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  • Published: 3 Aug 2017
  • Updated: 24 Jul 2018
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Tyra Ramirez and Melanie Fuentes are best friends and students at London High School, as well as the rest of their friends, called the squad.

Everything was fine until Tyra and Melanie's boyfriends, David Luiz and Cristiano Ronaldo, unexpectedly kidnaps the two.

Will Tyra and Melanie escape? Can the squad save them?

If they do, would their lives ever be the same again?

© philcoutinho 2014


18. chapter 18

Eduardo's POV:

*Later That Night - 8:00 PM*

The squad and I are at Donivan's house. Tyra came over an hour ago, in a very happy mood.

I'm glad she's okay, despite what happened in school today with her and Dakota, and what she wrote in English class.

The story made me shed a few tears. I never knew that writing was one of her talents.

What she wrote about Oscar gave me hope that he's the one for Tyra.

Right now, the squad and I are telling stories to Ashton, Luke, Michael, and Calum about our freshman, sophomore, and junior years of high school.

"I remember in freshman year when we had Mr.Cohen as our Health and gym teacher, and he was the creepiest teacher ever. As a matter of fact, I have a story about him." Melanie said.

"Okay, tell us," Luke said.

"So, it was around the beginning of the squad and I's freshman year, and Mr.Cohen was our health teacher. I remember Eduardo walking up to his desk to ask him a question, and guess what Eddy caught this man watching." Melanie explained.

"What was he watching?" Ashton asked.

"Eduardo caught Mr.Cohen watching porn on PornHub."

"That's foul as fuck. Eduardo, were you scared for life?" Michael asked.

"Of course I was," I began.

"And get this: when I shouted, "Why the fuck are you watching that?" He tried shutting it off but he accidentally pressed the wrong button, meaning that the video popped up on the SmartBoard."

"It was really nasty," Araceli added.

Everyone nodded and shivered at the horrifying memory.

"I couldn't take it anymore so I grabbed my stuff and tried to leave. My hand was on the doorknob when Mr.Cohen grabbed my arm. Everyone was scared, especially me. I panicked and punched him in the eye." Tyra explained.

Everyone started laughing.

"You're lying," Michael said.

Tyra shook her head no and laughed.

"After that, one of our classmates got Mrs.Duncan and a security guard to our classroom, and we told them what happened," Donivan explained.

"It was the talk of the school. Mr.Cohen ended up getting fired." Liliana said.

"That is crazy. Did it end up on the news?" Michael asked.

"It did, mostly because I'm related to Nicky and he plays for Chelsea. Damn, I knew that high school is the time where things get weird, but not that weird!" Tyra exclaimed.

Everyone agreed and laughed.

*An Hour Later*

"I checked out the curriculum for English four on the school website, and this year we're going to read Of Mice and Men," Nah'cier said.

"Oh, the boys and I read that back in middle school," Calum said.

"It's a good book," Michael stated.

"The squad and I read it back in sophomore year, and our entire class loved it," Araceli said.

"No offense but when I saw the movie, I laughed when Lennie grabbed Curley's Wife's hair. She was getting dragged all over." Jose said.

Everyone laughed.

"I'm going sound rude when I say this but I'm glad George killed Lennie," Tyra said.

"Why? Lennie didn't mean to kill Curley's wife." Michael said.

"Well, when Curley found out that Lennie killed his wife, he said that he was going to shoot Lennie in the guts. If Curley did that, then Lennie would have a huge chance of survival, but he'd get sent to jail for murder and George knows that he won't survive there. So, he had to shoot Lennie in the skull because it was the best for him. Like, would you rather die a slow and painful death in prison, or get killed instantly, without rotting in a cell?" Tyra asked.

Michael began to think.

"Actually, you're right Tyra. That's like asking if you rather be in solitary confinement for fifteen years or go through the electric chair." He replied.

"At first, I thought Curley's Wife was a whore, but as we read the story, I understand why she "flirts" with the guys. She's the only girl there, and she doesn't have any girlfriends to talk to." Melanie explained.

Everyone agreed.

"How dare you think Curley's wife is a whore. She's cool, so you're wrong Melanie." Calum spoke.

We rolled our eyes at Calum.

At this point, we just ignore him whenever he speaks.

"I can't wait to see the movie again," Lorena stated.

"Lorena, we've seen it already," Anai spoke.

"And do I care?" Lorena asked.

Everyone started laughing. I can relate big time.

That's when we heard a knock on the door.

"I got you, Donivan. It should be the pizza guy." Tyra said, getting up.

"Thanks, here's the money," Donivan said.

Tyra grabbed the money and left.

Tyra's POV:

I opened the door to see Nicky holding three boxes of pizza.

"Hey, Nicky. What's up?" I asked, strangely looking at him.

"Hey Tyra, is Melanie here? I have to talk to the both of you about something." He said.

I nodded.


Melanie rushed over and stood next to me.

"Hey, Nicky. Uh, why do you have our pizzas?" She asked.

"I'll tell you later, just come outside." He replied.

Melanie and I look at each other in confusion and walked outside. I closed the door.

"Do you guys know Thiago Silva?" Nicky asked.

"Yeah? Why?" Melanie and I asked in unison.

"Well, I have some bad news. I don't know how you guys can handle it." Nicky replied.

"Tyra and I got kidnapped almost four months ago. I think we can handle anything." Melanie said.

Nicky sighed.

"Thiago found out that David and Cristiano are flying to London. He knew something was up because why would they go to London when they should be at home? Plus, James is at the wax museum up north. Thiago sent me pictures of him with fans earlier today. Look, you two need to stay at a friend's house until everything's back to normal."

My eyes widened.

Then, I zoned out. I was thinking about the bad things David did towards me.

He treated me like shit when he kidnapped me.

He abused me, scared me, and made me feel worthless.

"Why is this happening again?"  I thought.

"Tyra? Earth to Tyra!" Nicky shouted, snapping me back into reality.

"Oh, uh, thanks for telling us," I said.

"Yeah, thanks," Melanie replied.

"No problem. And I paid for the pizzas as I was on my way." Nicky said and gave the boxes of pizza to Melanie and me.

"Thanks. Goodbye." We both said.

Nicky said bye to us and we walked inside. I closed the door.

"Here's the pizzas!" Melanie exclaims as we walked back into the living room.

She puts the boxes on the table.

Everyone dived into the pizzas, including Melanie and I.

I took my pizza and sat next to Araceli on the couch.

"So, what took you guys so long to get the pizza?" Luke asked.

"The pizza guy was going on and on about how he's a big fan of my brother. He tried to get me to call my brother so he can say hi." I lied.

Everyone started laughingI looked over at Melanie.

"Meet me in the kitchen." She mouthed.

I nodded.

"Looks like we're running out of sodas. I'll get some from the fridge." I spoke.

"Good idea! I'll help. We probably need more than one bottle." Melanie said.

"Okay, help yourself," Donivan replied.

Melanie and I got up and walked into the kitchen.

"Okay on a serious note, I really need some soda. I'm thirsty." I said.

Melanie rolled her eyes and laughed. I laughed as well.

"I texted Luke what Nicky told us. He said that we can stay at the 5SOS house. I'll let everyone else know later." She said.

"You know that Calum will say something. He'll throw shade at me!" I exclaimed.

"Calm down, he won't. Luke said that he'll talk to him about that." Melanie assured.

"Okay, so we'll pack and leave tonight?"

Melanie nodded. I sighed and took out four bottles of Coke from the fridge.

I closed the door. Melanie and I took two bottles each and walked out of the kitchen.

"I can't believe that David and Cristiano are back in the London area," Melanie whispers to me.

"What's worse is that James is here too," I whispered back.

"God," I thought. "Why always us?"

I sighed.

"Here's the sodas!" I announced as Melanie and I put down the bottles.

"Lit!" Eduardo yelled.

"We're about to get wasted!" Jose added.

Everyone started laughing. My friends are so random, but I love them.

Too bad this happiness won't last long, so I have to savor this moment.

Melanie's POV:

*The Next Day - Friday, September 5th, 2014*

Tyra and I are at the 5SOS House. I'm sharing a room with Luke, while Tyra gets her own room.

We decided not to go to school today because we thought Cristiano, James, and David would spy on us there.

Tyra and I told the squad last night about the situation. I feel bad for them because they have to go through this all over again.

I hate this.

Why can't David, Cristiano, and James just fuck off and let Tyra and I move on with our lives?

They should be focusing more on their football careers than on us.

I was watching TV with Luke when I heard Ashton yell, "THE PIZZA'S HERE!"

"Didn't we have pizza yesterday?" Luke asked me.

I nodded. We went downstairs to see everyone in the kitchen.

"We just had pizza yesterday. I'm not trying to die here." Tyra said.

"So? I mean, I don't mind if I get fat and have high cholesterol." Michael said.

"Yeah. All rock stars gain weight at some point." Ashton said.

Everyone started laughing.

"Hey, if we keep on talking about eating pizza, it'll get cold and hard like bricks! Let's get fat!" Calum exclaims.

Everyone laughed and dived into the pizza.

*An Hour Later*

After we finished eating, we decided that we should watch a movie.

All of us walked into the movie theater.

"Let's watch Annabelle," Ashton said, in a creepy voice.

"Ashton, promise me that you won't ever say it like that ever again?" Luke asked.

We started laughing.

"Anyways, I heard that the movie is good. I'll go get the disc." Michael said and left.

Ashton, Luke, Tyra, Calum, and I went to pick a seat. I turned around and saw Tyra and Calum sitting next to each other.

"Hey Tyra, so uh if you get scared, you can always hold onto me. I mean, you don't have to, but if you want to, then that's fine with me." I heard Calum say.

"Uh, okay," Tyra said and smiled.

I laughed to myself and cuddled into Luke's chest as the movie started playing.

*Two Hours Later - 8:00 PM*

The movie is over. Calum turned on the lights. Michael took out the DVD.

A lot has happened while the movie was on. Tyra got scared when Annabelle jumped on the screen so she hung onto Calum.

Then she quickly brushed it off. She looked at Calum and smiled a bit and he did the same.

"But that's none of my business." I thought to myself and smiled.

"So, do you girls want to go to the recording studio?" Luke asked.

"Yeah," Tyra replied.

"Fine by me," I replied.

The boys nodded and we followed them into the recording studio. They got inside the booth while we sat down on the chairs.

That's when they began to play some songs.

They performed She Looks So Perfect, Heartbreak Girl, Voodoo Doll and much more. Good Girls is my favorite.

"Damn Melanie, too turnt?" Tyra asked.

"Tyra, I love this song!" I responded.

We both laughed. After they finished Good Girls, we cheered for them.

"So, we finished this new song late last night. It's a little sad but we want to see if you two like it. Do you want to hear it?" Michael asked.

Tyra and I nodded.

"Okay. This song is called Amnesia." Luke said.

They began to play. Throughout the song, Tyra looks upset.

I noticed that Calum was looking directly at her while he was singing. That's when I realized what the lyrics meant.

I sighed.

Calum said that he was going to stop this.

When the song was over, Tyra ran out of the studio.

"I'll go check on her," I announced.

The boys nodded. I followed Tyra up to her room.

I walked inside.

"Hey Tyra, what's wrong?" I asked.

"Melanie, that Amnesia song is practically about me. Calum probably wrote most of the song because he's thinking about James and me!" Tyra exclaims, fighting the tears.

I sat on the bed and hugged her.

"Well, we don't know if Calum wrote most of it, but it could be true. Plus, they didn't write that song so they can throw shade at you. They're writing this song for their fans." I explained.

"You're right. Why should I worry about Calum when I have Oscar?" Tyra asked after she finished crying.

"Now slow down a bit. I know that Oscar's been there for you and that he makes you happy, but take your time with him." I said.

She nodded.

"And please for the love of God don't fall in love with James. He broke your heart by lying to you. Don't you want someone who's loyal?" I asked.

"I do. Also, why would I fall in love with James again? I'm not that stupid." Tyra replied.

Tyra and I started laughing.


"Yes, Tyra?"

"Can you stay here for the night?"

"Sure," I answered and smiled.

For the rest of the night, Tyra and I hung out at her room, talking and laughing.

Third Person's POV:

Cristiano, David, and James are at the house where David and Cristiano kept Tyra and Melanie held hostage four months ago.

"Okay, if Tyra or Melanie answers the door, put the cloth on her face and make sure she's sleepy. Once you bring her here, she's all yours." David told James.

"Okay," James replied and smiled.

"I can't believe we're doing this again. You know, Coach Ancelotti is concerned about how James and I are not showing up at training." Cristiano scolded then rolled his eyes.

"Cris, Tyra's using my best friend Oscar to make me jealous. She's going to regret it big time." David replied.

"Oh my god David, you're just doing this because you don't want Tyra to move on! You know that Oscar would never use her to make you jealous. If they like each other, they like each other. Deal with it." Cris argued.

"Cristiano, if you were in my shoes, wouldn't you do the same? Tyra's the fucking slut she is. Melanie's literally doing the same thing to you." The PSG defender explained.

"Fine," Cristiano began. "I'll do it, but I'm not doing this because I'm jealous of Melanie being with Luke. I am fine with their relationship."

David rolled his eyes.

"I think we have a lot covered, but I have a feeling that Tyra and Melanie aren't at their houses. What if someone told them about the three of us being here?" James asked.

"Well, the only way to reach Tyra and Melanie is by talking to the squad. We could find one of the members and ask them where they're at. If they don't tell us, then we're going have to take drastic measures." David explained.

"Drastic measures that'll get us thrown in jail?" Cristiano asked.

"If it gets to that point." The Brazilian replies.

Cristiano widened his eyes.

"He said if," James assured.

Cristiano shakes his head and sighs.

"Anyways, after we kidnap Tyra and Melanie, I'll get someone to place their friends hostage. I don't know if all of them will be at the same place, same time. I'll figure that out later. Until then, we're kidnapping both girls, and it'll be way worse than before." David explained.

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