Project: Blacked Out

As the World proceed in to the cold era where there's no warmth for anyone. All that there is, are weaponry and means to defeat one another. To destroy, to conquer and to shed more blood.

A regular scientist, Earl Besmith realized this when it was too late to even undo what he'd just created!


2. ▌│█║▌║▌║ ɲąɲ๏ ║▌║▌║█│▌

      Time: 0100                         Date: 7/5/49  


[“This is Earl Besmith here recording this video Log# 001, So umm; I don’t have words to describe my emotions I… Umm, I’m just happy at the moment but I’m nervous too… I just got an offer from the government… the General, He wanted me to work on the ‘Project: Blacked Out’ the same experiment on which my Mom and Dad were being working on when they were assassinated… it’s just so big for me; working in their Labs and creating a miracle… A suit… but not just any suit… The Nano suit… for our Soldiers… the army… with that suit at one’s body… just imagine, a soldier capable of storing thousand pound energy in his fist which can at least be great enough to destroy a whole five storey building in just one whack… just imagine that power… one could be unpredictable! It’s just amazing to work on that Project but there’s just one problem… the whole Lab in which I’m going to work will be fully mechanically automatic… Robots and stuff… and this is just not ordinary Lab, it’s the most valuable and the lavish Lab on the planet! I’m just hoping to invent what they desire in a month or otherwise, they have plenty more scientists on the list to depend on... let’s just hope I don’t spoil this big moment and earn my name among world great scientists… alright this is it! Time to go…”]

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