.

"You know, people love Carolina and me more than the squad. Oops, I meant the twats." Dakota said.

"What kind of third grade diss is that?" Lorena asked, laughing.

We laughed as well.

"It's true. Don't get mad because people love Carolina and me more than you guys." She said.

"Dakota, you should take up comedy. Your joke was funny. Next one please." Araceli said.

"Ooooh." Everyone said.

"Araceli no one likes you, you're stupid."

"Carolina, you better get your idiotic friend. She's not going to stunt in here calling me stupid. You got me all the way fucked up." Araceli spat.

"Damn!" We exclaimed and laughed.

"You guys need to stop instigating whenever two people are arguing," Dakota said to us.

"Dakota, don't try to change the subject just because you're getting roasted," Thiago said.

Everyone nodded in agreement. Dakota rolled her eyes.

"Anyways, like I said before Araceli, you're stupid."

"Ian, can I use your Elmo?" Araceli asked.

"Sure." He replied.

"Why are you changing the topic? Are you getting scared now Araceli?" Carolina asked.

"I am not scared of you and Dakota. Actually, this has something to do with Dakota saying how 'stupid' I am." Araceli replied, getting up.

Araceli walked up to the Elmo and turned it on.

She put her iPhone 6 under it and brightened up the screen.

Everyone can see the Genesis page on the board.

Araceli clicked on the grade book section, where you could see her grades.

"Okay, since Dakota called me stupid, and today just had to be the day that I have to prove people wrong, what do you see?" Araceli asked, pointing to the board.

"All four marking period grades," Lorena replied.

"That's right. What grade do I mostly have on each subject?" She asked.

"Not a single failing grade. Just A's" Tyra answered.

"So, therefore, I am not dumb because if I was, I would be in the intermediate classes, which is where you and Carolina belong, technically speaking," Araceli said to Dakota.

Everyone started laughing at Dakota.

"Dakota, you must feel like an idiot right now," Eduardo said and continued laughing.

"Good job with the grades Araceli! That'll make colleges go crazy and send you loads of offer letters." Ian said.

"Thank you, and I got a lot of them already." She said, turning off the Elmo.

"Alright Dakota, you were proved wrong and break time is over. Go back to Joey's room." Ian ordered.

"Whatever." She said and left.

"Okay guys, go back to your testing seats and get ready to take the second section," Ian said.

We scrambled back to our seats. We turned on the computers and logged back on.

"You may begin." He said.

I instantly started on the first problem. 

Thiago's POV:

*An Hour Later*

The squad and I are in History with Ms.Thomas. We were just talking and laughing until the intercom turned on.

"Okay students, that concludes our days for finals! I hope you all did your very best, especially the seniors." Mrs.Duncan announced.

The squad and I started cheering. I heard people in the hallway cheering as well.

Today's such a good day!

I'm glad that I was exempt from finals. I'm also glad that the football season is almost over.

I'm still upset that Bayern Munich got eliminated from the Champions League.

We beat Barcelona 3-2 but the two goals Barca scored helped them beat us on aggregate, which is 5-3.

"Okay, guys you can go to lunch," Ms.Thomas said.

The squad and I ran out of the classroom and into the cafeteria.

I decided to get a Chik-Fil-A chicken sandwich and waffle fries. I took my food and sat with the squad.

"Okay, shhhh! Ever since the school added Chik-Fil-A to our lunch menu, Nah'cier hasn't tried them yet. We were supposed to try it when we got back from break, but Nah'cier chickened out the last minute." Tyra explained.

Nah'cier rolled his eyes.

"Roll your eyes all you want. You have to try it." Ashton said.

"Ashton's right. Just take a couple of bites, please?" Tyra asked.

"Okay fine." He replied.

Nah'cier ate a couple of chicken nuggets and some waffle fries.

"THIS SHIT IS GOOD AS FUCK!" Nah'cier yelled.

The squad and I cheered. Everyone who heard Nah'cier cheered for him as well.


Everyone cheered for Barcelona.

"FORZA JUVE!" A boy yelled.

"Bitch don't get me started. I'll get Luis Suarez to bite Chiellini!" Eduardo exclaimed.

"Oooooooh." Everyone said.

"Oh god, not again," Araceli said.

Everyone started to laugh and went back to what they were doing.

"I hope that Barca win. They deserve another Champions League trophy." I mentioned.

"That's great that you still support your former team," Liliana said.

"Barcelona was my first home, and it always will be," I said.

Everyone smiled, including me.

"Just saying, I really like Juventus but Barca will go down on them for days," Eduardo stated.

"Way to ruin the nice moment Eddy," Tyra said.

Everyone started laughing.

"Whatever you say," Eduardo replied and laughed.

That's when we heard two taps on the microphone. We looked up to see Joey.


Everyone started laughing, including Joey.

"Yes Donivan, you are my seed." He responded.

"Lit!" Donivan exclaimed.

We started laughing again.

"Anyways, after lunch, you guys will go to period seven. When period seven is over, you can go home. Tomorrow will be a regular full day of school." Joey announced.

Everyone cheered.

"I feel the same as well. I miss you all." He said.

Everyone aw'ed. The bell rang and everyone left the cafeteria.

The squad went to their lockers to get their bags.

I didn't have to go since I didn't bring anything. Tyra was the first one done.

"Want to walk to gym class with me?" I asked.

"Sure," Tyra replied.

I smiled and we both began to walk.

"When you guys said that Dakota and Carolina have gotten worse, I didn't know it was that bad," I spoke.

Tyra laughed.

"Dakota was always mean anyways. The cheating scandal is what changed Carolina."

"I didn't know that cheating on someone will make you that mean," I replied.

We both started laughing as we arrived at the gymnasium.

"The bleachers are out, meaning that we're not changing today!" Tyra exclaimed.

We both high fived. That's when the rest of the squad arrived.

"No changing? Let's get it!" Calum exclaimed.

Everyone started laughing.

Ashton's POV:

We're sitting on the bleachers, bored out of our mind.

"I actually want to change now," I said.

Everyone agreed with me.

"If we're on our phones, it'll get boring. If we talk to each other, we'll say the same shit. God, why are you treating us like this?" Eduardo asked, looking up.

"Okay Eddy, I see you with that rhyming scheme," Nah'cier said.

We started laughing.

"I have an idea! Let's wander around the school. Ms.Knight won't notice that we're gone." Melanie spoke.

Everyone agreed with the idea. We got up and simply left the gymnasium.

"Now, which way should we start?" Jose asked.

"Let's start around here, and go up the floors," Tyra suggested.

Everyone agreed with Tyra's suggestion.

"Okay, let's start," Melanie said.

We started walking to the D wing.

"This wing is pretty much where the computer and medical science students have their classes. I don't know how they're into that stuff. It seems hard." Anai mentioned.

"I remember back in freshman year, I was scared to go down this hallway," Donivan said.

Everyone started laughing. We finished walking the D wing.

We went up the ramp and made a right. We arrived at the freshman hallway.

"Do not get me started on this hallway," Tyra said.

We all started laughing.

"So much has happened freshman year," Araceli said.

"Remember that fight between Jose and Benjamin?" Nah'cier asked

"And Ben forfeited right after Jose pushed him," Tyra replied.

We started laughing again.

"All jokes aside, the cause of the fight was really stupid," Eduardo said.

"Eddy, you know it wasn't," Jose said.

"Dude, the fight happened only because Ben spoiled the season three finale of Cake Boss by accident," Thiago said.

We started laughing.

"Cake Boss? Really?" Luke asked.

"What? I hate it when someone spoils a movie or a show, especially when it's one of my favorites!" Jose exclaimed.

We continued walking down the hallways until we reached the B200's hall.

"Geometry class, sophomore year," Lorena said.

"Ms.Hawthorne's tests and quizzes were so easy. Everyone passed her class with ease."  Liliana said.

"I remember when we had that sub for geometry when Ms.Hawthorne was on medical leave for her pregnancy," Eduardo said.

"It was the old lady who wore too much lipstick. She was such a bitch, and she didn't know what to do." Donivan said.

"Oh yeah, and she always yells at us," Thiago said.

"She sent me to the office because I was eating in class. It wasn't fair because everyone else was eating too." Melanie said.

"Melanie, everyone else had a bag of chips or some cookies. She sent you to the office because you were cooking pancakes in the back of the class." Jose said.

Everyone started laughing again.

Michael's POV:

We finished walking the second floor. 5SOS and I couldn't stop laughing at the squad's stories. 

They've created so many memories throughout this school.

I could look at a water fountain and Donivan can tell me the story about the time when Eduardo slipped and fell.

We climbed up the steps to the third floor.

"Remember that time when Liliana fell down these steps?" Tyra asked.

"Stop, don't mention that!" Liliana exclaimed.

Everyone started laughing.

"How the way you slid down made it funnier," Jose replied.

"Yeah, and I had a headache for days." Liliana groaned.

We began to walk down the hallway.

"I remember this is where we had our health class with Ms.Knight. She could never teach our class anything, mainly because of Dakota and Carolina asked her dumb questions." Melanie explained.

"Remember when those three fights happened in one week and all of them took place here?" Donivan asked.

"Oh yeah." Most of the squad said.

"Mrs.Duncan was going off that Friday morning. She yelled at us many times in the past, but that one hit home." Thiago said.

"She took that speech a little too far. She said, "Some nights I can't sleep, thinking about these horrific fights. I sigh with worriment as tears of doom slid down my face." Lorena said, imitating Mrs.Duncan.

Everyone started laughing. It was so funny that everyone had to wipe the tears coming down their faces.

"Let's go to Joey's class and stay there until dismissal," Lorena suggested.

Everyone agreed. We went downstairs and arrived at Joey's room.

"Hey guys, aren't you suppose to be in gym?" He asked.

"Yeah but we're not changing today," Tyra replied.

"Okay, you can stay here then." He said.

We grabbed a stool and sat at the lab tables.

"We have the field day, then the field trip, graduation, and goodbye high school," Melanie said.

Everyone agreed and sighed. I'll miss high school, especially the drama, and our graduating class.

"I'm going to miss you guys. It's been fun having you guys as my students." Joey said.

"And it's been fun having you as our teacher, mentor, and friend," Donivan replied.

Joey smiled. We smiled back.

The bell rang.

"Well, see you guys tomorrow morning!" Joey exclaimed.

We smiled and said goodbye. We left his class and left the school.

"How about we watch Chelsea train at Cobham? Nicky said they're going to play World Cup." Tyra said.

"Hell yeah." We said.

We laughed and got inside our cars and left the school.

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