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  • Published: 3 Aug 2017
  • Updated: 24 Jul 2018
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Tyra Ramirez and Melanie Fuentes are best friends and students at London High School, as well as the rest of their friends, called the squad.

Everything was fine until Tyra and Melanie's boyfriends, David Luiz and Cristiano Ronaldo, unexpectedly kidnaps the two.

Will Tyra and Melanie escape? Can the squad save them?

If they do, would their lives ever be the same again?

© philcoutinho 2014


33. chapter 33 (part one)

Calum's POV:

*Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 - 11:30 AM*

"Calum, Calum! Wake up. We need your help with breakfast." I heard Michael say, shaking me.

"Okay, I'll be out in a few," I replied.

He nodded and left. I yawned and got out of the bed.

Spring break so far has been treating the squad and me perfectly.

For example, yesterday was April Fools Day, and we spent the day pranking Dakota and Carolina.

Our prank on Dakota was pretty funny.

We bought her favorite Vanilla Bean Frappe from Starbucks, but we added vinegar, salt, lemon juice, flour, and oil and mixed it together.

We drove to Dakota's house and Eduardo left it on her porch.

He knocked on the door five times and ran across the street to meet up with us.

Dakota opens her door and looks down to see the drink. She smiles and picks it up.

"A vanilla bean frappe, my favorite." She stated.

Dakota took a big sip. Her eyes widened and she spits out the drink. Everyone started laughing.

Then Dakota saw us.

"Ugh! Fuck all of you!" She yelled.

"It's okay Dakota, I got it all on tape!" Tyra yelled back.

We laughed even more. Pranking Carolina was easy.

Jose prank-called her and said Nash Grier was having a meet and great.


"It's at 667 Phillip Drive," Jose replied.

We tried not to laugh because the address is at Mrs.Duncan's house.

Later that night, Tyra called us into the living room.

"Remember when we pranked Carolina earlier today?" She asked.

"Yeah, why?" Lorena asked.

Tyra turned her phone to us:

Everyone looked at each other and laughed.

Anyways, I left the room and went downstairs.

I arrived in the kitchen to see Tyra and Eduardo are making breakfast and Donivan, Nah'cier, and Jose are preparing the drinks.

Luke, Michael, and Ashton are setting the table.

Liliana, Anai, Araceli, Melanie, and Lorena are cleaning the living room.

"Hey, just help out with anything," Melanie said to me.

I looked outside to see Willian, Oscar, Nicky, and Eden cleaning the backyard.

"Nicky invited them?" I asked.

"Yeah, now go help," Melanie replied and left.

I began to set the table with Luke, Michael, and Ashton.

"The empanadas are done!" Eduardo announced.

"And the pancakes and bacon are done!" Tyra announced.

The message spread all throughout Tyra and Nicky's house.

"HALLELUJAH!" We heard Nicky yell.

We started laughing.

When the table was set up, I helped Nah'cier, Donivan, and Jose set the drinks on the table.

Tyra and Eduardo put the pancakes, empanadas, and bacon on each plate.

Everyone came to the kitchen after they finished cleaning.

"I found a new bottle of hand sanitizer while everyone was cleaning," Melanie spoke.

"Okay, we can use that to wash our hands. After that, you can grab a plate, pick a seat, and just eat. No need to wait for others." Tyra said.

Everyone cleaned their hands and grabbed a plate of food.

I grabbed a plate and sat next to Luke.

Everyone began to eat. Wow, this food tastes so good.

"Glory to God, this food is delicious," Donivan announced.

"Shoutout to me for making the empanadas and shoutout to Tyra for making the pancakes. We both made the bacon." Eduardo replied.

Everyone started clapping. Tyra and Eduardo smiled.

"Oh, and I bought some food. Nicky, is it still in the fridge downstairs in the basement?" Araceli asked.

"Yep," Nicky replied.

"Good. So, I need some help." Araceli said.

"I'll help," Tyra said.

"Me too," I said.

Tyra and I followed Araceli to the basement.

"I have a lot of food stored in here, just letting you know." Araceli cautioned.

Tyra and I nodded. Araceli opened the fridge.

Woah, that is a lot of food!

Tyra and I widened our eyes.

"Yeah, like I said, a lot of food." She said, grabbing the cookies.

Tyra got the quesadillas. I got the fruit. We carefully climbed up the stairs and came into the kitchen.

"So then I was all like—" Nicky began but he gasped.

Everyone turned around and gasped as well. Araceli, Tyra, and I laughed.

"Araceli, did you cook all of that?" Nah'cier asked.

"No, Liliana, Anai, and Lorena helped me cook all of this." She answered.

Everyone clapped for Liliana, Anai, Araceli, and Lorena.

"Wow, you guys put a lot effort in cooking. I'm surprised." Eden said.

Everyone agreed with Eden.

"So, does anyone wants some of this food?" I asked, as Tyra, Araceli, and I sat the food on the counter.

Everyone nodded.

Nicky got up and helped Araceli, Tyra, and I microwave the quesadillas.

Melanie began to send five people at a time to get some of the food.

"Make sure you don't take too much. After everyone gets some food, we'll figure out if we can get seconds." She informed.

"They can take more. We cooked a bunch for everyone." Liliana confirmed.

"Really? Turn up!" Melanie exclaimed and got in line behind Donivan.

Everyone started laughing. Everyone else soon got some food and sat down.

"This such a ghetto breakfast. I love it!" Jose exclaimed.

Everyone started laughing. 

Melanie's POV:

"This is a great start to a Thursday. Eating breakfast past 10:00 AM, check." Nah'cier annouced and made a check mark on his piece of paper.

"How many things on your Spring Break Bucket List do you, or we I should say, have to do?" I asked.

"We have a lot, but far we've done most of them. The next thing on my list is Going to the mall with my friends." Nah'cier replied.

"Okay so let's go to the mall then," Oscar suggested.

"Sounds like a great idea," Willian said.

Everyone soon agreed to it.

"Wait, I have another great idea," Nicky announced.

"Nicky, we're not filling our pool with Coca-Cola and Mentos then jump in it," Tyra said.

Everyone started laughing.

"No, not that idea. Since most of us here are athletes, I think we should lose some of this weight. I know, working out is annoying but working out with your friends will make it fun. Therefore, we should go to Planet Fitness for the night and have fun." Nicky explained.

"That's a great idea. Mourinho would expect us to work out and get fit. Also, it isn't good to eat junk food for the whole break." Oscar stated.

Everyone agreed with Nicky and Oscar.

"Also, we have a game tomorrow against Stoke so we have to prepare for that," Willian said to Oscar, Nicky, and Eden.

"Oh yeah. You guys can come to our game." Nicky said.

"Sweet," Eduardo said.

"Oh my god and some of us could shop for fitness wear!" Lorena exclaimed.

"True! Is there something fitness related to your list Nah'cier?" Anai asked.

"Uh, Playing outside for an hour?" He responded.

"Well technically, the Planet Fitness building is outside, so, we're actually playing outside," Luke said.

"Good logic," I said.

Everyone started laughing.

"Speaking of workout, did you see Dakota's Instagram post? We all know that she went to the gym to take a selfie and left to get Starbucks." Jose mentioned.

Everyone laughed a little.

"You know, people are still hating on her about watching porn on PornHub at school and the plagiarism thing," I said.

"Your school is weird," Eden stated.

Everyone laughed.

"You're right though. It's mainly the drama that makes it weird. Some of the students and teachers are okay. Our lunch has improved since we finally have the real chicken and fresh fries from Chik-Fil-A." Anai explained.

"I still haven't tried it yet," Nah'cier spoke.

Everyone looked at him and gasped.

"Dude, I thought you did," Donivan said.

"Nope. It looks a bit suspect to me." He said.

"Spring Break needs to be over fast so you can try it because I don't want to witness you on a rampage," Jose said to Nah'cier.

Everyone laughed.

Anai's POV:

*A Few Hours Later - 2:00 PM*

We arrived at the mall.

"Okay, so we're here to shop for fitness clothes. Like we did when we shopped for Cristiano's dinner, make sure you ask for people's opinions." Liliana said.

"The girls can shop together. The boys, on the other hand, have to divide into three small groups, so you guys can work on that." I said.

After the boys got into groups, we went our separate ways and began to shop.

"I was thinking of the Nike Women's Store upstairs," Tyra suggested.

"Okay, we could go there. Also, they're on sale." Liliana stated.

We went up the escalator and walked into the store. It's a really big store since they sell nearly everything.

"We can split and find what we want to buy. Let each other know in the group chat if you're going to the changing rooms." Liliana warned.

We all nodded and fled to look for some stuff.

*30 Minutes Later*

Everyone found what they're looking for. We went to the changing rooms.

I changed into a pair of Nike Epic Luxes (running crops), and a sports bra.

"You ready?" Melanie asked.

"Yeah," I answered and came out.

We all walked out and looked at the big mirror.

"We look poppin'!" I exclaimed.

Everyone started laughing. We went back to our changing rooms and changed into our regular clothes.

We took the clothes that we're buying and continued looking for some more.

*An Hour Later*

Liliana, Araceli, Lorena, Tyra, Melanie, and I left the store, laughing.

Dakota and Carolina were there not too long ago.

They saw us and gave us dirty looks. That's when Tyra and Lorena began to roast them, which made us all laugh.

Dakota went too far and threw a shoe cleaner bottle at Tyra, but she caught it and threw at her like a boomerang.

It hit Dakota in the forehead and she screamed in pain.

Carolina tried to do the same thing to Lorena, but somehow the bottle hit her face when she threw it.

"Oh god, Carolina can't throw for her life," I spoke.

We started laughing again.

"Jesus, they're so stupid," Melanie replied.

"I know. It's funny but a little sad at the same time." Liliana stated.

"So, what did you guys get?" I asked as we approached the boys.

"Some of us went to the Nike store while others went to the Adidas store. Both have nice clothing but I went to Adidas. I got a Messi shirt." Eduardo explained.

"Those are nice," Tyra affirmed.

"I know right? Thank the Lord that I got the last one in my size." He replied.

"So, is everyone good to go?" Calum asked.

Everyone looked at one another, nodding approvingly.

"Okay, so we're good! Leggo!" Nicky exclaimed.

We all cheered and left the mall.

Tyra's POV:

*At Planet Fitness*

We arrived at Planet Fitness. We walked to the front desk and signed in.

"Okay, you may explore and work out," Nicky confirmed.

Everyone cheered and went to different spots around the place.

Araceli and I decided to work out together.

"What should we do first?" She asked.

"Treadmill?" I suggested.

"Fine with me."

We walked to the treadmill station and got on the treadmill. We turned on the machine, set our weight and program, and started working out.

"Okay, I have a bomb ass playlist so I'm going to play it. Let's turn up." Eduardo announced through the microphone.

That's when Survivor by Destiny's Child started playing.

"This song is awesome!" I yelled as I was running.

Araceli and I started laughing.

*An Hour Later*

Araceli and I are taking a break. We're at the food station, sharing a bowl of fruit.

I have to admit, Eduardo has a great taste in music.

Right now, Sugar (Remix) by Maroon 5 ft. Nicki Minaj is playing. I love this song, especially Nicki's part.

"This workout is great. Nah'cier, check this off your list!" I yelled.

"Word. Playing outside for an hour, check!" He yelled back.

"I love Eduardo's playlist. Some of these songs are great. You were so turnt when Let Me Love You by Mario started playing." Araceli said.

"That song is a classic," I stated.

We both started laughing.

"I have to ask Eduardo all the songs he has on his playlist though. He has a nice taste in music." I added.

"True. I don't think we'll finish this fruit. Excuse me, Miss, can you wrap this up?" Araceli asked the lady.

"Yeah sure." She answered and took the bowl.

A few minutes later, she came back with our wrapped food.

We thanked her and she smiled then left.

"Are you going to work out some more?" I asked.

"Nah. I'll sit here for a few more minutes. Then, I'll catch up to you. How about you?" She asked me.

"I'm going to lift some weights."

"Okay, have fun," Araceli said.

I smiled and left the food station. As I was walking, I bumped into someone.

"Oh I'm so—" I began but I gasped.

I can't believe it.

Why is he, out of all people, here?

I thought we would never see each other again.



Up in the multimedia is what Thiago Alcântara looks like! He'll have a small role in this book -Tyra ❤️

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