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  • Published: 3 Aug 2017
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Tyra Ramirez and Melanie Fuentes are best friends and students at London High School, as well as the rest of their friends, called the squad.

Everything was fine until Tyra and Melanie's boyfriends, David Luiz and Cristiano Ronaldo, unexpectedly kidnaps the two.

Will Tyra and Melanie escape? Can the squad save them?

If they do, would their lives ever be the same again?

© philcoutinho 2014


16. chapter 16 (part one)

Anai's POV:

*The Next Day - Thursday, September 4th, 2014*

Lilliana, Araceli, Lorena, and I entered London High School through the gymnasium entrance.

We saw the rest of the squad sitting on the bleachers so we decided to join them.

"The struggle will get real this year. A lot of projects, essays, homework assignments, you name it." Donivan mentions.

"Let the games begin," Melanie replied.

Everyone nodded in agreement. Here's our schedule for this year:

Homeroom/Period 1: Chemistry - Mr.Graceffa.

Period 2: Spanish 4 - Mr.Hexoc.

Period 3: Calculus - Mrs.Harrison & Mr.Padilla.

Period 4: History - Ms.Thomas.

Period 5: Lunch.

Period 6: English 4 - Mrs.Morris.

Period 7: Physical Education - Ms.Knight.

Period 8: English 4 - Mrs.Morris.

I'm really happy that we don't have to take health this year because seniors don't take it.

The only problem with our schedule is that we have to spend two periods with Mrs.Morris. No one likes her because she yells a lot and starts lectures out of nowhere.

"Seniors, you may go to homeroom/period one," Ms.Knight announced.

All of the seniors got up and left the gymnasium.

I can't wait to see Joey. He's my favorite teacher. 

Michael's POV:

The squad and I walked inside Joey's classroom.

"Hello everyone!" Joey exclaims.

"Ayeeee!" Jose yelled.

Everyone started laughing.

"Hello Jose, it's nice to see you again. You guys can sit anywhere you want." Joey said.

I decided to sit with Ashton, Melanie, Calum, and Luke.

Everyone else sat at any available seats.

"Hey, Joey!" A girl shouted.

Everyone groaned and rolled their eyes. I looked to see two girls running inside the classroom.

"And now my day is officially ruined," Melanie said.

"Oh hey, Dakota and Carolina." Joey said.

"I can see why," Ashton said.

"We missed you so much. I was looking forward to seeing you. Everyone else, not so much." A girl with blonde hair said, looking at the squad and me.

"And you think that everyone else is happy to you see to Dakota?" Nah'cier asked.

Everyone started laughing.

"Nah'cier, you always have something— well hello!" A girl with brownish hair exclaimed.

"Oh damn, she's looking at us," I mumbled.

"She is. Act cool." Ashton replied.

"Are you guys new here?" She asked, walking up to our table.

Following her was Dakota.

"Um yeah, we're 5 Seconds of Summer aka 5SOS. We're a pop-rock band from Australia and we moved here back in May of this year. I'm Luke, the leader of the band, and this is Michael, Ashton, and Calum." Luke said, pointing at each of us.

"Wow cool. I'm Dakota Lineker, daughter of the legendary Gary Lineker, and this my best friend Carolina Wells. So, Melanie, I see you're already getting comfy with the boys." Dakota said and rolled her eyes.

"Actually, I've known them for a while. As a matter of fact, one of them happens to be my boyfriend." Melanie stated.


"That'll be me," Luke said.

"That's not—"

"Carolina, Dakota, can you two sit down somewhere? The period didn't even start and you're already bothering people." Joey said.

Everyone started laughing at the two girls as they walked to two empty seats. After they sat down, Joey started taking attendance.

"The attendance isn't in last name order so I'll be calling out students at random. Michael Clifford?" He asked.

"Here," I replied.

"Donivan Thompson?"

"Honey Buns," Donivan replied.

Everyone started laughing. I forgot that Donivan has a crazy love for honey buns.

After a couple of minutes, Joey updated the attendance roaster.

"How was your summer, Joey?" Melanie asked.

"It was great. The highlight of my summer would probably be the World Cup. I wanted Argentina to win but they didn't, sadly. Tyra, I know that you probably get this a lot, but it was really nice of you to hug Lionel Messi." Joey replied.

"Thank you," Tyra said.

"Way too happy." Nah'cier joked.

Everyone started laughing.

"Anyways, for the school year, I'll teach you all the safety guidelines, scientific method, density, matter, atoms, and a lot of formulas," Joey said.

"That sounds hard," Nah'cier said.

"Trust me Nah'cier, it'll be easier with my way of teaching," Joey assured.

After he said that, he passed around a student contract that everyone had to sign.

Right after I signed my name, the bell rang. We got up, pushed in our chairs, and grabbed our stuff.

"Okay, guys have a nice day," Joey said as we left.

I gave Joey the student contract. He smiled and I smiled back.

Then, I left the classroom and walked with Ashton, Luke, Melanie, and Calum to Spanish.

"Okay Melanie, now I see why everyone doesn't like them," Ashton said.

"Yeah, girls in Australia aren't even that annoying," I added.

The five of us started laughing.

Luke's POV:

Everyone walked inside Mr.Hexoc's classroom.

"Good morning class, and welcome to Spanish 4! You can sit anywhere you want." Ian said.

I sat in the middle row next to Melanie. Ashton, Michael, and Calum sat with us as well.

"So today students we will begin a project," Ian announced.

Everyone groaned.

"No, no, no, the mercy!" Ashton yelled.

Everyone started laughing.

"Oh calm down, it's not that bad," Ian said.

"Anyways class, as I call out your name for attendance, I will assign you a country and you'll do a report on it. This will count as your first project grade, so I suggest you do really good and put in some hard work. It doesn't matter if you're bad at drawing or whatever, I want to see how well you are with your Spanish." He explained.

As Ian started calling out names for attendance, he assigned a student a country.

This is what I heard so far:

Michael: Spain.

Liliana: Germany.

Me: England.

Calum: The Netherlands.

Ashton: Uruguay.

Jose: Chile.

Araceli: France.

Eduardo: Argentina.

Lorena: Greece.

Anai: Mexico.

Donivan: Serbia.

Nah'cier: Austria.

"Dakota and Carolina, you two will both work on Italy. I put you guys as a pair because you two being separated will not look good, according to what your teachers from last year told me." Ian explains.

"Thank you! But I don't li—" Carolina began but Dakota punched her shoulder.

"Ow, what was that for?" She asked.

"Girl, Italian men are sexy as hell!" Dakota exclaimed.

Everyone rolled their eyes.

"Okay, so who didn't get a country?" Ian asked, ignoring what just happened.

Tyra and Melanie raised their hands.

"Okay, Melanie you have Portugal and Tyra you have Brazil."

A lot of us gasped and looked at Tyra and Melanie. Cristiano and David are from those countries.


"Ian, can I get another country?" Melanie asked.

"You can switch with me," Lilliana spoke.

"Thanks." She said.

"Alright, Melanie you get Germany and Liliana you have Portugal. Tyra, would you like to change your country?" Ian asked.

Everyone looked at Tyra.

"Well, um..." She trailed

"I have other countries. I have Turkey, Colombia, Lithuania—"

"No, no, Ian, Brazil is fine, just fine," Tyra said, cutting him off.

We continued looking at her.

"Class, no need to stare, it's just a country. And Tyra, you can keep Brazil." Ian assured.

Tyra nodded and smiled at us.

We smiled back, even though we know she's bothered by it.

The bell rang and we left the classroom.

Lorena's POV:

Everyone walked inside Mrs.Harrison and Mr.Padilla's classroom for Calculus.

"GOOD MORNING!" Mrs.Harrison yelled.

Everyone flinched and looked at her like she was crazy.

"You guys can sit wherever you want." She added.

I decided to sit with Anai, Eduardo, and Donivan.

"Okay class, bring up your packet," Mr.Padilla ordered.

"What packet?" I asked.

Then, it hit me.

I remember towards the end of the year last year, Mrs.Harrison came to our Algebra II class and gave us a calculus packet!

We had to finish it over the summer.

I totally forgot about that, due to the World Cup drama and me shopping nonstop.

"The calculus packet you guys had to do over the summer. Oh god, you guys forgot, just like periods one and two!" She exclaimed.

"Mrs.Harrison, I did it," Eduardo confirms, holding up his packet.

"EDUARDO!" She exclaimed with happiness.

Everyone started laughing.

"Why did she say his name like that?" Donivan asked, still laughing.

"What's so funny? Eduardo's getting twenty bonus points for being the only student in the entire senior class who brought in their packet? Well, I find hilarious." Mrs.Harrison said with sarcasm.

We all stopped laughing.

"She didn't even have to go that far," I whispered to Anai.

"I know right." She whispered back.

During the period, Mrs.Harrison started talking about the calculus curriculum.

Then, she gave us an adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions worksheet.

Everyone sped through this like it was nothing. The bell rang.

"Make sure you do the math packet! It's due next week!" Mrs.Harrison yelled as each student left.

Nah'cier's POV:

*Fast Forward to Lunch*

I walked with Tyra, Donivan, Eduardo, and Jose to the cafeteria.

Last period, the squad and I had History, which was so funny. Ms.Thomas was teaching us about cavemen, and she told us that we're technically related to them and explained how.

"I could see how Dakota and Carolina are related to cavemen," Eduardo began. "No wonder why they're hairy as hell!"

The whole class couldn't stop laughing.

Ms.Thomas wanted to laugh too but she couldn't.

Dakota and Carolina tried to say something but they were out of words. It made my day.

I got my lunch and sat with the squad. Jose, Donivan, Eduardo, and Tyra did the same.

"Hey Tyra, are you okay?" I asked her.

"I'm fine." She replied and smiled.

She's lying.

It's pretty obvious that Ian assigning her Brazil is what ruined her day. It reminded her of David, and the horrid memories she had with him when she got kidnapped.

What made it worse was when Ian said Colombia, and it reminded her of James.

I offered to trade countries with her as when we were walking to calculus, but she said no because she's obviously from Brazil, so she knows pretty much everything about the country.

That is true, but she doesn't have to hide the fact that she's still sad about what had happened to her this year.

It takes a while to recover from stuff like that.

"I forgot a fork. I'll be right back." Tyra said and left.

"Okay everyone, so Donivan, Eduardo, Jose, and I think all of us should give a test to Oscar, to see if he's the one for Tyra. Like, we all can agree that they're made each other." I explained.

"That's a good idea. Not only we're testing him to see if he's good for Tyra, we can test to see if he's like David, James, and Thiago." Araceli said.

"We should do it," Melanie said.

We nodded and agreed.

Calum won't be taking the test because we all know how he feels about Oscar and Tyra.

Tyra came back with her fork and sat in her spot.

"Tyra, what time is the Chelsea vs. Swansea game?" Jose asked.

"Saturday at 10:00 AM." She replied.

"Nice, nice that's an easy win for Chelsea. Nicky will go crazy and score twenty goals." Eduardo said.

We started laughing.

After lunch was over, everyone left the cafeteria and walked to their classes.

As I was talking to Tyra, Dakota purposely bumps into her.

"Tyra, watch where you're going." Dakota spat.

"Last I check, you were the one who walked into me, idiot," Tyra responded.

Everyone stopped dead in their tracks.

"How dare you speak to me like that. That's why Germany won the World Cup." Dakota responded.

We all looked at one another in confusion.

"Okay, what does Germany winning the World Cup have to do with the way I'm speaking to you?" Tyra asked.

"I mean, after the final, you were trying to fuck Lionel Messi. The man has a girlfriend and a kid. That's a slutty move if you ask me." Carolina replied.

"Yooooo.." Everyone mumbled.

"Carolina, I know you're not trying to call me a slut. I would never do something like that. You're the epitome of one, though." Tyra said.

"OHHHHH!" We yelled and started laughing.

Tyra laughed as well. That was a good comeback.

"Looks like you are too," Dakota said.


"Well, you were seeing James Rodriguez, a man who's married and has a kid. Like, what a whore-ish move. How do I know? Well, the photos of you two at the World Cup during the Brazil and Croatia game, getting cuddly with each other, was a huge giveaway." Dakota explained.

Everyone went silent and looked at Tyra.

"You know damn well that I didn't know!" Tyra yelled.

"Hmm, it's okay Tyra. Don't lie." Dakota assured.

Tears rolled down Tyra's face. She ran to the bathroom and slammed the door.

Dakota and Carolina laughed and high-fived each other.

"Dakota, you should be ashamed of yourself. Tyra's still hurting from that, and she's right, she didn't know that James was married and had a child until he told her." Melanie fumed.

Dakota and Carolina smirked at Melanie.

"You should be the last to talk. Everyone knows about the secret relationship you had with Cristiano. I mean, he downgraded once he went from Irina to you. He never loved you. He only needed you for sex." Carolina explained, smiling.

That's when Melanie punched Carolina in the nose. She fell to the ground, holding her face.

"Fight! Fight! Fight!" Everyone chanted.

Melanie was about to jump on top of her but Luke and I held her back.

"Come on Melanie, she's not worth to beat up. Let's get to class before you get in trouble." I told her.

The squad and I quickly went to class with Luke and I carrying Melanie. 

Wow, what a crazy way to end the chapter.

I also wanted to say that Dakota and Carolina are up in the multimedia. They'll have a role in this book as well -Tyra ❤️

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