Tyra Ramirez is the younger sister of Chelsea FC Forward Nicky Ramirez. She's best friends with Melanie Fuentes and the squad, their friend group. Everything was fine until Tyra and Melanie's boyfriends, David Luiz and Francisco "Isco" Alarcón, unexpectedly kidnaps the two.

What will happen to Tyra and Melanie? Can Nicky and the squad save them?

© philcoutinho 2014


27. Chapter 27

Saturday, March 7th, 2015
The 0161 Restaurant 
Manchester, England
Noah's POV:

Tonight's the night. The squad and I, including Nicky and Oscar, arrived at The 0161 Restaurant for dinner. I've been nervous about this all day.

"What if David, Isco, and James go back to their old ways after this dinner? What if they faked their good behavior?" I thought.

"Noah, are you okay?" Tyra asked, putting her hand on my shoulder.

Melanie approached us.

"Not really," I replied. "I don't have a good feeling about this."

"Me too, but do you see me showing any signs of worriment?" Melanie asked.


"Exactly. Just stay calm and act normal," Tyra said.

"Yeah, you're right. Let's do this," I said.

Tyra and Melanie smiled. We followed the rest of the squad inside the restaurant. It's very vacant, but I think that's what Isco wanted.

"Hm. Isco said he'd be here," Nicky said.


That voice was Isco's. We turned around to see him David, and James.

"Hey," Melanie said and walked over to them.

Tyra, the squad and I followed. The table looks nice. There's already a starter dish in each plate.

There's a card with our names on it next to each empty wine glass. Mine says that I'm sitting with Anna and Dameon. After everyone found their card, we sat down.

"I'm glad you all could make it," David said.

"Thank you for inviting us," Tyra said.

"You're welcome," Isco replied. "I'm going to get some water for us. David, James, would you like to help me?"

David and Janes nodded. They got up from their seats and followed the Spaniard.

"This is so weird," Lindsey whispered to us.

"How are we going to survive the night?" Michael asked.

"Everyone, just relax," Oscar said. "Don't worry, I had my doubts about this earlier today, but I'm fine now. Think about how David, Isco, and James feel."

"Yeah, they're just as nervous," Nicky added.

That's when David, Isco, and James returned with pitchers of water. 

Everyone smiled. 

Let's see how this dinner pans out.


Eric's POV:

I'm sitting next to Lorena at the dinner table. I look good tonight. I'm glad Lorena picked out my suit. Real talk though, this table seating looks weird.

"Uh, can I be excused from the table?" I asked everyone. "I have to speak to Noah, Dameon, and Johnny privately. It'll be quick."

A lot of people went silent and looked at me.

"It's okay. Take your time," Isco assured.

I smiled and nodded.

I left the table and walked to the entrance. Noah, Dameon, and Johnathan followed.

"Hey Eric, are you okay?" Dameon asked.

"Yo, do you think that the seating at the dinner table looks weird?" I asked.

"No, why?" Johnathan asked.

"Take a look at where Melanie, Calum, and Tyra are sitting at," I replied.

Johnny, Noah, and Dameon turned around for a moment.

"Oh Eric, I see what you mean," Dameon said.

"Melanie is sitting in between Luke and Cristiano. Calum is sitting next to James, who's next to Oscar. Next to Oscar is Tyra then David."

I nodded.

"They probably planned that ahead of time. Remember the cards with our names?" Noah asked.

"Guys, do you think that Isco, James, and David lied their way to complete that program?" Johnathan asked.

"That's a bit of a reach, Johnny," I replied. "I think they made these seating arrangements just because they're a little jealous of Tyra and Melanie moving on. They'll get over it." 

"I agree with Eric," Noah said.

"I'm in the middle of this. Like, if David, Isco, and James improved, then they would respect Tyra and Melanie's choice of moving on, and not make these suspicious seating arrangements," Johnny said. 

"Then again, they just got out yesterday, and they're pretty nervous from what I've seen." 

"I know what you mean, Johnny," Dameon said. "It looks they've changed, but you have a strong feeling that they didn't."

"Let's get back to the table. Isco is giving us a weird look," Noah said.

We came back to the table and sat down in our seats.

"Everything alright?" Lorena asked.

I nodded.

The waiters arrived and served us a plate of pasta with a garlic bread roll on the side.

"This looks so good," I said.

Some of us laughed.

"Well, you can eat it, you know," James replied.

"No shit," I thought.

"Oh, I know," I said and picked up my fork.

Everyone started eating.

"So, how are you guys? How's LHS?" Isco asked.

We gave them plenty of answers.

"Our parents come home on Monday," Anna answered.

"Aw, that's nice. You must be glad about that." David said.

"Yeah, we needed them during the bad times," Lorena said. A lot of us were hurt physically and mentally." 

I choked on my drink.

Isco, David, and James awkwardly looked away. Tyra glared at Lorena.

"Lorena," I whispered, scowling at her.

"What? I'm not wrong," She said.

"So Francisco, this restaurant is nice. I've lived in Manchester for seven years, and I never heard of this place," Nicky said, changing the topic. 

"How'd you find it?" 

"I heard about it from a friend," He replied.

Everyone nodded their head. I can easily sense the awkwardness at the table.

Maybe this dinner wasn't such a good idea.



Thirty Minutes Later
Dameon's POV:

Everyone finished their dinner. The waiters took our plates and went back into the kitchen.

"How was the therapy program?" Tyra asked.

"It was great," James replied. "They knew what was wrong with and helped us, step by step."

"The program made me look at life differently, and I'm fine with that," David responded.

"As much as I'm thankful for their help, I want to back to playing football again," Isco said. "I wish James and I played with Real Madrid today. They versed Athletic Bilbao in La Liga but we loss 1-0." 

The Spaniard sighed.

"Now, Barcelona may go back to first if they win their game against Rayo Vallecano tomorrow," James added.

"I'm sure Madrid will come back strong," David said.

"Ha, you might as well admit that Barcelona is the best team in Spain. Mad, or nah?" I mumbled under my breath.

"Dame, you need to stop being so petty" Noah whispered to me, smirking.

I laughed to myself.

"So, um, can I ask you guys a question if you don't mind," Oscar said.

"Sure, what is it?" James asked.

"Did any of your, teammates, family, or friends visit you when you were in prison?"

David immediately put his drink down.

"Sadly, no," He replied. "I did receive letters from my family in Brazil, but it seemed like they didn't want to write to me."

"Daniela, my "wife," hates my guts," James said. "We're currently going through a divorce, and she wants sole custody of our daughter, Salome."

"Ever since I went to prison, my family and friends get harassed every day for what I did," Isco said. "Because of that, they thought it'd be best not to visit me."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Tyra said.

"Me too," Melanie said.

"Don't feel sorry for us, we deserved it," David stated. "What family member or friend would want to associate with a criminal?"

It went silent after that. I can feel the somber vibes taking over the table. I can't imagine what David, Isco, and James's family had to go through when they were in prison. Every day must've been like hell.

"I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked," Oscar said. "That was none of my business whatsoever." 

"It's okay, it's not your fault," David assured.

We all know he's lying, but can we blame him?


Melanie's POV:

"I just got a text from one of our maids," Isco announced. "They've finished making our dessert, and they're coming right now."

On cue, the maids came and served us chocolate mousse cake with whipped cream on top. 

Everyone started eating.

"If it makes everyone feel better, next week, Champions League football is back!" Eric exclaimed.

 "I know everyone will pay attention to Chelsea vs. PSG, but I'm looking forward to watching Barcelona vs. Manchester City. Man City needs to suffer."

"I agree with you, Eric," Nicky said. "I can't stand Manchester City."

"No one can! Like, not only Manchester United players and fans, but everyone worldwide," David said.

"I miss versing Man City in the Manchester Derby," Nicky said. "Do any of you remember when I scored that winner at Man City's stadium, and I celebrated right in front of the city fans?"

Everybody started laughing, nodding their heads. I noticed that the negativity was long gone and that this was the first time we laughed all night.

I guess having dinner with David, Isco, and James was a gamechanger.

Twenty Minutes Later

Everyone finished their dessert. The maids collected our plates and went into the kitchen.

"Anyone wants to go on the rooftop?" Isco asked. "I heard the stars are beautiful tonight."

"What? How?" Dameon asked.

"On some rights, The 0161 lets guests go on the rooftop to look at the stars," Isco replied. "The owner says I can go up there if I wanted to."

"Wow Francisco, you look at stars?" I asked.

"Of course," Isco replied. "I'm a big fan of astrology, so I hope good things for my sign, which is Taurus, with these stars tonight."

"Sweet, Tyra and I love looking at our horoscopes," Lindsey said, looking at Tyra.

Tyra nodded and smiled.

"Lindsey and I are both Aries,"

"Okay then, let's not wait any longer. Follow me," Isco said.

Everyone nodded and got up from our seats. We followed Isco up the beautiful steps.

The door was already open, so each of us stepped up on the rooftop. Isco was right; the stars are beautiful.

Everyone walked around, looking at the stars.

"I'll be back Melanie, I'm going to the restroom," Luke said.

"Okay," I said and smiled.

He smiled and left. I turned back around and continued to look at the lovely stars.

"So, how you've been Melanie?" Isco asked, approaching me.

"Oh, I've been doing well," I responded, turning around.

"Eric told me you won Student Council Vice President for the fourth year in a row. Congrats," He said.

I smiled.

"Thank you," I said.

"I remember you'd always go into work mode during the elections," Isco stated. "You'd even fall asleep on FaceTime due to working so much."

"Oh my god, I did," I said and laughed.

Isco laughed as well. 

Soon, it was silent for a few minutes. It's awkward, considering that I am standing in front of my ex-boyfriend.

What should I even say?

"Melanie, I'm sorry about what had happened in the past. The way I treated you and Tyra is something that I will always regret for the rest of my life," Isco said. 

"I should've stopped myself when I had the chance and..." 

"Isco, I understand," I said.

"I believed you from the moment Nicky told me you were sorry. When you first kidnapped me, I knew you weren't the type to do this," I said.

I walked up to Isco.

"I shouldn't say this, but it's the truth: David forced you to do it as he did with Zlatan when he held the squad hostage."

"Really? You knew that I was forced to do everything David says?"

I nodded my head.

Isco smiled. I smiled back.

"How's the relationship with Luke? Some people said he writes good music with his band," He said, swiftly changing the topic.

"The relationship is great. Luke is such a sweetheart," I replied.

"That's good," Isco said. "I'm glad Luke makes you happy. It's what you deserve."

We started talking some more until I saw Luke walking towards us.

"Do you still have my number? If so, then we'll keep in touch, yeah?" He asked.

"I still got it," I replied.

Isco smiled and walked away.

I know that Luke may be jealous, but he needs to understand the fact that Isco changed.


Tyra's POV:

I'm sitting down, looking at the stars, and admiring my surroundings. Aside from the shady comment from Lorena and Oscar's question, this dinner went smoother than I thought it would.

Everyone's getting along with Isco, David, and James, especially Nicky and Oscar.

"Hey, Tyra," I heard someone say.

I looked up to see David.

"Hey, Geezer," I responded and smiled.

He laughed and sat next to me.

"Isco was right. The stars do look beautiful tonight," David mentioned.

I nodded in agreement.

"That dress looks beautiful on you," He said.

"Well, thank you. You look nice," I replied.

He smiled. I smiled back.

"You know, Isco wanted to make this dinner happen, and I helped him. He was nervous that everyone wouldn't like him still," David said.

"James and I were nervous when Isco said that you, the squad, Nicky, and Oscar were coming. I'm glad you guys did, though."

"Thank you for inviting us," I said. "I was shocked when Nicky told me you completed the program. I'm proud of you."

"Thanks. It was worth it," David said. "How's the relationship with Oscar?" 

"I've never been happier; he's helped me through so much," I responded.

"He's whipped," David said. "When I was talking to him, about twenty minutes ago, he constantly would bring you up." 


David nodded.

It was quiet for a few minutes. I don't know what else to say to David. I mean, I have a lot, but it wouldn't come out.

"Tyra, I'm so sorry for what I did to you in the past. When I was in prison, I would think about it every day," David said.

"I always try to ignore it, but it just comes back to me, eating me alive. How could I do that to a wonderful person like you? What kind of person am I?"

David looked down and sighed.

"David, that's why FIFA provided you, Isco, and James that therapy program. As bad as it may sounds, but, the three of you needed it, especially you," I said.

"When you kidnapped Melanie and me, you grew into a very evil person that got increasingly worse day by day."

David nodded his head, agreeing with me.

"Believe me, not a day goes by that I have not thought about them kidnappings," I said.

"The world doesn't deserve a courageous girl like you," David said. "Do you want to be just friends?"

I smiled.

"I would love to,"

A Few Hours Later
11:30 PM

Everyone walked back inside. The 0161 Restaurant is about close in an hour, and we have to catch the midnight train back to London. Nicky and Oscar have a Chelsea game tomorrow.

"Thank you so much for coming tonight, I appreciate it," Isco said, as we all walked outside.

"Thank you for inviting us," Nicky said.

"Well, I'll see you at the Bridge next week," I said to David. "Please don't get stressed out about versing us." 

"I won't, promise," David said then smiled.

I smiled back.

That's when David took me in for a hug. I took in his embrace and hugged him too. I looked ahead to see Melanie and Isco hugging.

"Goodbye, David," I said.

"Goodbye, Tyra," He said and turned around.

I waited for Melanie to finish up her conversation with Isco. He waved goodbye to us, and we did the same.

"What a night," I said.

"You could say that again," Melanie said.

"What a night,"

I looked at Melanie. We started laughing.

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