Dream Diary

My dreams are sort of crazy so here are some that I have decided to write down and share. Some are from when I was a kid and some are recent, but they are all short and sweet. Maybe not sweet but kind of short, like dreams, often are.


3. Walkers

They all look up to me, I'm their leader. I don't know why, I've never been much of the leader type, not athletic not brave not the type of person you'd want to protect you in an apocalypse. But still they decided to make me their leader, me the girl who never got of the couch pre-apocalypse.

Along side my boyfriend, I found a campground I deemed perfect to stake out at until the apocalypse was over, if it was ever over. My group and I found tents and other supplies to take care of ourselves. A old mini van was our only means of transportation.

In the time we spent at the campground other groups came, some were friendly some were not. The friendly ones we would live along side them, sticking to our own groups, but knowing they were there if we ever needed them.

Those times when we needed them would come the times unfriendly groups would show up. They wanted to take over our campground, so they would come to fight. And that's what we did, we never lost.

All was good in the camp until one day I decided to check out a new bathroom we hadn't used yet. Stupidly I went alone, my baseball bat in hand. I got to the washroom they used to call a comfort station when the park was running.

When I got to the door I pressed my ear against it and listened. I heard a bit of movement inside. I pressed my body up flat against the wall next to the door and slowly opened it. With a creak the door was open.

After a couple of seconds three of the ugly rotting creatures that used to be just like me stumbled out. I waited quietly for them to get a few feet ahead of me. I poked my head in the bathroom door, empty. I slowly creeped up on the creatures and hit them in the head with my bat, one hit and they were down. Three swings of the bat and I was in the clear.

I walked back to the bathroom to check the stalls and the condition of the bathroom. Hoping it was in working condition so this whole trip wasn't a waste of time. It was dark in the bathroom, lights don't work anywhere in the park. One of the other groups has an electrician who is working on trying to get us some power. I pulled the flash light out of my backpack and used it to see inside to stalls, empty.

I thought the coast was clear when suddenly I felt a tug on my ankle and I fell face first onto the dirty cement floor. I kicked at the mutant human as it scratched at my legs, this is why we all wear pants. I swung my bat behind me and hit the attackers head, one hit is all it takes. I get to my feet just as another one grabs me from behind and another comes towards me from the front. The one on my back grabs at my backpack trying to find skin. Reaching behind me I hit him with my bat, just missing his head. Enough to get him off, but now enough to kill. I forget about the one on the ground for a second to deal with the one in front of me. Too close to get a good swing at his head. I hold the bat in front of me with one arm as a shield, while my other hand reaches behind me to the gun I keep in the side pocket of my backpack. I pull it out just as the one on the floor starts grabbing at my legs.

I point my gun at the one in front of me and pull the trigger just as the one below me pulls itself up using my backpack as a handle. It pulls me back slightly causing my arm to move as the bullet flys out of the gun missing the target by a fraction of an inch. The same fraction of an inch that the creature pulling itself up on my back caused me to move. That movement causing me to drop my gun. The one behind rips at my body trying to get its mouth to the exposed skin on my neck. I hold the one in front with my bat. I'm stuck my bat holding one zombie back while the other attacks me from behind. My gun out of reach. I kick at the one behind me trying to knock it off balance. Just as I kick a knee and it begins to fall, it's teeth sink into my neck. It's inevitable now.

With the one off my back, I pull the bat back towards me, reposition it quickly. And hit the one it front of me in the head, one hit is all it takes. I turn around and jam the bat down hard on the other ones head.

I pick up the gun that had been tossed across the room and pick it up. One thing left to do.

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