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  • Published: 3 Aug 2017
  • Updated: 24 Jul 2018
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Tyra Ramirez and Melanie Fuentes are best friends and students at London High School, as well as the rest of their friends, called the squad.

Everything was fine until Tyra and Melanie's boyfriends, David Luiz and Cristiano Ronaldo, unexpectedly kidnaps the two.

Will Tyra and Melanie escape? Can the squad save them?

If they do, would their lives ever be the same again?

© philcoutinho 2014


2. chapter 2

Tyra's POV:

*An Hour Later*

I opened my eyes to see the ceiling. I raised my hands, so I can wipe my eyes.

I couldn't because my hands are tied behind my back!

I tried to scream but my mouth is covered with duct tape. I took an attempt to untie my hands, which was a success.

I untied my legs, removed the duct tape from my mouth, and got off the bed. I felt my pockets and found my phone.

I smiled and took it out.

"Donivan wouldn't be a good person to call." I thought as I rapidly scrolled down my contacts list.

I decided to give my friend Jose a call. I pressed the phone symbol.

While it was dialing, I tried opening the door but it's locked.

I rolled my eyes.

"Hello?" I heard.

"Hey Jose, it's Tyra. When I went to get a drink of water at school, David got a hold of me and knocked me out with a cloth. Now, I'm held hostage at a house. I hope you and the squad got help." I explained.

"Well for starters, I haven't because you're lying," Jose replied.

"Uh, why?" I asked.

"The squad and I found out from Donivan about an hour ago that you told him the same thing you told us. He said that you were lying, and he's right. David didn't kidnap you, he would never do that." He explained.

"Jose, I'm not lying. David literally kidnapped me. Here, I'll send you some evidence." I said.

I took a picture of myself in the room. I sent it to Jose.

"Now do you believe me?" I asked.

"I'm not looking at the pictures because David did not kidnap you. Why would he, your boyfriend, would do that to you?" He asked.

"Jose, I am telling the truth. Can you just get the squad's help? It looks like you don't want nothing to do with this."

"I'm meeting up with Nah'cier and Donivan so we can go to Eduardo's house to play FIFA 14. I'll see you there." He said, ignoring my question.

After that, he hung up.

I groaned. I look at my contacts to see who else I can call.

I clicked Eduardo's name, but this time I clicked the FaceTime symbol. If I show him the room through FaceTime, then he'll believe me.

The FaceTime call finally connected and I can see Eduardo.

"Hey Tyra, come to my house ASAP." He said.

"Eduardo, I can't."

"Why? Nah'cier, Donivan, and Jose are coming too. We're playing FIFA 14! You love playing FIFA."

"I can't because David kidnapped me," I replied.

"Donivan told the squad and I that you said that to him. He also said not to believe you, and he's right. You know for a fact that David would never do that to you." He explained.

"I'm not kidding! When I went to get a drink a water at school, David found me and took me again. Look, I'll show you the room I'm trapped in." I said.

I flipped the screen and carefully showed Eduardo the entire room.

"See Eduardo? This isn't my room because I have posters on my wall, and you know that because you and the squad are always in my room when we hang out." I stated, switching the screen back to me.

"I still don't believe you. Look, just come over. You and I can play first for FIFA. I'll see you then." He said.

With that, Eduardo ended the FaceTime call.

"Oh my fucking god!" I exclaimed.

I sighed in frustration. I was about to mutter some foul language in Portuguese but I heard the door being closed.

"Who were you talking to?" David asked.

I turned around.

"Answer me, Tyra! Who were you talking to?" He asked, walking towards me.

"No one. Why do you care?"

David snatched my phone and threw it against the wall.

It bounced off the wall and fell to the ground, shattered.

"Why did you do that!?" I yelled.

"You will not talk to anyone! Do you understand?" He asked, pushing me against the wall.

It was silent for a few minutes as David and I stared at each other. He rolled his eyes and left the room.

I sat on my bed and started crying. Millions of tear slipped down my face.

I realized that the David I loved is gone, forever.


Melanie's POV:

"You sure don't want a ride home?"

"No thanks, Liliana. I live a block away from school, so walking won't take long."

"Suit yourself. See you later girl!" She exclaimed.

Anai, Araceli, and Lorena waved goodbye to me after they put on their seatbelts.

I waved back as they drove off. I turned around and began walking.

Today I had a great time with the squad. Who knew organizing papers for you history teacher would be a great stress reliever.

I know that I'll have tons of homework when I get home, but with the help of music and food, I'll get through it in no time.

Honestly, when Tyra told us that David kidnapped her, most of us thought that she was crazy.

Donivan told us that she was lying, but I'm unsure about that.

I took out my phone and sent Tyra a text message:

Me: Hey Ty, it's Mel. Did you actually get kidnapped? I had to ask because this isn't something David would do, but, I know for a fact you would never joke about things like this. Text me back when you can 💙

I turned off my phone and continued walking. I crossed the street and walked down the sidewalk.

I took out my phone again and turned it on.

Tyra didn't respond to my message yet.

I sighed and clicked on Instagram. I liked a picture of Black Veil Brides from a band profile.

I clicked on the profile and looked at the pictures, and liked each of them. 

I decided to follow the account. As I was staring at a picture of Kellin Quinn, a car sped right past me, scaring me.

"People need to learn how to drive properly," I said to myself and turned my phone off.

I look to see a paper flying out of the car. It flew towards me and landed near my foot.

I picked it up to see my name on it.

"Huh?" I mumbled.

I looked up to see the car turning into a street.

I opened it up:

You shouldn't be staring at Kellin Quinn on your phone while walking :)

I looked around, panicking. I decided to run to my house.

I went inside and closed the door, locking it. I sighed and walked to the kitchen.

I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. I took a sip and put the bottle down on the table.

"How in the hell does that driver know my name? Who was even driving that car? How did they even see my phone when they should be paying attention to the road?!" I thought.

As I was trying to come up with an answer, I heard something break from upstairs.

I immediately grabbed a knife and slowly went upstairs. I heard movement from one of the guest rooms.

I opened the door and someone tackled me to the ground.

I screamed and tried punching the intruder.

Unfortunately, my punches didn't affect them.

I tried fighting off the white cloth that the intruder put on my face, but it was useless as everything went black.

*An Hour Later*

I slowly opened my eyes to see the ceiling. I wiped my eyes and took a good look at the room.

"Where am I?" I whispered.

After I got out of the bed, I walked up to the door and opened it. I quietly left the room.

I can't believe that I got kidnapped!

"Whoever did this to me will catch these hands," I said to myself.

That's when I noticed that a door was wide open. I peeked inside to see Tyra.

Oh my god, she did get kidnapped!

"Tyra!" I exclaimed, rushing into the room.

I quickly closed the door.

"Oh my god Melanie." She replied.

We both hugged each other.

After our hug, I took a good look at her. I can tell she was just finished crying.

"Are you okay Tyra? What happened?" I asked.

"When I went to get a drink of water at school, David found me and knocked me out with a cloth. I woke up to see that I was here again. I called Jose and told him what happened and he didn't believe me. He told me that Donivan told everyone that I lied to him about David kidnapping me. I called Eduardo and he said the same thing. David caught me with my phone so he broke it. You should've seen him. He was so mad." She explained as fresh tears began to slide down her face.

I hugged her once again.

"I sent you a text earlier. No wonder why you never replied, but that doesn't matter. The important thing is that you're safe." I explained.

Tyra nodded.

"So, how'd you get kidnapped?" She asked.

"I was walking home, on my phone, when a car sped past me. Someone threw a note out of the window, that had my name on it. The note said, 'You shouldn't be staring at Kellin Quinn on your phone while walking' with a happy face. I was scared so I ran to my house. When I was in my kitchen, I heard something breaking from upstairs. I grabbed a knife and went upstairs. I checked one of the guest rooms and an intruder tackled me. I tried hitting them but it wouldn't work and they knocked me out with a cloth. Next thing you I woke up in the bedroom next door." I explained.

"Wow. Do you think that Cristiano kidnapped you?" Tyra asked.

"What? Why would my boyfriend do that to me? He would be here in order to do that, but he's not because he's in Lisbon for the Champions League final tomorrow." I replied.

Cristiano Ronaldo is my boyfriend, but our relationship is a secret. Only the squad and a few of his Real Madrid teammates know.

We're both seventeen and we've been together for almost three years, despite the fact that he lives in Madrid while I live in London.

"If you say so," Tyra said.

I rolled my eyes.

"I know so. Come on, let's get out of here."

We quietly left the room. We made a turn and bumped into two people.

It's Cristiano and David!

What the hell, Cristiano really did kidnap me!

"Why are you girls out of your rooms?" Cristiano asked.

"Get inside your rooms now!" David yelled.

We pushed them and started running. That's when Cristiano grabbed me.

Tyra lunged forward and punched him in the face. He grabs his face, groaning in pain.

Tyra helped me up.

"Come on Mel, let's go." She said.

We got to the door but it was locked. Tyra was about to kick down the door but David got a hold of her.

I tried to tackle him but he pushes me to the floor.

He takes out a cloth and puts it on Tyra's face.

"TYRA!" I yelled.

"Melanie, just g-go wit..." She whispers.

Her eyes then closed.

"David, what is wrong with you?!" I yelled.

I was about to attack him but Cristiano grabs me from behind. I couldn't get out of his strong grip.

I saw David giving him the cloth. I tried to resist but it was too late.

"Shhh Melanie, get some rest." Cristiano whispers in my ear as my eyes began to close.

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