Dream Diary

My dreams are sort of crazy so here are some that I have decided to write down and share. Some are from when I was a kid and some are recent, but they are all short and sweet. Maybe not sweet but kind of short, like dreams, often are.


1. Circles

The lights danced around my floor in circles. The circles would grow and grow until they disappeared and smaller ones would form inside repeating the growing cycle. I imagined that the circles were from a spaceship about to land in my room. It would have to be a small spaceship as my bedroom wasn't the size of a crop field. I didn't realize I was dreaming, my bedroom looked the exact same as it did in real life.

That's why when the voice came, I freaked out. 

It sounded evil, like a witch. But it also sounded like me. Thinking about it now maybe it was supposed to be the inner evil in me talking to me. Maybe it was trying to tell me something, warn me about something. I don't remember what it said, it was a long time ago that I had this dream. I was maybe six or seven.

I remember everything else so vividly though. The circles growing and reproducing on my floor, the voice in my head that was me but it wasn't and then the voice of my mom calling my name as I screamed as if I were dying. Until finally she was able to wake me up completely.

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