Project: Blacked Out

As the World proceed in to the cold era where there's no warmth for anyone. All that there is, are weaponry and means to defeat one another. To destroy, to conquer and to shed more blood.

A regular scientist, Earl Besmith realized this when it was too late to even undo what he'd just created!


3. [[[[Cold Blaze]]]]]

    >>Time:  0500                                                              >>Date:7/6/49   


“This is Earl Besmith by the way, logging in to the video log #018… Umm, it’s been a week working on the Project: Blacked out and it’s a failure as well… just damn it, why am I even recording this bullshit….”




    >>Time:  1710                                                                  >>Date: 7/6/49  


“It’s Earl again in this video log #019. I apologize for earlier; it was just hard for me to embrace. Right now I’m stumbling through all the experiments one more time as there’s something we are doing wrong… just need to figure that one out… Ah, total eighteen experiments so far with whole new procedures but they all didn’t work out well… This, this, Nano-suit looked so painless; all those procedures were perfect there wasn’t even a single mistake we’ve made but… I don’t know what to do now, I’m seriously done here… it’s just over for me… I’m going to catch a drink… hey wait a sec, there’s something I want to record, it’s been seven days; seven days and I haven’t slept a bit… I’m running because of the mind stimulant drugs… and so, for one second I just forget that I’m in this world… I see people around me, but they aren’t any importance of what I see last night… I see Mom and Dad together; I don’t know what is real and what’s a lie is anymore… As long as I’m affected by these drugs this all is not going to stop either… looks like I’ve over taken the dose so cheers to me… alright I’m going to try one more time…”



The government pays; so no outsiders. Earl was doing it all alone with just SN-AI (System Navigator Artificial Intelligence) to depend on, for one more time Earl tried making up his mind that he has to succeed this time. Experiments failed and the problem was to sustain the host, Nano seemed to vaporize as soon it was sustained due to un stability of the single Nano-molecule.  

                              Earl poured the drink in to the cup in which he just had his hot coffee due to negligence; the cup crumbled and all the liquor flooded upon the documents that Earl swiftly pulled them out,  

“Ah, Damn it…” He uttered when he sees his finger was bleeding and the blood streak just soaked the document papers, instead of saving he ruined them himself. By grabbing his shirt from the bottom he tore it down in to a strip and then he rolled it on his finger that he turned around,  

“The cotton and the anti-septics are in the drawer of the table on which you sit everyday…” SN-AI spoke surprising Earl, ‘Such a humiliation’ he thought, but it wasn’t his fault either… due to over dose of Brain stimulant drugs; his body seemed to depend on autonomic nervous system, so it was adrenaline which stimulated the ‘flight or fight’ system.  

“No, it’s fine really…”  

“Let me scan it… the wound must be bad.” SN-AI spoke as he unroll his finger exposing his wound to SN-AI ,  

“It’s bad…”   

“I’m fine, let’s just go through the procedure one more time… You stimulate the conditions in the evacuated chamber, temperature, pressure and air… I’ll go check the Nano culture; we are going to perform it with the pure ones this time.” Earl replied and the procedure begins one more time, Earl had thought that this time he will expose the Nano-suit to the external environment before it can go vaporize but the problem was SN-AI, the system will not let that happen at any cost because the safety comes first then experiment…    


                                  Everything just happened as expected and so Earl got conscious, ‘It’s the time… please work this time!’ He thought and moved towards the evacuated chamber and was about to open the sealed gate,  

“Please stay away from the chamber, the radiations in it might affect you…” SN-AI spoke and changed the Code of the gate,  

“Sorry SN-AI but I have to do this… see you soon!” He replied and took out the plug that supplies energy to SN-AI that it went offline,

‘This is the time… please work!’ He wondered and opened up the gate by getting in to the system, as soon as he open it up the Nano-suit went vaporize and those vapors streamed towards him like a swarm of the bees,  

“Oh, shit!”

He abused but it was already too late, that swarm went directly to him and bonded to his skin, reacting with his every molecule that he couldn’t stand the pain and went collapse to the ground.  

*Cell Vibrates again and again for one hour!!!*  


“AH, what’s that loud sound?” Earl led out but it looked like it wasn’t his vocal… some mechano robot just spoke ,   

“Oh, gosh… Oh god, what’s this?” Earl yelled out when he listen to his own voice that he ran to the Men’s Room, it was that time when he felt earth trembling that he snooped to the ground and then his feet… there were craters of his steps on the floor beneath him,  

“Okay…*breathes* Okay… just nice and slow…” Earl spoke and then he carefully took his step and place it on the floor as light as the feather and that worked, it took Earl five minutes to just walk to the Men’s Room being two meters away! He was staring at the mirror, trying to recognize himself…  

“It worked! It worked!... No, no, no, How am I gonna pee?”  He complaint but it was no use, no matter how many times Earl tried it was all useless that he walked towards the power core plug; he took out from SN-AI and engage it back on,  


“SN-AI… help me!”   

“Oh the experiment is a success, I don’t know… there must be some kind of way you can talk to the Nano yourself!”  

“Well I ever tried it before… Hey Nano get me out of this suit at once!” It didn’t work either,  

“Try, humbly… just make your mind one with the suit as if it’s your part like synchronization… and then try to contact through mind.”  

“Alright, I’ll try…” Earl spoke and then he went deep in to his mind to the roots and he kept on recalling to spare him, to let go off him… That the other moment the suit went apart from front and Earl hit the floor on his elbows and knees…  


“It worked! Haha I’m free!” Earl recalled as soon as he was free that he quickly find his steps and stood up, staring hard at the suit which is now there waiting for another opponent but this time it was not vaporizing,  

“I got to tell Cicero… no, no , I’ll tell the General first!” he exclaimed but right then the Lab opened and two soldiers walked in,  

“Sir!!!” They both hum and went rigid,  

“Congratulations!!!” they mentioned and surprised Earl,  

“But I haven’t told anyone…”  

“We’ve been watching you all over!”  

“Oh, you sure have! Well it’s wonderful… I got to go and run some test on the suit…” Earl said and postured back to the suit,  

“Are these the Documents of the Procedure?” One of them who always do the talking spoke,  

“Yes and there’s the video Links in that Computer… SN-AI!  process them all over in that Tablet!”  

“Affirmative… sixty seconds!” SN-AI spoke  

“Is that the suit?” That Soldier asked again,  

“Yeah!” Earl replied,  

“Wonderful then, Your work here is done Earl Besmith… your services are no longer required!” He said and took out his Cylincer fitted gun and aimed its laser right at him that Earl went to shock,

‘Could this be my end? For once I got a purpose to do something right with my life now I don’t serve anyone’s purpose?’

He thought as his heart rate shoots off the limits,  

“Die…” That Soldier led out and was about to shoot him that the other Soldier grabbed his arm and by twisting it he broke it, the screams of pain were given off by that Soldier,  

“Oh Man I hate this undercover job! Hey Earl how’re you doing back there?”   

“Holton? You …. Ah…”

Earl was surprised to found his college best friend there which he haven’t met in a while but something didn’t feel right, Earl felt pain on his chest and the other moment he saw he was bleeding,  

“OH shit, die you filth *cracks* Holton spoke and broke the neck of that Soldier,  

“Earl… Earl… look at me buddy! No don’t close them… please, don’t die on me pal!”

Holton led out but it was already too late, the ones who were watching had seen too much; in just second the Alarm went off and Holton was there with his best friend bleeding to death. What he would do? Save his best friend or destroy the suit which was his mission?   

Time was running out!  


                   Holton uttered and took out Laser proton detonator and planted it on the floor and the other around the Lab gate,  

“Bloody Hell!!!” Holton freaked out to see giant swarm of vaporizing Nano suit, right then he sensed movement outside the Lab gate,  

“You got to trust me buddy… this is the only option we had!” He led out seeing the senseless body of Earl bleeding frequently but it was already too late; the Lab gate opened and soldiers went in loaded with extreme hostile weapons it was that moment when Holton triggered the detonator being planted at the Lab gate…

                     With extreme boom the detonator went off and all the incoming soldier were caught in its perimeter!  

                               By taking the shot, Holton triggered the other detonator which was being planted on the floor… the explosion was great lending up the water streak just after it.

                          Holton took the benefit and hold Earl upon his shoulder and jumped in to that blown up hole in the ground… with the splash they hit it and water stung like a thousand needles in the body that in extreme pain Holton lose the hold of Earl’s body which went sinking deep in to the sea that Holton tried to swim his way to him that he heard some heavy splash… the other moment he couldn’t believe his eyes…


                                       Nano swarm its way like a whipping snake in the water and projects to Earl… The sight was breathtaking… Holton found Earl come back to life as soon as Nano bind to his skin that Holton reach him and hold him again…

                      The sea bed was porous with the infiltrating light lending a deep coldness but even with that; it was a delightful sight to caught a whole submarine coming to rescue.

                           Promptly Holton took out a signal highliter and spilled it in the water before the water made him intoxicated with Earl just breathing heavily; right then he was holding Holton in his arms but he was shocked with his rebirth… it was just the kind of miracle he intended to make!  

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