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  • Published: 3 Aug 2017
  • Updated: 24 Jul 2018
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Tyra Ramirez and Melanie Fuentes are best friends and students at London High School, as well as the rest of their friends, called the squad.

Everything was fine until Tyra and Melanie's boyfriends, David Luiz and Cristiano Ronaldo, unexpectedly kidnaps the two.

Will Tyra and Melanie escape? Can the squad save them?

If they do, would their lives ever be the same again?

© philcoutinho 2014


26. chapter 26

Nah'cier's POV:

*Fast Forward to Tuesday, January 27th, 2015*

I'm sitting with the squad behind the Chelsea subs. Today, we're watching Chelsea take on Liverpool in the 2nd leg of the League Cup semi-final at Stamford Bridge.

The aggregate is 1-1, with goals scored by Eden Hazard and Raheem Sterling in the first leg at Anfield.

This game should be a good one.

Eduardo is literally star struck because he's talking to Jose Mourinho, Chelsea's manager.

"Oh my god, Mr.Mourinho you're such an iconic manager and you're ten times better than Arsene Wegner. I love you so much and I'm glad you're back at Che—"

"Shh Eduardo the game is about to start!" Mourinho exclaimed.

"Okay sir, I'm sorry," Eduardo replied.

Tyra and I giggled.

After the players got into their positions, the referee blows his whistle.

Willian passes the ball to Diego Costa. He dribbles it and passes it to Eden Hazard. Eden had the ball for a second but Raheem Sterling stole it.

The Liverpool fans are cheering him on. The Chelsea defenders chased down the English midfielder.

He gets the ball back from Steven Gerrard and takes the shot but Chelsea keeper Thibaut Courtois saves it.

The crowd cheers as Courtois throws the ball to Branislav Ivanović.

Watch, this game will be a long one.

Lorena's POV:


The players left the field at halftime. The first half was pretty good, but the game is still tied 0-0.

Chelsea must score at least a goal or more and that'll help them get to the final at Wembley.

As I'm talking to Liliana, I see Tyra getting up and grabbing a ball.

"Tyra, we can't go on the field. We're not Chelsea players." I stated.

"It's all good Lorena. Mourinho lets me do this all of the time. Anyone want to help Courtois with his goalkeeping drills with me?" Tyra asked.

"I DO!" Eduardo yelled and rushed out of his seat.

"Okay then." Tyra laughed and left.

Liliana and I started laughing as well.

January has been good to everyone so far.

Tyra and Melanie are President and Vice President for Student Council, and most importantly Calum is back to normal.

Now, everyone in the squad is cool with him.

I'm happy for Calum. He really stuck to his new year resolution.

I looked to see Tyra with the ball. She dribbles it around a couple of cones and passes the ball to Eduardo. 

He makes a through ball to Tyra. She takes the shot and it curves perfectly into the goal.

The crowd started cheering. After Tyra and Eduardo spoke to Thibaut, they high five him and returned to their seats.

"The ref said that the second half is starting in a couple of minutes," Tyra announced.

"Good. I hope Liverpool loses. They're a great club and all, but Chelsea's better." Araceli said.

"Hey!" Calum exclaimed.

Everyone started laughing.

The players approached the field and took their positions.

The ref blew the whistle as Philippe Coutinho passes the ball to Raheem Sterling.

The two teams battle for the ball. That's when Oscar finally got the ball and makes a beautiful pass to Diego.

The Brazilian forward is sprinting down the field, with Jordan Henderson behind him.

Henderson grabbed his shirt and pulls him back. The ref blew his whistle and pulled out a yellow card for him.

I really want Chelsea to win.

Despite their early FA Cup exit, they've made it up by winning their games.

Also, they're still in first place in the Premier League with only two losses, and Champions League football alongside.

That's not bad for a club like them.

Eduardo's POV:

*Second Half Is Over + Stoppage Time. Extra Time Begins*

The score is still 0-0. Near the 75th minute, shit went down between Diego Costa and Steven Gerrard.

Gerrard fouled Costa and then pushed him.

Diego got up and pushed him back. That's when Eden held back Gerrard, while Cesc and couple of Chelsea players calmed Diego down.

As a result, both players received yellow cards.

Before extra time started, Mourinho subbed in Nicky for Diego. Once Nicky got on the starting line, the ref blew his whistle.

Extra time is for thirty minutes, 15 minutes each half. If neither team doesn't score in the next thirty minutes, then it goes to penalties, and I am not ready for that.

Liverpool has the ball until Ramires steals it and passes it to Willian.

Here's a chance in which he might score.

Out of nowhere, Lucas Leiva fouls him near the penalty box. The ref blew his whistle.

"That's a penalty!" A lot of the Chelsea subs shouted, including me.

He gives a free kick to Chelsea.

"Fucking bullshit," Tyra said.

"Oh my god Tyra, calma," Jose said, trying not to laugh.

I laughed as well, and so did Tyra.

"Okay, maybe I overreacted. At least Chelsea has a free kick." Tyra said.

Willian is standing there with the ball. Most of the Chelsea players inside the box are getting pushed around by the Liverpool players.

The ref blows his whistle. Willian curves the ball into the box.

It was in the air until Nicky jumps and heads it in the goal!


Nicky ran and slid down to the corner flag, facing the cheerful Chelsea fans.

Oscar, Eden, and Cesc tackled Nicky onto the ground. Even the Chelsea subs that were warming up joined in the group pile.

The squad and I couldn't stop cheering. The stadium erupted, cheering on Nicky's name.

"A goal has been scored in the 94th minute by number five, Nicky—" The announcer began.

"Ramirez!" The fans yelled and cheered.

"If they keep this up until the end of extra time, Chelsea can go to the final!" I exclaimed.

"Come on Chelsea, keep this score line!" Tyra shouts and clapped.

Anai's POV:

The ref blew the whistle one last time. Stamford Bridge erupted into cheers. The match is finally over and Chelsea won.

They're going to the League Cup Final at Wembley Stadium!

The aggregate is 2-1. Eden's goal from the first leg and Nicky's header in the second leg is what caused Chelsea to win.

The squad and I got on the pitch and congratulated the Chelsea players. Tyra found Oscar. She jogs up to him and kisses him.

"Awe, relationship goals!" Eden exclaimed.

Everyone started laughing, including Tyra and Oscar as they let go of their embrace.

"Party at my house! No Chelsea fans allowed! This is a private party for Chelsea players, WAGs, and close friends only!" Nicky shouts into a bullhorn.

We cheered as the squad and I left Stamford Bridge.

Liliana, Araceli, Lorena, and I got into Liliana's car. We put on our seatbelts as Liliana turned on the car.

Next thing you know we're on the road.

"That was an awesome game," I spoke.

"It sure was. What made it exciting was the altercation between Gerrard and Costa." Lorena said.

"But the highlight of that was Branislav and Gary Cahill taking turns juggling the ball, not attempting to get involved," Araceli added.

Everyone started laughing.

"But all in all, Nicky scored a beautiful goal. Say what you want but he's the best in the Prem." Liliana said.

Everyone agreed.

"Now, we have to wait for the winner in the second leg of Tottenham vs. Sheffield United. The game is tomorrow." I said.

"Seriously though, Sheffield United need to beat them. Ugh, I hate Tottenham. They're worse than Arsenal." Araceli said.

"They're such a dirty team and they get away with so much," Liliana said and rolled her eyes.

"Oh and Anai, we're at your house." She added.

"Okay girls, I'll see you at the party," I said.

"Bye Anai!" Liliana, Araceli, and Lorena yelled as I got out of the car.

I unlocked the door to my house and went inside. I rushed to my room and started picking out some clothes.

This party will be the best party ever!

Luke's POV:

*An Hour Later - Nicky and Tyra's House*

Everyone's at Nicky and Tyra's house for the party including the squad, the Chelsea team, their WAGs, and friends.

Nicky's being interviewed by Sky Sports.

Everyone's surrounding him and the reporter.

"So Nicky, first off, congrats to you and the Chelsea team for making it to the League Cup final! How do you feel about the winning goal you scored?" The reporter asked.

"Well, it was great that I scored it. I was tired, not only because of the score being 0-0 but the fact that the aggregate at the time was one all. Someone had to score the tiebreaker!" He exclaimed.

Everyone started laughing.

The owner of Chelsea, Roman Abramovich, awarded Nicky with the Man of The Match award. Everyone cheered for him.

"Is the music ready?" Tyra asked as we approached Donivan and Eden at the DJ station.

"Yeah, it's ready," Donivan answered.

He taps on the microphone several times to get everyone's attention.

"What's good everyone? It's DJ Donny and DJ Hazard in the cut, and we're about to play some music. The first song, everyone should know." He announced through the microphone.

He pressed the spacebar button on his laptop and music began to play.

Everyone cheered as the intro of Tuesday by ILOVEMAKONNEN ft. Drake starts playing.

"Club goin' up, on a—"

Donivan turns down the music.

"–Tuesday, got your girl in the cut and she a choosey!" The crowd yelled.

Donivan laughs and turns up the music as people are dancing.

Wow, Donivan and Eden have some great music taste.

Before the party started, they were fighting for the DJ position. Tyra made it work by them taking turns, picking out songs.

This is the best party ever!

Araceli's POV:

*Many Hours Later - 1:00 AM*

Everyone's still up and the party is still alive.

Most of the Chelsea players and their WAGs left the party to get some rest. Oscar, Willian, and Eden are the only ones that are staying.

The squad and I invited a lot of people from school. We told the security guards to look out for Dakota and Carolina and showed pictures of them so they can remember.

I'm drunk right now and the squad is as well, but we're still having fun.

"Okay, now it's time for some of you lovely couples to dance to this song. Hint-hint, we're all drunk!" Eden yelled through the microphone.

He's drunk, of course.

Everyone cheered as Drunk in Love by Beyoncé and Jay-Z started playing. I got on the dance floor.

"I been drankin', I been drankin'!" The crowd yelled.

Donivan added a couple of Jersey Club beats into the song. That made everyone get to the dance floor.

"We be all night, love, love! We be all night, love, love!" Everyone screamed.

I looked over to see Tyra grinding on Oscar.

Oscar is holding her hips and giving her neck kisses.

I called Liliana, Anai, and Lorena. They looked at my direction.


Tyra and Oscar started laughing and resumed back to what they were doing. I looked over at Melanie and Luke.

They're making out on the couch!

"GET A ROOM!" Jose yelled and laughed.

I laughed as well.

Wow, this is one of the best nights I ever had!

Donivan's POV:

*Two Hours Later - 3:00 AM*

It's three in the morning and Eduardo, Nah'cier, Jose, and I are exploring the house, drunk.

The party is officially over, thank god. I had fun being a DJ with Eden, but it was exhausting.

"Eddy, take out your phone and record this," I said.

"Okay." He said as he took out his phone.

"Are you recording?" Jose asked.

Eduardo looked up and nodded, then hiccuped.

"Ayo, this is Donivan here with my boys Nah'cier, Jose, and Eduardo, and we're Ghost Busters, hunting for ghosts," I said.

We started laughing.

"Let's go upstairs! I hear noises. It might be the ghosts." Nah'cier suggested.

We agreed and walked upstairs.

"My oh my, there's a lot of rooms. Where can the ghosts be? Nice, Ciroc." Eduardo said, grabbing the bottle.

He popped it open and took a sip.

"Can I have a sip?" I asked.

He nodded and gave it to me. I shared it with Jose and Nah'cier.

After Nah'cier took a sip, he gave the bottle back to Eduardo.

"Oh fuck...." We heard someone groan.

"Wait, ghosts can talk?" Jose asked.

We all laughed.

"Let's check it out," I suggested.

As we got closer, the noises were getting louder. We heard something hitting the walls and more moans in this one room.

"Oh my god! Ghosts can have sex." Nah'cier said.

We started laughing.

"Eduardo put your ear against the door and listen closely. I'll record." I said.

He nodded and gave me his phone.

"Alright, so what gender are the ghosts?" I asked.

Nah'cier and Jose laughed.

"Shhh! I'm trying to hear." Eduardo said then hiccuped.

He put his ear on the door. After a couple of minutes, he takes his ear off the door.

"You good Eddy?" I asked.

He stood there.

"Eduardo, you're acting like you've seen a ghost. Are you alright?" Nah'cier asked.

Eduardo didn't say anything. I sighed.

"Jose, hold the phone," I said and gave the phone to him.

I knelt down and put my ear on the door.

I heard more moans and groans.

Then I heard Tyra's name. I realized that voice was Oscar's.

Oh god, are they actually....?

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